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Caprice Banner.png
"You like being the only genius-level repeat offender in the Midwest?"
— Christopher Pike

"I always walk on thin ice. It gives my life a certain zest."
— Silk/Prince Kheldar

Caprice Nation.png

Shadow Name: Caprice
Sleeper Name: Angelina McGowan
Aliases: Jessilina Weasley, Lina Church, FireboltNight11613, Arjean Bellamy
Apparent Age: Early 20s
Path: Acanthus
Legacy: Tamer of Winds
Order: Silver Ladder
Cabal: Misfits
Consilium: Consilium of Provence
Positions and Titles: Apprentice Lictor; Factotum

Caprice Appearance.png

A young, plain-looking woman of about 5'6" and with an athletic build. She has green eyes, shoulder-length dyed violet purple hair, several piercings in her ears and face, and an increasing scattering of tattoos. She normally dresses in jeans, T-shirts/tank tops, boots, fingerless gloves, and hoodies for day-to-day wear, and spaghetti-strap tops, miniskirts, fingerless gloves, and heels for evening/going out wear. She also typically wears a Gryffindor badge pinned somewhere to her clothes, and carries a small, jingling, cloth bag and what appears to be a crystal wand at first glance - Mage Sight, however, will show the wand to actually be a crystal athame. To Awakened eyes, the High Speech sigil for 'Awakened' is magically branded on the back of her right hand, but usually hidden by gloves.

Examples of typical outfits:

Caprice Nimbus.png

A faint, violet glow that strobes intermittently, the sound of a clock ticking but with the ticks sometimes coming too fast or too slowly, and her hair and clothes ruffle in a breeze that only affects her.

Caprice Cool People.png

Cabal Friends / Acquaintances Family
Gemini Aldous Harvey Trevor McGowan (Grandfather)
JailBird Alexis Brandt Pomegranate (Step-grandmother)
Skittles Apollyon Cassie McGowan (Non-identical twin sister)
Arcturus Doc (Cousin)
Blaze Lucia Vazquez (Cousin)
Bodhi Vajra-Kai Vanash (Cousin)
Eddie Hall Xuanhu (Cousin-to-be)
Free Divine (Cousin, once removed)
Hood Shy-Ram (Cousin, once removed)
Izdubar Summer Sariel (Cousin, twice removed)
James Tesla Crusader (Father)
Xavier Bastion

Caprice Quotes By.png

  • "So, I got 'igh an' 'ad a party, an' y'got the demonic version've The Six Million Dollar Man." - to Alexis Brandt, summarising their respective Awakenings.
  • "Now, see, 'Voice've the Dragon' isa much cooler name. Why the fuck'd y'change from tha'? It sounds like yer a motherfuckin' Targaryen, or somethin' cool like tha'." - to Conquest, about the Silver Ladder's name.
  • "If y'find y'like somethin' 'nuff t'be a fan, ya'll ge' it. It's fun t'ge' new people 'o ain' got inta book or show or whatev 'fore t'star' readin' or watchin' it." - to Skittles
  • Skittles: "Why go looking for (trouble)?"
Caprice: "Coz sometimes it don' find me fas' enough."
  • "Oh please, I know 'zactly wha' I am. Imma thief, a liar, a vagabond, an' sometimes a whore. An' generally a bitch."
  • Skittles: "Remember how I described my Order."
Caprice: "Joyless buzzkills?"
  • "'kay, so, 'parently I've gotta family. Wha' th'fuck am I s'posed t'do with it?"
  • Lucia: "What I should do is switch bodies and go to bed."
Caprice: *baffled look*
Lucia: "Co-located, like the Seer was."
Caprice: *plaintively* "Lucia. I'm kinda smashed an' ain' given up th'buzz jus' yet. Tha' hurts me brain."
  • “Precept’ve ‘ubris generally covers doin’ dumb shit with magic."
  • Caprice: "Wha' didja say yer name were again?"
The Amanuensis: "I am the Amanuensis."
Caprice: "The Amanu...can I jus' call ya Manny?"
The Amanuensis: "You may call me Morpheus."
Caprice: "Okay, Manny."
  • "We're Silver Ladder, sis. We lead by example. If'n a Ladder 'ierarch ignores 'er Lex, then 'ow can she expect 'er Consilium t'follow it? Bein' thearchs means we 'old ourselves to an 'igher' yer only mad at me coz y'know I'm right."

Caprice Quotes About.png

OOC: Feel free to add.

  • "I am sure we would not be looking (for trouble). It seems trouble just knows where you are." - Skittles
  • "Excellent Traceur. Looking forward to many future runs..." - Hood
  • "Fun to talk to and listen to, though I think I've given her some ideas on how to harass Bodhi when he meditates... It will be hilarious, I hope she knows when to reign it in though...." - Ink
  • "I'm glad Caprice is my cousin, she's awesome, and we made a hell of a team." - Shy-Ram
  • "I...Caprice...I'm not going to get used to that any time soon. I guess I know why she's like a sister to me..." - Cassie McGowan
  • "So many awakened act like their head fits naturally up their ass. Caprice is one of the few I like, and not just because I seduced her a couple years ago." - The_Surgeon/Eddie Hall
    • "Wha', Eddie reckons 'e seduced me? Nah, I were tot'ly tha one doin' th'pickin' up tha' time." - Caprice
  • "Yeah...we be n'odd pair but I love 'er n'she keeps me on my toes. She be makes happy. She es de creme in my coffee, icing on my cake n'water after a workout. Life became a bit brighter n' interesting since we started datin'". - Bodhi Vajra-Kai
  • "She's cool. Very cool. With the hair and the randomness and the tattoos. She's proof you don't need to be an uptight asshole just because you can alter the fabric of time and space and reality, or something." - Zou
  • "I wish the wizards would work out cloning already so we could populate more places with a Caprice. Required meeting." - Isnana
  • "She will make a fantastic Hierarch one day." - Shofar
    • "...if'n I start runnin' now, ya'll never catch me t'make me." - Caprice
  • "I think we both know you don't need any Arcana for mischief." - Apsinthion
  • "Really, you could get into trouble with a stick and a piece of string. I've seen you do it in Prague." - Kurt
  • "I really respect Caprice and her style. She keeps me from feeling I don't have to be a complete fucking stiff to be a silver ladder." - Lana Volkov

Caprice Rumors.png

OOC: Feel free to add.

  • She came all the way from France to Puerto Rico to rekindle a love lost.
  • Has 'history' with Conquest...and everyone knows what that means.
  • She is the head of the European branch of Rigger's Harem.
  • Plans to break Skittles out of his shell.
    • And Gemini out of hers.
  • Is the number one fan of one of her favourite authors.
    • Seriously, her Awakening was based on one of his stories or something.
  • Is determined to learn how to swear in every language known to humanity.
    • And several unknown to humanity.
  • Her joining the Silver Ladder was so unexpected that there's a betting pool on how long she stays with the Order.
    • She wants to know who's running the betting pool so that she can place a bet.
  • Is one of the Awakening Brat Pack.
  • Oh God, who let her have an apprentice?

Caprice Skippy1.png

Caprice Skippy2.png

Caprice Skippy3.png

OOC: Feel free to add to this list. The only requirement is that all items must be based on things Caprice has actually said or done.

  • The Free Council's real name is 'the Free Council', not 'the Eye of the Tiger'.
    • Nor is it 'the Blood of the Dragon'.
      • Yes, even though all the other Orders are 'the something of the Dragon'.
  • Fate magic is not a substitute for contraceptives.
    • Or for the ability to drive.
      • Or for keeping your eyes on the road when attempting to drive.
  • Orders are not 'just like the Mafia'.
  • Cabals are not gangs.
  • Legacies are not high school cliques.
  • No, I don't get a flying broom.
    • Although I do get a wand.
      • But I have to make it myself.
  • No pickpocketing Seers unless we're ready to risk a hot war.
    • Yes, apparently war with the Seers is a bad thing.
      • No, I don't get it, either.
  • I'm supposed to get permission to be in private meetings before I go into them.
  • 'Oh my God, I want to tap that' is not an appropriate comment to make about members of the Magisterium.
    • Even if it's true.
      • Especially if it's true.
  • I should not let vampires drink my blood.
    • Even if it is FOR SCIENCE!
  • Do not touch the sigil/press the button/pull the lever/take the key without investigating what will happen when I do so.
  • Fate can and should be used for assessing risks, not just to be lucky when those risks turn into dangers.
  • I should not use myself as bait when hunting Tremere.
    • Especially when I've been explicitly told not to.
      • By everyone else in the Consilium.
  • I must not spike the Hierarch's drink.
  • I must not send Professor Farnsworth sound files to the Hierarch and the Sentinel.
  • Anonymously sending bags of dicks to people is not appropriate, even if it is hilarious.
    • No, it's really not that much better to hand them out in person at a Convocation.
  • I must not talk about how cool Arcadia is when there are Changelings present.


Picture copyright
Silver Ladder
Behind right ear
Right bicep
Right inner forearm
Right wrist
Back of neck
Lower back
Behind left ear
Left shoulder
Left bicep
Left inner forearm
Left side
"There were no sex classes. No friendship classes. No classes on how to navigate a bureaucracy, build an organization, raise money, create a database, buy a house, love a child, spot a scam, talk someone out of suicide, or figure out what was important to me. Not knowing how to do these things is what messes people up in life, not whether they know algebra or can analyze literature."
— William Upski Wimsatt

Awakening PC

Player: Alicia C.
Path: Acanthus
Order: Silver Ladder ••
Legacy: Tamers of Winds
Position: Apprentice Lictor
Consilium: Consilium of Provence
City: Avignon
Cabal: Misfits
VST: Hilary

Caprice History.png

  • 1993: Born Jessica Diane Church in Birmingham, UK, to a single mother (Nicole Church). Father unknown.
  • 1993 - 1995: Nicole and Jessie live in Trentham House hostel.
  • 1995 - 2010: Grows up on a council housing estate in Birmingham. After falling in with a youth gang in the area, has run-ins with authorities re truancy, shoplifting, petty vandalism, etc. from a young age.
    • Sometime during the latter years of this period, starts writing fan emails to her favourite author, which develops into a friendship. Becomes friends with Lucas via online fandoms during the same time period.
  • 2007: Serves six months home detention for accessory to car theft.
  • 2010: Drops out of school and leaves home to travel/wander.
    • Camps out at the premier of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 in London, where she meets and becomes friends with Cassie Black.
    • Crosses over to France.
  • 2011 - 2013: Travels through France, Spain, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Ukraine, Denmark, Russia, and Luxembourg, making her way through a mixture of itinerant/seasonal/odd-job work and petty theft. During her travels, she proves to have a talent for picking up languages.
    • 2011: Meets Tachikaze in Paris, who gives her some tips on how to be a better thief.
      • Meets Sean O'Shea in Paris and has a brief affair with him as they travel south through France, before parting ways when she heads to Spain.
      • Meets Eddie Hall in Spain and spends a night or two with him. Afterwards, each insists that they were the one who seduced the other.
      • Meets Rigger in Spain, and commits a series of major crimes with him.
    • 2012: Hooks up with Izdubar Summer in Berlin, and works for him on and off for a couple of months on a series of jobs both legal and not.
      • Runs across Sean O'Shea again in Denmark, where they rekindle their affair from the year before as they travel down through central and south-eastern Europe, before Jessie again leaves, this time heading to eastern Europe proper.
    • 2013: Early in the year, is hired by Kurt in Prague to steal some items for him.
  • New Year's 2013/2014: Unknowingly Awakens as an Acanthus via mystery play in Amsterdam.
  • January 2014: Travels through Belgium and France, with a side trip to Puerto Rico on a whim, where she meets Maverick when Maverick catches her trying to rifle through her bag.
  • February 2014: Arrives in Avignon, where she discovers she's a mage courtesy of Alouette.
    • After meeting someone familiar in Avignon, visits Puerto Rico to confirm her hunch, where she reacquaints with Rigger and Izdubar/Conquest.
  • March 2014: Takes the Shadow name 'Caprice' and seeks membership in the Silver Ladder.
    • Attends the Grand Convocation in San Antonio, where she runs across Sean O'Shea/Apollyon at the Silver Ladder meeting. At the end of the Convocation she finds out that Trevor McGowan is her paternal grandfather, much to her surprise.
  • April 2014: Is present in Vieques, Puerto Rico, then the Pact between Awakened, Kindred, Lost, Shifters, and 'the Fifth others' needs to be signed and sealed once more to keep the Hollow Men imprisoned. Is chosen and marked by Fate to be the signatory for the Awakened. The Pact is successfully signed and sealed, with the five signatories mystically Oathbound to it.
  • May/June 2014: Assists in the capture and questioning of a Tremere lich, formerly a long-lost member of the Consilium. Alouette dies in her arms during the initial questioning of the lich.
  • June 2014: Forms the Misfits cabal with Gemini, JailBird, and Skittles.
  • July 2014: Following the deaths of Trevor McGowan and Pomegranate, vows to find and kill those responsible.
  • August 2014: Discovers that she and Cassie Black are actually twin sisters.
    • Replaces Alouette as Acanthus Councillor for the Consilium of Provence.
    • Helps investigate what was apparently a Sanctum from an alternate version of history.
    • Meets Black Dog while investigating for signs of Tremere in the French Riviera.
  • September 2014: Assists in the capture of a second Tremere lich, the cabalmate of the one captured in June.
  • October 2014: Drafts the new Charter and Lex for the Provence Consilium.
  • November 2014: Assists in clearing out death-spirit-possessed monsters caused by a summoning gone wrong in a Seer-controlled village.
  • December 2014: Discovers that Crusader is her father, much to both of their horror.
  • January 2015:
    • Assists in the takedown, capture, of framing of members of the Banisher group causing trouble in Provence.
    • Assists in rescuing her sister and Famine from Hunters who had captured them, assaulted her cabalmate Gemini, and murdered the La Perla del Sur Sentinel, Nemo.
  • February 2015: Takes on Zou as an apprentice in the Silver Ladder.
  • May 2015:
    • Pays a visit to Saul to help teach him about Pentacle society.
    • Assists in the investigation of a captured Mad, and warding off the Tulpa who came.
  • June 2015: Along with her sister and Izdubar, acts as bait to lure out the Tulpa and then assists in dealing with the Tulpa and the Mad.
  • August 2015:
    • Helps investigate the Panography cult in Avignon.
    • Becomes an Apprentice Lictor to Lictor Judex.
  • September 2015: Is part of a group of mages, Changelings, werewolves, and vampires who travel to the Dreaming Earth in an attempt to stop the Maeljin of Deception from being summoned into that realm. Despite disrupting all three rituals, some of the ritualists manage to escape and hastily cast the ritual.
  • January 2016: Assists in the rescue of Apsinthion, Sammiel, and Visa from Panography Banishers.
  • June 2016: Joins the Tamers of Winds Legacy.
  • July 2016: Assists in retrieving the contents of a lost Mysterium library in France.

Caprice Inspirations.png

  • Fred and George Weasley (Harry Potter)
  • Pre-Starfleet James Kirk (Star Trek reboot)
  • Kelly (Misfits)
  • Kenzi (Lost Girl)
  • St. Trinian's
  • Skippy lists
  • Rebel without a cause
  • Book Dumb.
  • Street Smart.
  • The Trickster.

Caprice Looking For.png

  • Friends
  • Acquaintances
  • Rivals & antagonists
  • Previous marks or authority figures that she's run across
  • Former lovers and one-night stands
  • Fellow fans and geeks involved in online fandoms (especially the fandoms for Harry Potter, anime, and the works of Bodie Jenkins)
  • Anything else that sounds interesting. Pitch me an idea :-)

Caprice Soundtrack.png

OOC Information

Player: Alicia C.
MES Number: WT2006070005
Location: Australia

This wiki was coded with frequent reference to the work of Learsfool.