Capt. Joseph Beran

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Capt. Beran works for Black Eagle Security. He is currently assigned as Head of Security of the The Upstate Tsalaga Heritage Foundation Plantation and Wolf Preserve in Greenville, SC. He is also Fenrir Kinfolk, (Pure Breed 3). Originally from Czechoslovakia, the Beran family immigrated to Millston, WI after WWI.

Capt. Beran is "Uncle Joey" to Tells the Old Kin's Song and Burning Aegis. He is the son of the late Lucas Ratatoskr Beran, an Adren Fenrir Ragabash. His secret mission in Greenville is to try to teach a bunch of unruly Cubs and Cliath how to fight.

He has been known to fight an Ahroun in Crinos with a stick, and win.

NPC Character

Joe Beran is an NPC associated with the Sept of Shrouded Spring in Greenville, SC. He is the Ally of Tells the Old Kin's Song.