Calms the Spirits

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Apocalypse PC

Player: Shannon Lampi
Character: Yukiko Takahashi (Calms the Spirits, Burns Brightest, Celestial's Sacrifice)
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Stargazers
Position: Keeper of the Land - Shrinemaiden
Rank: Athro
Sept: Sept of The Valley of The Moon
Domain: Unconquered Sun
VST: Jim Weathers

Character Information

Name: Yukiko Takahashi (Calms the Spirits, Burns Brightest, Celestial's Sacrifice)

Auspice: Thuerge

Tribe: Stargazer

Position: Pack Beta, Keeper of the Land

Rank: Athro

Domain: Unconquered Sun


Pure Breed 4: Stargazer Marked with the glyph "Resilient". This mark was created by Cockroach for her aid in the Battle of Hong Kong.

Homid: 5', slight of build, with small of the back length white hair and dark brown eyes. She is obviously Japanese. Generally she can be found in a Kimono, or the Robes of a Shinto Shrine Maiden. When going to battle however, she is most often seen in black kimono top and black hakama.

Homid Form

Crinos: In Crinos form, Yukiko is a mottling of brown, grey, and black, with amber eyes.

Crinos Form

Lupus: similar markings to crinos, save for the small white "stars" on her flank, and shagginess of her coat.

Lupus Form


Yukiko is a very quiet and gentle soul. English is not her first language so she speaks slowly to make sure that she is understood. Yukiko comes from a long line of Kailindo Masters and she herself has attained the rank of Master. She always has words of encouragement for her friends, and a friendly smile on her lips. She is steadfast and vigilant in her protection of her Sept, her pack, and her daughter Tsukihime. Her daughter was a gift from Phoebe herself. Yukiko's virgin birth of Tsukihime is a mysterious thing, baffling even Elder Thuerges.

After the battle of Hong Kong, Yukiko came away marked as resilient by cockroach in the form of a glyph marking the top of her right hand.

Recently, Yukiko came away from her challenge for Athro victorious, but forever changed. She has aged many years, her once jet black hair now white with age, her youthful face no lined with weariness. She is often found staring off into the distance, a great sadness behind her eyes.

She has several battle scars, most unseen under her clothing. Recently, after battling a Fallen Ratkin, she obtained a severe one. Her lungs are filled with her own blood. She cannot speak above a whisper, and is prone to severe coughing fits and wheezing.


Equipment: Yukiko's weapon of choice beyond her fangs and claws is a traditional Japanese Yumi Bow.

Yukiko is also a Kani, a Master of Kailindo.

The Pack

Pack Name:Owl's Wise Talons

Pack Totem: Owl




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  • "She's a calm that I've never witnessed and shows a kindness you don't often see, in the worst of adversity. She's been a literal light in the darkness." - Swift Talon
  • "I've tried every racist joke I know, and nothing, a stone face. This woman has my respect for putting up with four drunk Fianna who made fun of everything about her, but then embraced her like a sister when she finally, finally started giving it back to us. The woman is a saint, and once we sobered up, she taught us a lesson about spirits we'll never forget. I count her as a friend and as a mentor and you should to." - Strikes the Accord
  • "Yuki has been many things to me from Alpha to friend and teacher. When we first met I was not very good at keeping control of myself but through her guidance I was able to master my rage. I owe a lot to Yuki and I strive to repay what she has given me." - Spurns the spiral
  • "She is much in touch with her wolf-side, unlike many homids. It impressed me." - Mist-at-Dawn
  • "Yukiko is clear water, that douses fire and soothes the burns both at once. We live in a hard world, in the midst of wrath and ruin... and somehow she keeps a stillness that not only balances her, but all the world around her." - Laughs Last

Character Inspirations

  • Yuna-Final Fantasy X
  • Lady Kikyo-InuYasha
  • Lady Kaede-InuYasha

OOC Information

Player: Shannon Lampi

MES Number: US2006047728

Location: Sonoma, CA