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What is a Clan Head?

The Clans instituted the office of the Clanhead in an attempt to keep others out of their internal business and provide a universal face to the Camarilla that everyone can understand. Each large geographic area that contains a significant number of Kindred are encouraged to appoint a Clanhead. This Kindred serves as the visible and public leader of a clan in that geographic area. They report directly to the collective Elders of the Clan in their area and to a representative of the Camarilla as a whole.

The selection of a Clanhead varies between the Clans, but the backing of the Elders is a minimum requirement. The Brujah may hold a rant and debate over who has the proper vision for their Clan while the Ventrue may simply elect a Chairman of the Board by other Board members. The power that the Clanhead wields is usually a directly related to how much support they have from the Elders who place them into office.

During the first year of the Chronicle, the players will develop and flesh out the selection method which will be approved by the Storytellers who have jurisdiction over that area. The Clanhead is a position designed to be held by a player character. This should be an Elder of considerable influence. They also have several positions that are attached to their office that will give opportunities for several PCs to be involved in this level of politics.

Key Points:

The Clanhead is the “official” conduit to the higher level Clan NPCs. They submit reports to the STs on a quarterly basis, which we will use to form part of our official “what the NPCs know” doctrine. It is very useful when we can point to players and say “here is what the high level NPCs know, and they have not been

What are the benefits and drawbacks to being Clan Head?

  • Clan Heads receive the additional Status Traits: Revered and Well-Known
  • Promotion: Once every six months, the Clanhead may promote a Neonate of their Clan to Ancillae, or an Ancillae of their Clan to an Elder.
  • Status: The Clanhead may grant Patronage Status or Negative Status to anyone by announcing such publicly.
  • Adoption: The Clanhead may adopt a Kindred into the Clan permanently. This removes the Negative Status: Caitiff.
  • Expulsion: The Clanhead may expel a Kindred from the Clan. Doing so grants the expelled Kindred the special Negative Status Trait Caitiff. This Status Trait may not be removed except as noted above. If the character was previously adopted into the Clan, he may be Expelled by the Clanhead at any time.

The Clanhead is selected by the Clan nationally. The duration and method of this choosing changes from Clan to Clan. It is not a local position and holds no direct authority in local politics. Clanheads are expected to speak for their Clans across the nation.

Who are the current Clan Heads?

Brujah Gangrel Malkavian Nosferatu Toreador Tremere Ventrue
Clanhead Lochlann MacAllan Caroline Hunter Lucien Ella Foster Clé deMontes Hallary Izar San Martin
Steward Opal Smith Emma Klein Vacant- Malkavian Danielle Ropchan Spencer Vacant Charlotte Belle
Myrmidon Viktor Petrova Dravon Carl Jones Aedan Marshal Einhardt Wagner Henry Chamberlain Kenneth Skelton
Contact n/a Gangrel Clanhead Office Malkavian Clanhead Office n/a Toreador Clanhead Office n/a n/a

Brujah Gangrel Malkavian Nosferatu Toreador Tremere Ventrue
Clanhead Jaimie Alexis Kelly Glen Henderson [Blank] Mother Darcy Pearson Adeline Calloway Conrad Archibald Graystone
Steward Cross Atka Tanaraq vacant Nosferatu Mike Dante Tremere Ventrue
Myrmidon Caroline Sloan Gangrel vacant Nosferatu Dexios Levantine Tremere Ventrue

Brujah Gangrel Malkavian Nosferatu Toreador Tremere Ventrue
Clanhead Angelino Hammer N/A N/A Ardante St. Martin Jack Komnenos Justin Forsythe Katerina Bowesley

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