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Name: Callisto
Positions Held: Ritualist
Aliases: Callie Anders, Little Bear, Elizabeth Bishop, Cassandra Black, Cassandra McGowan, Honey, Minx, Zolotse
Apparent Age: Early/Mid-20s
Current Location: Tucson, AZ
Current Assignment: The Dread Desert
Cabal: King's Cross


Callisto is a shapely young woman with long raven hair and eyes like chocolate. Despite her friendliness, there's a predatory air about her at times - a sense of superiority and strength just beneath the surface. Her attire is typically casual, though she favors dark colors and designer labels over anything else - typically in blacks and reds. Though typically unarmed, she never seems to be worried about danger - walking into life-threatening situations without any concern. On her back, those few times it is exposed, one might see a raised tattoo covering most of her upper back. Two more tattoos are obvious on the young woman, a henna-styled tattoo around her left wrist that extends up the back of her hand to her ring finger, and a series of crimson stars on her left shoulder in the pattern of the constellation Ursa Major, thin lines like spider silk connecting each star.

When Callisto manifests her nimbus, shadows seem to lengthen, deepening around her as her eyes turn pitch black. Wind whips around her form, and a chittering, clicking noise - almost insectoid in nature - fills the air around her.

Notable Traits

  • Feral Mien



Acc PC

Player: Allie Pitchford
Creature Type: Mage
Order: Apostate
Division: None
City: Tucson, AZ ••
VST: David M

IC Email: Elizabeth Bishop



Character Information

Callisto is a creature of conundrums. Of contradictions. At once, warm and sweet yet ice cold, she seems able to switch from 'innocent girl next door' to 'cold-blooded killer' in an instant - from the warmth of a kitten to the cold, calculating ruthlessness of a spider. Yet who can say they truly know a woman like her? Difficult to read, difficult to fathom, Callisto woe be to those who underestimate her.



Spiders. Some detest these creatures, and yet this young woman seems to have an affinity for them - particularly manifested in one of her spirit companions. A being from the Primal Wild itself, Hesperia is a black widow the size of a house cat, often seen in twilight or the Shadow clinging closely to its mistress. Sharply intelligent and as cold and ruthless as Callisto's dark side, it is perhaps the most honest manifestation of the young mage that commands it.



Appearing as a black wolf with luminous golden eyes, Azrael is Callisto's oldest spirit companion. Though he appears vicious, he seems to correspond more fully with Callisto's softer side - though that, perhaps, could just be a trick as well. Loyal to a fault to his mistress, he never strays far from her side, and protects her fiercely.

Out of Character


Ties Sought

  • Friends
  • Associates
  • Rivals
  • Enemies
  • Whatever! ^_^

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