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Information below is not in game known. It's given to understand the character better.

Information Known by Kindred Society

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Character Information

Name: Callìope Last

Birth name: Callìope Sánchez Montgomery

Clan: Mekhet

Bloodline: The Players

Covenant: Circle of the Crone

Goddess: Inanna, Queen of Heaven,Goddess of Love, Wisdom, War, Fertility and Lust

Notable Traits: Long raven hair, brown eyes, a hawt bod and a flirtatious nature. What can go wrong?


(Information below is for OOC purposes and is NOT known to Kindred Society)

  • 1992, September 10: She was born Calìope Maria Sánchez Montgomery. Her father was Andrew Montgomery. He moved to San Germàn, Puerto Rico. He wanted to be on hand for his interests and met Angela Michaela Sánchez. She was the daughter of one of the company’s competitors. He was able to mix business and pleasure when he married her and merge the companies. Her father gave him it after the marriage. Calìope was extremely spoiled in her upbringing and often got whatever she wanted shortly after asking.
  • 1997, September 3: She begins preK at Colegio San José after coaxing of her mother. She is the second generation to attend.
  • 1998, September 2: She begins Kindergarten at Colegio San José.
  • 1998, September 1: She begins first grade at Colegio San José and continues until 6th grade.
  • 2004, September 2: She begins her intermediate school (escuela intermedia) portion, encompassing the seventh to ninth grades, continuing at Colegio San José
  • 2007, September 5: She begins tenth grade at the high school (escuela superior), which covers the tenth to twelfth grades at Colegio San José.
  • 2010, June 5: She graduated from high school from Colegio San José.
  • 2012, December 21: Embraced by Arthur Last.
  • 2013 April 4: She visits the Court of Washington DC to learn about the Circle from the Acolytes there. Nathaniel Deacon takes her under wing; various of the Circle_of_the_Crone_of_DC help in her learning including Victor Smith. and Maia Highbourne. Victor teachers her Arcane Sight, several rituals and Cruac, and rounds out what Nathaniel teachers her. Maia not only teachers her Maiden Skin, but also adopts her as a Goddaughter.
  • 2013, November 23: She learns Quickened Sight and Perfect Stranger from other Mekhet in exchange for Butchers’ Hook.

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Allies and Family

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OOC Information

Living Quarters

Sources of Inspiration

  • Inanna Queen of Heaven Goddess of Love, Wisdom, War, Fertility and Lust Inanna


Player Information

Player Name: Denise Lilly

MES Number: US2002106703

Location: NE Ohio, East Central, USA

Requiem PC

Player: Denise Lilly
Character: Calìope
Clan: Mekhet
Bloodline: The Players
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
Position: None
Status: 2
Domain: Virtual MES Online
VST: VST Dawn Lloyd

Player: Denise Lilly Characters: Template Available Here
Domain: VIR-EC-D Accord Tabula Rasa
Denise Lilly
Region: East Central Requiem Calìope
Position(s): Pending Forsaken
Pending Changeling Jayme
Pending Garou Cinda
Awakening Embeth