Camille Clark

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Known to the Camarilla

Member of House Constantinian
Childe of Michael Cayhill

Camarilla Position: Sheriff of Philadelphia



Known Allies and Associates


  • "Of all of the new generation, Camille Clark is easily at the top. She has served as my hand, and my will, for more than a century, and through some of the harshest battles we have won as a sect. She has yet to fail me, even once, and I am blessed, and honored, to have the privilege of her continued dedication at my side."— Eirik Alexson
  • "To whom much is given; much is asked." — Chandra de Soissones
  • "Though we do not often concern ourselves with mortal affairs, when examining Sheriff Clark one must consider her mortal origins - as a female warrior. Certainly, the great deeds her warrior spirit has compelled her to do deserve great praise, but one must also commend her for developing such a spirit in such an environment. Sheriff Clark is remarkably in tune with her own inner nature, and remarkably indifferent to external circumstances. I have no doubt that she would fight courageously for justice in any circumstance, no matter how dark or desperate it seemed." — Mark G. Teller
  • "Camille Clark is probably the most serious person I have ever met. Her attitude and actions have built her to be one of the most honorable members of the Camarilla. The only thing I might question about Camille is her wardrobe but I would never question her sword. The conservatism, which she seems to follow, makes her truly a strong person and gives of a strong aura. The only thing I would ask of her is never to become a liberal, it just wouldn't suit her."— Arvid Fredriksen
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OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
City: Philadelphia, PA
Player: Fay Hughes
Storyteller: Siggi Sigurdsson

Name: Fay Hughes
Member: US2012070023
Domain: Philadelphia PA

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