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Player: Lara Quiñones
Character: Calypso
Clan: Gangrel
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
Status: Anaheim - ●●●●
Circle of the Crone - ●●●●
Clan Gangrel - ●●
Domain: Anaheim, CA
VST: Erick Quiñones

Character Information

Name: Calypso

Clan: Gangrel

Covenant: Circle of the Crone


City of Anaheim - ●●●●
Circle of the Crone - ●●●●
Clan Gangrel - ●●

Notes: Striking Looks 4

Known History


Born in Greece and arrived in America at a young age, Calypso identifies more with Greek culture than American. She arrived into Orange County in the mid 1960's, as a member of the Circle of the Crone. Within 10 years, she becomes the Hierophant of Orange County. After much work with Kindred and mortals, she is integral in constructing the Pantheon (a temple within Anaheim that holds many faiths) in 1985.

Since then, she's mostly been working with the Circle of the Crone and avoiding City Politics as best she can. Despite her best efforts, though, she finds herself Respected within the Golden City of Anaheim and Regent of Anaheim Lake.

Only Known to the Circle of the Crone

Deity: Poseidon
Role: The Maiden (Former Virgin)
Faction: The Hag (Hag-Touched)
Status: Respected within the Circle of the Crone (Covenant Status 4)

Only Known to the Gangrel

Sire: Samuel Graves
Broodmates: Tual the Rock, Fenris, Nero
Pack Name: The Savage Graves
Status: Recognized within the Gangrel (Clan Status 2)


  • "At times, naïve, but anyone who concludes that she is innocuous is simply not paying attention. She is a pillar of the Golden City if not THE lynchpin." - Emory
  • "You can't save everyone, dear heart. But gods is it amusing to see you try!" - Bella
  • "She truly is the heart of the Golden City. We are blessed to have her." - Lawrence Washington
  • "If I ever get a puppy that won't piss itself due to Predator's Taint, I'm namin' it Calypso." - Net

OOC Information

Player Name: Lara Quiñones

MES Number: US2007080522

Location: Orange County, CA