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  • Name: Candice Elizabeth Caine
  • Nickname(given to her by the local Anarchs) "Rainbow Dash"
  • Clan: Malkavian

    • Quote: *"When the storm hits, I'll see it coming.(I've done it many times before) No one else will."

  • Status:

    • "Acknowledged"(by Prince Durand of Waterloo/Austin and Prince Tamberland)

      • Fleeting:
    • "Loyal"(By Royal Harpy Jonah Hemsley)
    • "Favored" (By Dr. Edward James Crowe, Primogen of Houston)(character dead, so does not apply)
    • "Favored" (By Elder Lady Tesla.)(Does not apply, character is dead)
    • "Victorious" (By winning the symbol challenge in Houston)
    • "Loyal" (By Dr Edward James Crowe, Primogen of Houston)(Does not apply the character is dead)
      • "Loyal" (by Ex- Prince Tamberland of Austin)

    • Recognized in Dallas
    • Recognized in Houston
    • Acknowledged in Houston(by Prince Amarah--as of Jan 2015)
    • Recognized in San Antonio

    • Position held-current Lesser Harpy--Talon

    • NOTE: All artwork are original pieces, done by the player(of the character). by ME.
  • Notable Traits:
    • Dyes naturally red hair with multiple streaks of color.
    • Dresses in bright, unusual or vintage clothing and (sometimes morbid) jewelry.
    • Very social and gracious for a Malkavian.
    • Speaks in an upper class, native London accent.
    • Stigmata seems to have has disappeared. Eyes are now bright fiery red. (they used to be green)They tend to glow and get more intense, when having visions or looking into the Shadowlands. Almost as if she is looking into your soul.
    • Candice now appears more unsettling and the otherworldly scent of burnt Amber incense follows her, wherever she goes.
    • Candice seems to have a nasty hatred of priests.
    • Stigmata has "disappeared" and reappeared in a different way. But how?
    • Takes quite a bit after her Great Great Grandsire, Orelia Tapetra, Especially her free-spritedness and her acurate visions. (She is blood after all.)
    • Candice's tarot cards readings, her rune readings and visions are frighteningly accurate.
    • Has been mistaken as a Ventue or a Toreador, on more then one occasion, due to aristocratic mannerisms and her taste in fashion.
    • Candice's visions are also frighteningly accurate. She seems to be able to correctly decipher these visions, with an insight and calm, that can be a difficult skill to master.
    • Candice's stigmata(her eyes bleeding) has returned after seeing her great, great grandsire Orelia Taipetra in a vision, during sleep.

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The Coronati Lineage

      • Extended family

I'm Ready for my Closeup, Mr. DeVille

((Note) History still under construction)

  • October 31st, 1863--Candice was born in London, England. On the West side to a wealthy family. Parents were James Johnathon Caine and Mary Jane Tudor Kelley. She was the youngest of 2 brothers and two sisters. Her family was ultra religious and conservative.Her father did encourage their children to learn, but it was always tempered with religious teachings. Not only was her father harsh with his religious teachings, but she was also "schooled" by a close friend of the family, who was a zealot priest.
  • 1870--Candice was born with seer sight and medium gifts. She starts manifesting them at an early age. This unsettled her parents and took her to their priest for guidance.
  • 1877-- When her parents found that religious instruction could not help her. Candice was committed to a mental hospital for her gifts. She was subjected to drugs and treatment for mental illness.Candice was abused by two male figures. One was a Doctor at the hospital. The other was a priest that oversaw the hospital's spiritual matters, for the patients
  • 1879--Candice meets Dr. Edward James Crowe M.D.
  • 1880--Dr. Crowe takes Candice under his care and transfers her to another hospital.
  • 1881--Candice was embraced by Alice Liddell.
  • 1881-1888 Candice is given instruction on the ways of the kindred and the court. After she is embraced, her stigmata manifests. Her oracular ability and medium gift stays with her, after the embrace and gets stronger. She spends 7 years under instruction until she is released, as a full member of Kindred society, in 1887
  • Candice is abducted, after being seen, about London. She had been missing for several years, according to her parents. Her parents had been looking for her. At their instruction, Candice is again placed in the "care" of the sadistic Doctor. The Doctor locks her up and starts to torment her, again. He calls upon the priest, of that hospital, when he sees that something is not quite human about her anymore. An exorcism is performed and Candice's new vampiric nature comes out. She bares her fangs and begins bleeding at the eyes. Her stigmata manifests. She believes she is touched by "god". Candice reacts and warps both of the mens' minds, with her new found powers. She also snaps and warps the minds of several other inmates and there is a patient revolt. The patients and the now insane Doctor and priest attack each other, as well as other non affected inmates and staff. A riot breaks out, bringing death and destruction. A fire breaks out. The asylum is burned down. Candice barely escapes. She wanders in a fugue state, for nearly a year, barely remembering anything, except her name and what she was.
  • 1888--She met the Nos "Swagger"(or so she thinks) and he helped her find a member of her clan, traveling about in a carnival. This Malkavian became her mentor. throughout this time, Candice remembers very little--mostly bits and pieces.
  • 1882-1900-Candice moves around with the traveling carnival and becomes a tarot card reader and crystal gazer, using her seer and medium talents.
  • 1900--The carnival was attacked and overrun by an enemy.(possibly hunters) She has vague images of crosses and stakes. Candice remembers lots of blood and screaming, but not much else. Her mentor was killed. Candice again reverts to a fugue state, for a time.
  • 1900--Candice wanders about Europe and begins working for a time, as a dancer at the Moulin Rouge in France.
  • 1903--Candice decides to come to America by ship. She stays in the hold, hiding. she comes into New York and then wanders around the country.
  • 1904--Candice ends up in New Orleans for a time, then moves further west. She worked in a bordello in NA, then a Saloon girl in the west, for awhile.
  • 1908---Candice returns to Europe and joins up with another gypsy carnival.
  • 1910--Candice meets Michael(keeping that a secret of the details of their alliance)
  • 1920--Candice returns to the US.
  • 1922--Candice ends up running a speakeasy in New Jersey for awhile, right outside of Atlantic city. It runs until the end of prohibition. Candice has many famous and infamous patrons that go through her bar. Candice also meets Quinn(details pending on embrace)
  • 1931- Candice joins up with another traveling carnival in Oklahoma. This traveling carnival tours all over the US. This is another carnival that seems to have supernatural undertones. She again takes up card reading and crystal ball and palm reading.
  • 1945--Candice returns to London, for a time, after WW2.
  • 1940--Candice leaves the carnival and returns to Europe for bit. Back to England, right in the worst time that she can return. She moves to the country side of England to avoid the nightly bombings, in London.
  • 1945--Candice returns to America and travels about, never staying in one place for too long.
  • 1960--Candice comes to Austin.
  • 1980-Candice OPENS HER MAGICK SHOP BEHIND 6th STREET!! This shop is located near Red River, but NOT actually on sixth street. For humans she's known as Liz Short; a fortune teller and tarot reader. For Kindred, she takes on her original human name. Candice makes a name for herself through TX among Kindred as a seer.
  • 1980 Candice takes a young teen under her wing and puts her under her employ, at her shop. That young woman was Lilith Serenity
  • 1985 Candice embraces Lilith, as her Childe. Permission was given by Prince Rose Xavier. She was mostly lucid, at the time.
  • 1995-Lilith is released as a full kindred.
  • 2005-lilith disappears. Candice thinks that Xavier might have had her killed.
  • 2008--Was there when Elder Lady S. awakened from torpor(in Dallas)Gained a mentor
  • 2011-Candice does a simple card reading for Melissa Woods. She wins the lottery and dies in car wreck, the same day. She also helps crack the 'code' of Prince Xavier and she is killed by the kindred, in the city.(see city history)
  • 2012--Candice again makes contact with Dr Crowe, Elder Orelia and Alice Liddel.
  • 2013--Candice remembers her Malkavian family, triggered by her visions. She renews ties with the Plague Bride line(her blood family).
  • September 2013-- Candice's magick shop, under her alias is targeted. The shop was ransacked and several gutted, dead, black cats were strung up, in front of her shop.
  • October 2013--Candice gets attacked by hunters. A month later, for the first time in 34 years, her magick shop behind 6th Street closes its doors to the public. Liz Short is nowhere to be found.
  • December 2014--most of the hunters were killed, including their leader Arthur Woods.
  • January 2014--Candice begins to recover her memories through therapy engineered by Dr. Crowe.
  • Feb. 2014--Candice's MORTAL IDENTITY, LIZ SHORT, burns to death in a terrible car accident.
  • March 2014--Lilith Serenity(her childer) returns to Austin.
  • April 2014--Candice attends Grand Conclave
  • April/May 2014--Assisted in investigation of a specter infestation at Dr. Crowe's asylum. Resulted in the final death of Elder John Ketwick. The Giovanni vanquished the specters.
  • May 2014--Cortez reawakens and attacks the Austin court, killing Annie Case(clan Malkavian) and Chloe Pavalis(Clan Toreador).
  • August/Sept/October. 2014--Candice assisted in uncovering a new hunter group in the city, with several members of the Camarilla and the Anarchs.
  • December 2014---Candice has seen the full ghost of John Ketwick. She also assisted in calming The Brujah primogen, Rebecca Stane, due to powers of Dementation being used on her, by both that ghost and another member of the city..
  • January 2015--Candice attended Houston court and won the symbol challenge, gaining status. Stayed behind to assist with an investigation overseen by Dr. Crowe
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  • Allies(in Waterloo)
    • Maggie Boothe
    • Swagger(Clan Nosferatu)
    • Chloe Pavalis(Clan Toreador/elder)<deceased>
    • Primogen Cedric Wadsworth(Clan Malkavian)
    • Solomon(Clan Ventrue)
    • Jackson Flynn(Anarch)
    • Harper Gray(Anarch)
    • Daphne Rose(Anarch)(deceased)
    • The Gambler(Anarch)-retired
    • Johnny Shine(Anarch)
    • Evan Lazerus(Anarch)
    • Dagmuar(Clan Nosferatu)
    • Micheal(Primogen, Clan Gangrel/elder)
    • August Kohanek(Clan Malkavian)
    • Annie Case(Clan Malkavian) Deceased.
    • Gus Carter(Clan Brujah/elder)
    • Elder Draxus(Clan Gangrel/elder)
    • Elder Blaine Ashbury(Clan Toreador/Primogen/elder)
    • Zayda Smith(Clan Malkavian)
    • secret allies(Several of them, but I'm not telling)

      • in Houston Domain:
      • Blood Family:
  • Lady Orelia Taipetra(deceased)
  • Dr. Edward James Crowe MD.(deceased)
  • Adam Smith
  • Jeremiah Herald
  • Richard Taipetra

    • Dr.Walter Rook(Elder/Clan Tremere)

      • In Dallas Domain
  • Lady Tesla.(Elder Clan Malkavian)(deceased)

      • San Antonio domain
    • Conchobhar McKay(Elder Clan Gangrel)
    • Lilah Monroe(Clan Brujah)

The Walls Talk

  • Candice says she forgets things, but rumor has it, she really knows everything.
  • Candice's stigmata runs in the family.
  • Candice hears and speaks to the restless dead. Or is that the voices in her head?
  • Candice helped find former Prince Rose Xavier, when she went crazy.
  • Candice once led a rebellion of mental patients against the staff, many years ago.
  • Candice is a rumored member of the Seers.
  • Rumor has it Candice might know Necromancy. How did she learn it?
  • Candice always smells like burning incense.
  • Candice might have ties to "The Midnight Circus"
  • Candice owns several haunted objects that are possessed by the ghosts of murdered souls. They tell her things that no one else knows.
  • She's got enchanted tarot cards, given to her by the Fae.
  • Candice has met Fae

I Don't Remember

  • "Candice is a very colorful individual, but her readings....that is her art." -- Chloe Pavlis<deceased>
  • "A curious daughter of the moon. She seems to be a beacon for luck and folly." - Achilles Hellgate
  • "Despite the time that passes, there are some people you feel like you've known forever and a day. Candice could've easily been one of me classmates growing up. She's one of the rarer genuine individuals I've had the pleasure to know." -- Swagger
  • "You're asking me about Candice Caine? I'll give you some advice- never ignore those with the sight and never look her in the eye. You may see something you wish you hadn't." -- Angelo
  • "She is a colorful light in this vast unending night." -- Inanna<disappeared.
  • "Ms. Caine? I am envious of her gift of prophecy, but not the madness that comes with it. She tis a wonderous talent and her own worst enemy at the same time." Kendrick Seamus O'Shea<deceased>
  • "Mmhmm..uh huh.. yes...right.. gotta go.." - Nenette
  • "Everyone deals with a different Beast. Brujah our Anger, Nosferatu their Darkness in Visage, and Malkavians? Well, I know some may call them kooks, but you gotta admit, with those like Candice seeming to survive a variety of ordeals, their madness must bring some kind of clarity. A Blessing and a Curse...all into one...that's the Beast." Zack Snyder
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  • "She has grown into quite the resourceful kindred, despite her earlier missteps.. I enjoy watching her eventual rise to power." - The Broken
  • "There are a number of words I might choose to describe Ms. Caine, but if everyone wants to throw around lucky as one of them, I'd agree it's that she was Embraced into the Malkavians, with the amount of leeway she's been shown because of it," -- J.D. Drake, Toreador Whip <deceased>
  • "Oh, yes...The Six of Hearts... she has such beautiful hair and such sad, strange eyes. I think she and I must be connected in the tremors of chance." -- The Gambler
  • "When the winds of change blow, the Moon's true face can be seen. Candice has shown hers to be one that realizes her mistakes and works to correct them." Miss Maggie<retired as npc to Boston>
  • "Ms. Caine is a object lesson in the virtue of the Camarilla. While some may dismiss her for errors committed, she is the process of recovering from them. Considering how often Kindred bring about their own destruction from their inability to accept their own mistakes, Ms. Caine has shown herself to be more adaptable than many. Considering how grave her mistakes were, it may be wise to consider how that talent will shape itself once clear from the debt of her past." - Cedric Wadsworth
  • "She and Moon-Pie have that vision thing going on, so I'm not sure if I wanna stay near her or as far away as possible." - Jackson Flynn
  • "Candice is alright in my book. The Malkavians seem to understand that clan comes first, and I respect that." Johnny Shine
  • "Her hair is as colorful as her past. I'm hoping that, as things go forward, she does a better job of coloring within most of the lines." Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Waterloo
  • "I would worry about those glowing red eyes burning holes in things, Superman-style. But she seems to worry about other things." Annie Case<disappeared>
  • "If only she had been under my strict tutelage from the beginning..." Edward James Crowe, MD
  • "The young make mistakes as they sometimes do, but to hold a child to the expectations of an adult is lunacy. She will grow and change, and when she learns to fully walk among the pieces of her shattered mind, her feet no longer torn by the glass, then they will see." Orelia Taipetra
  • Being back With Mother Candice, I Couldn't Be Happier, I look forward to what she has to teach me. I know she will show me the ways of being in court as well. Lilith Serenity
  • "I am a little too pragmatic to rely on mysticism, and I think she's a little to mystical to be be pragmatic. There is a point where expanded awareness becomes a sensory overload." Tamberland
  • "Insight in any form is worthy of consideration. Neglecting even an unorthodox means (and Miss Caine's isn't the most unorthodox I've seen) is tantamount to willful ignorance and, as such, is an unforgiving mistake." Solomon
  • "More accurate than I ever realized. I wish to thank her for the hope she has given me." - Harper Gray
  • "She was quick to realize any mistake she made during conclave. Admirable quality." - Dexter Mara
  • "She's sassy... I can dig it." - Aidan Sebastian
  • "A sweet tarot-reading Mooninite. She was nicer that some of her other clan-mates so, she's got my respect." - Lilah Monroe
  • "We seem to have much in common, it will be nice having someone else to experience these voices with." - Leigh Ignotus
  • "I admit, I had thought at once that Ms. Caine was destined (doomed?) to always appear on my radar in a less than flattering fashion. But truthfully, in presuming such, I had done her a disservice. Her prophetic visions have proven, on more than one occasion, to be a boon to the city as a whole. She has earned the respect I was reluctant to bestow, and that is a hard-won struggle." - Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Waterloo
  • "She sees things others do not. Though chaos clouds our understanding of her visions, we would be ill-advised to shrug off the words of Ms. Caine." - Gus Carter
  • "Too many half glimpses of things can be confusing. That is why I never took to relying on mysticism. It lacks context, thankfully, Ms. Caine seems to be aware of that and seeks what is missing in her visions." - Valerius Giovanni
  • "She gave me light when I let myself succumb to the Darkness within our kind. She offered me redemption and a path to be who I should. For that she has my thanks, and you will be throated before I let you harm her." - A gangrel in passing
  • "I passed her a few times during the Conclave. She kept staring at Anthrax, like he was going to crawl up her leg or some nonsense. I ensured her that he would not leave my side, unless I told him too. Later that evening we were seen together once more, assisting the Anarchs in there Investigation of the Hunters. I hear her ability to see into the future, has helped this city on multiple occasions." - Dagmuar
  • "At any given day flip a coin. Heads says she's useful" - Tamberland
  • "And here....I thought she had only one use.....interesting" M
  • "She's still the plucky gal I remember from the 1960's." Jupiter Lotis
  • "Candice is my kind of person, with the kind of spirit that was prevalent during my mortal days. It is also nice to see not everyone learned to read Tarot out of a book from the mall." Evan Lazarus
  • "Pleasant to see she's climbing ladders." Dexter Mara
  • "Candice reminds me I do not hate Clan Malkavian, just Prince Martell." William Slade
  • "If you need a rare book, with little to no strings attached, she's who you call" Dr. Alex Pond
  • "I don't know what mistakes she made in the past. She seems useful, if a bit caught up in the past with her costumes." - Jeannie
  • "Its interesting to see how relationships amongst Kindred rise and fall. I feel like there might be a wedge now between Ms. Caine and I. I hope that is not the case." - Dagmuar
  • "This Malkavian is very ambitious. I'm curious as to how well or ill it will pan out for her." -Blayne Ashbury
  • "I have only met her once, many years ago. She asked me a question in an attempt to stump me. I gave her an answer that makes her eyes bleed. Sweet girl really." - Dr. Daniel Thornvick, Prince of Colorado Springs
  • "I have learned so much from her. She was really kind to take me in." -Nova
  • "Her particular insight must be of use to the Tower." - Zaina
  • "Ms. Caine has political aspirations; whether or not she has political ability has yet to be seen." - Serafin

Songs Stuck in my Head

OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Austin, TX
Player: Michelle Sprinkle
Storyteller: Lucas Clendenan

Player: Michelle Sprinkle us2009084628

Location: Austin, TX