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Caoimhe ‘Dragonslayer’ O'Brien

The Deets (Info)

Name: Caoimhe O'Brien
Deed Name: ‘Dragonslayer’ ~ ‘Spine-of-Iron’
Rank: Adren
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Fianna
Camp: Brotherhood of Herne

Sept: Sept of the Dancing Tides (Now ~ Sept of the Dancing Mists)
Pack: Winter's Vigil (dedicated to Thunderbird)

Apparent Age: Early 20's
Place of Birth: Seattle, Washington
Date of Birth: 1991
Employment: O'Briens Pub and Microbrewery, Occasionally plays fiddle with Banshee's Wail
Hair: Blonde with hints of red
Eyes: Blue
Nationality: Irish American
Notable Traits: Pure Breed x 4, Violin/Fiddle Performance x 6, Stag Tattoo on her wrist

What You See Is What You Get (Bio)

Homid Physical Description: Caoimhe is a spunky girl with long blonde hair and black rimmed glasses. She dresses in clothes that are Seattle chic mixed with a little bit of punk. Caoimhe is almost always wearing an O'Briens Pub and Microbrewery shirt and always seems to be coming straight from work. Wild in spirit and quite rebellious, Caoimhe can often be found energetically trying to make new friends. Like most Fianna, she tends to be emotionally charged — ready for a good long laugh or cry.

Lupus Physical Description: Caoimhe is rarely in lupus form, but when she shifts she takes on the visage of an average size red wolf. Her muzzle and physical features in this form appear highly feminine.

Personality: Caoimhe is an outgoing, flirtatious and colorful character. A natural extrovert, she tends the bar at O'Brien's and loves to take the stage and perform. She often has opinions that go against the grain and her rebellious spirit grates on her pack, at times. Caoimhe is not afraid to share her opinion with others, drink a beer with strangers or share gossip whenever and wherever she can. Caoimhe quickly warms to new people and enjoys meeting anyone and everyone that is willing to give her the time of day.

Just One Of The Boys (Crew)

The Dirty Gossip (Rumors)

  • Caoimhe doesn't seem to want to talk to the Eldest member of her Auspice.
  • Caoimhe is a functioning Alcoholic.
  • Caoimhe is a little too friendly with people she really shouldn't be friends with.
  • Caoimhe sometimes goes off the grid for a couple of days at a time.
  • Caoimhe has a deed name that reflects her inability to waver on her opinions.
  • Caoimhe is marked by the Stag Incarna.
  • Caoimhe doesn't seem to get along well with other members of her pack.
  • Caoimhe thinks being in lupus is stupid and avoids it if at all possible.
  • Caoimhe's fiddle is priceless.
  • Caoimhe is a huge flirt with Garou but doesn't seem to have any interest in kinfolk.
  • Caoimhe bit the head off a Vampire.
  • A certain someone thinks that Caoimhe's deed name should be "Heart-of-Gold" instead.
  • Caoimhe made a deal with the faery queen at the Umbral Circus, but -she- got the better end of the deal.

Your Whispered Thoughts (Quotes)

  • "What can I say...Caoimhe...she's a sweet girl. Talented violinist and always down for a good time. She runs a proper pub, even turns a blind eye when the band and I get a bit rowdy, end up trashing the place. Gods, know we've done that a time or two. One thing I love about her is that she ignores my astronomical bar tab. I think the thing is currently valued around the GDP of Monaco. Now boys, gather around to hear some sage advice. She may be a flirtatious lady, but if you get fresh with out she's libel to break a bottle upside your head and toss you out the door herself. So be nice, drink heartily, tip your waitress, and please leave the premises quietly."Nial "Strikes the Strings" Eriksen
  • "Ain't nobody in the fucking world like Caoimhe. What, you expected fucking poetry? Fuck off."Patrick Kennedy
  • "She's... cool and stuff. She's been nice to me from the get go, and that counts for a lot. It's strong willed and open minded girls like her that will win this war."Simon Kressin
  • "Caoimhe is... just incredibly talented... her violin is intoxicating, sure, but for me it's all about her laugh. She speaks volumes in that instrument. You can always tell when something has gone to shit when you can't hear that radiation of sound, or what the plan is in the slight giggling inflections."Lil KaBoom
  • "Now I ain't ever laid my eyes on this chic but from the stories I hear she sure knows her tales and plays the fiddle like a pro. I wonder if she lifts..."Brody "Tackles the Mountain" Eberhart
  • "Girl's got talents she don' ev'n know a'tell yet. De loa, dey speak to me o' her. Mais oui, cher! She gwin rise up lik' a star, someday."Bayou
  • "In another life maybe we could have been friends. But as it stands Ms. O'Brien means well enough, I truly believe she does... but she, like most of her people, don't grasp the magnitude of the stain perpetuated by their heritage. Until that happens, true friendship will have to wait." - Jake "Takes-the-High-Ground" Whitewater
  • "Gaia has blessed her with a great gift. When we grow lax she helps us remember, when the pain comes she helps us forget." -Reborn in Fire
  • "Don't let that girl fool ya. She'll bat them eyes, smile and start playing that fiddle and you think its just gonna be a relaxing time of catching up with old friends and distant kin. But I swear to god that girl is the kind of goddamned temptress the Tuatha always warn us about. Every damn time I come through dry on the wagon, she'll invite me to sit a spell and catch up. Next thing I know I'm waking up hung over as all hell, under the bar with a couple vague memories of dancing on pool tables and breaking bottles to cut some young punk trying to start something. Ya know, if I was twenty years younger, she'd be my best friend... But I ain't as young as I once was. My old ass can barely take passing through once or twice a year." - Declan Brennan
  • "A Fine Young woman! I'm thankful I've had the pleasure of meeting her and fighting by her side! The Dawn Guard is possibly one of my favorite packs of people. She makes a Mean beer and plays a great fiddle! My monies on her if she ever has to make a wager for a Fiddle of Gold!" - Splits the Sky With the Fires of Rage
  • "My roommate and friend. She has so many talents -- for playing violin, for telling tales, and making people feel at ease." - Rozalija Halytsky
  • "Now she was a fun one! Only got to meet her quick-like, but she was a smart cookie. Nice shoes, too." - Plays With Fire
  • "Are you certain she's a Galliard? She has the feel of a No Moon about her." - Returns the Faith

Playlist (Songs)

Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars - Safe & Sound

The Mahones "Is This Bar Open 'Till Tomorrow"

The Rumjacks - An Irish Pub Song

Celtic Woman - Níl Sé'n Lá

Ronnie Dunn - Bleed Red

OOC Information

Player Information
Player: Kerry B. ~ US2002023647
ST: Kayla Preston ~

Location: Seattle, WA