Capital City Winter Ball 2013

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Capital City Winter Ball 02.png

Invitation and RSVP Location and Art OOC Information


All kindred of quality are invited to our nation's capital to partake of one last, long night of fellowship as returning spring begins to steal the night hours. Art, performances, and lively discussion will serve to entertain and inspire.

Presiding Hosts and Officers

Host: Alexander Konrad, Elder Prince of Washington D.C.
Host: Orenna Komnenos, Master Harpy of Atlanta
Seneschal: Constantine Lancaster
Sheriff: Charles Roberts
Harpy: Selene de Lorraine, Master Harpy of Washington D.C.

Guest RSVP

Edward James Crowe, MD
Clé deMontes
Amber Tsigane
Luca Tripoli
Margareta Sasul
Nathaniel Rutherford

Alonso Gutierrez
Elijah Hunter
Caroline Hunter
Joaquim Magaldi
Franziskus Winter
James Stanton
Frederic L'Enfant
Michael Williams

Elena Hellenbach
Jacob Hastings
Alexander Lane
Adalina Marchand Durante
Anthony Cage
Orelia Taipetra
Virgil Maxwell

Maxwell Jacobs
Lochlann MacAllan
Captain Sawyer
Phillip Avery Redgrave
Eva Wolfner
Charlotte Blanton
Fréderic André
Adrienne Maxwell

Please post character descriptions here: Googledoc File

Rumors and Quotes

  • There are some kindred who refuse to attend out of spite and dislike for the hosts, despite being welcomed with open arms.
  • This event is co-hosted by the Ventrue and Toreador clans as a stark contrast to the Brujah gathering in Atlanta two weeks prior.
  • ...