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Known Persona

A businessman known for his strong family line, Callistus Santiago can trace his lineage to its noble roots in both life and death. Described by acquaintances, family members, and business partners as cold, loyal, and slightly paranoid, this calculating patriarch of House Silvia and Elder Magister has never been known to take a lover. It is rumored that his cold touch mirrors his frigid, ruthless core, and that his paranoia only grew after the assassination attempt on Montano in 1881.

Elder Santiago nevertheless presents himself as a well-dressed, genteel man of society, although he seldom smiles. Staunchly loyal to the Camarilla for the duration of his entire existence, he made his fortune as a reliable transporter and smuggler of Kindred and miscellaneous goods to and from Europe, New World, and further afield. Thanks to the careful cultivation of his reputation, as a hallmark of his business, he is respected as a Kindred with whom one can strike a deal and have its security assured beyond doubt.

Notable Features

Callistus has been known to gaze into mirrors for hours on end as if looking at something only he can see. When in a state of thought his movements often cease entirely giving him a statuesque quality.




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OOC Information

Player: Lee S.

Cam #: US2002021569

Character Information
Clan: Lasombra Antitribu
Sect: Camarilla
City: Richmond, VA
Player: Lee S.
Storyteller: Nathan M.