Captain "Buck" Parker

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Accord PC

Player: Alex A.
Creature Type: unknown
Division: Gatekeepers
City: Raleigh-Durham
VST: VST Storyteller Name

Character Information

Name: John William "Buck" Parker

Creature Type: Unknown

Notable Traits: Parker is a member of the US Army

Title or Positon: Captain, Quartermaster

Known History

Recovered from Govenment Files:

1896: First Known Military Enlistment, US 7th Cavalry

1896: Apache Campaign

1904-1907 and 1911-1915: Philippine-American War

1915: Resigns commission in US army with the rank of Major

1915: Joins the Canadian Cavalry with a commission at the rank of Captain

1915-1918: Served in the Royal Canadian Dragoons

1916: Participated in the Battle of the Somme in the Cavalry charge on High Wood. Listed missing in action. One month later he is found clawing his way across no-man's land to friendly lines. A few surviving comrades notice he seems to be "in fine fettle" despite the harrowing experience. Indeed, he's "twice the soldier" he was before.

1917: April 10th, after the US joins the war Parker requests to be allowed to rejoin his old unit. The request is granted On December 17th by British command and he is returned to the US forces with the rank of Major restored.

1918: January, requests and is granted transfer to front line duty as the cavalry are not seeing any action. He was assigned to the 301st Tank Battalion under command of the British. For the rest of the war he used command of cavalry style tactics and his rapport with British forces to smooth the operations between joint forces.

1920: National army disbanded. With little to do during the interwar period the Parker travels extensively, particularly in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

1929: Subject maintained written correspondence with many old comrades and began sending alarming warnings at this time about the dangerous potential of the Nazi party. Parker sent a copy of Mein Kampf to a former comrade now working for the state department with the words "this half-pint son-of-a-bitch is trouble" scrawled across the cover. His warnings were mainly ignored.

1929-1940: Travels throughout Europe (Tramping) as Axis control spreads, taking notes and collecting strategic information on the Axis controlled territories. Parker's ability to socialize with troops and veterans leaks a few useful facts and secrets that he forwarded to state department contacts. Though not officially part of the government, his reports become seed information for OSS files when that organization is founded in 1942, indicating several useful future operatives.

1940: September, escapes Germany in a Junkers 88 A-1 commandeered from a Nazi air base in the north of France. The plane went down off the shore of England near Brighton and Parker was obliged to swim to shore.

1941: Manages to return to the US aboard a returning cargo vessel. Now in his 60's, his youthful appearance is no longer disguisable. By revealing his identity to a friend within the government, now a high-ranking official, he has strings pulled to be re-inducted into the army as his own son with a rank of Colonel. His true nature becomes a secret known to a handful of OSS Agents and Zero operatives.

1942: Being reduced to the rank of Captain publicly in order to maintain secrecy, he is assigned to the newly formed 1st Rangers in an "advisory capacity." Throughout the war, he joins active combat at major engagements and participates in covert operations with a small unit of hand picked specialists who "washed out" of his Ranger trainings.

1943: Sighted during the Allied Invasion of Sicily

1943: Aiding resistance efforts on Monaco, rumors of a brief affair with a local girl (Carlotta Bianca) working with the rebels.

1944: Project Deus Vult, participates in a covert operation behind enemy lines in Northern France. An operation were a handful of civilians of various nationalities connected directly with the French Resistance, rather than with their respective governments, use their specialties to undermine an enemy plot. Their specialty: the occult. One of those civilians was John Harkin, an American from New York.

Parker’s specialty unit is assigned to provide allied support and materials to the resistance group.

Deus Vult’s complete objective was to bring down a coven of Satanists that were associated with the Vichy government, before their rituals could make things profoundly worse.


Harkin: You have sand boy. Parker: This aint sand, I'm just too stubborn to show my back. Now get your head down before Jerry trims your hair for you.

1944: Pointe du Hoc, Normandy (D-Day)

1944-45: Battle of the Bulge

1945: Accompanies US Forces entering the sacked Berlin after it has been ravaged by the Soviets

1945: April, Destroys a truck loaded with Nazi gold being smuggled over the Swiss border by an escaping officer. A surviving passenger in the truck is Johan Nimitz.

1945: Peace breaks out. Parker attempts retirement, trying to settle in Wyoming on a small ranch.

1950: Unable to get used to a life of leisure, he returns to active assignments at the request of Zero Company. He is assigned to deal with an incident on the Korean Peninsula because his background will help his team deal with uninformed forces on the ground.

1950-1975: Works for Zero Company as an "independent operative" specializing in interventions in hot zones. He still maintains ties to his aging State Department contacts and former WWI comrades as well as the younger generation he worked with during the Second World War and the Korean Conflict.

1950-1954: Korea (Supernatural events, Zero Company involvement) Details Remain Classified

1960-1975: Vietnam (Supernatural events, Zero Company involvement) Details Remain Classified

1968: Encounters James O'Neill in Vietnam when he escapes the underworld after becoming a Geist. Assessing the fallen soldier's potential he facilitates immediate transfer to Zero Company through his military connections.

1975: The break. After an incident in Saigon, when a TFV contact attempted to destroy him, the Parker claimed he had been put on a "short list" and his recent protests about extreme negligence and lack of concern over civilian casualties had officially labeled him compromised.

1975-1999: Using his still independent State Department contacts Parkerr severed all ties with TFV and Zero Company and became an "independent contractor" for the US military. He traveled on small assignments and conducted minor operations on behalf of the government. This includes training special operatives for engagement with non-human/supernatural threats.

1987: First meets the Aspra family while seeking down the fate of a former student involved in espionage and lost in Romania. The young girl Lupei, aka Lily, amuses him, on a second visit he brings her blue jeans as a present. The Aspra’s actively used their Communist Party membership to provide cover for the operations of Western agents during the Cold War.

When his mission is complete, Parker remains in contact with the family, sending periodic postcards from around the world, most of them are from war zones, the message is usually the same: “Having a hell of a time.”

1999: Recruited into the -group details classified-

1999-2010: Continues to work for both the XXXXXXX and US government, Liaising on sensitive issues.

1999: Returns to Romania and contacts the Aspra’s, asking them to again provide shelter to agents, this time not from communist detection, but from Truth Cultists. The family is drawn into the Accord as active agents.

2002: Requests assignment to the National Guard Armory from command, ostensibly to retire for a time in familiar military surroundings. In reality he is assigned by Strike Force Zero due to a massive XXXXXX in the area.

2010: August, 17: Debriefing of Lupei after the death of her parents, to discuss her continued unsanctioned activity.

2012: Summer: Deals with a extra-planar incursion in the foothills of Afghanistan Other known XXXXX operatives are drawn into the fray.



  • "Damned Nazi tech, saw one of those Mjolnir's go critical in '69, keep it the hell away from me."
  • "Infuriating, Frustrating, Aggravating dickhead...and one hell of a good surrogate Dad." - Lily
  • "There's something clean and simple about the way Buck walks through life. I can't tell if it's satisfying, but it seems to suit him." - Cassandra Jones, M.D.
  • "Parker? He's like Captain America, without the HTT attitude. I love workin' with that guy." - Wesker
  • "Son of a bitch nearly pooched one of my jobs in the Nineties. Smug bastard needs to learn to keep his nose out of other folks' business." - Hank Sims
  • "Fucking prick." - Striker
  • "The greatest casualties in war have always been caused by new weapons being paired with old tactics, and this man very much reminds me of the past." - 43
  • "He can also be such a DICK." - Cassandra Jones, M.D.
  • "The Soldier. You need say little else, the word defines him as he defines the word." - Setah-sefer
  • "I can only hope that I earned the slightest mote of respect from him." - David Anderson
  • "They say he's one of 'the good ones', you know, the best sort of man's man, a Captain America 'truth, justice and the American way' kind of man. He even views himself as honorable and ethical." She chuckles. "My experience with him has been... very different, yet I remain open to being convinced that he is these things. The first step is to see if he can keep his word. My phone waits." - Cora Kirkwood
  • "BUCK what do smoke grenades look like?" Lupei to Buck, "Like hairspray cans with pins in the top and handles." Buck to Lupei in Romania.
  • "Lupei trusts him. I barely know him, but...if he needs help, I'll do my best." Rosemary Weald
  • "One Week. A lifetime." - Isabella Gray

OOC Information


Player: Alex A.

MES Number: US2002096596

Location: Raleigh, NC Wisterian Nightmares NC-006D