Cardinal Powwaw Rainwater

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Accord NPC


Truth Cult: The CUT
Location: Tonawanda Reservation, New York
ST: NE ARST Accord

Character Information

Name: Powwaw Rainwater

Notable Traits: A Seneca man with a kind smile.

Position and Title: Cardinal in the The Church of Ultimate Truth.


Powwaw is a very friendly, well-spoken and polite man who isn't easily rattled.

In Service to the Truth

The Church of Ultimate Truth

He has named several titles of CUT Members within the North Eastern United States.

Early History

Marriage and children

His Son is Rends the Oak

His Daughter is Falling Sky


From Him

  • "The Lance will be aided by the Sword, and together the Liars will be silenced, and cast out."
  • "Are you ready to know the Truth, my child? Now at last, in the lowest moment of your life? Only once you have truly known defeat, can you rise up against it. Tell me. Alexander Medcalf- are you ready to serve as a Vessel of Will?"
  • "Please remember, Mr. Helm, I did ask you nicely."


  • Is a Vampire
  • Is immune to Accord powers