Carina Ghiberti-Giovanni

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Carina Ghiberti-Giovanni
"Don't speak unless I give you permission.”

Information Known by Kindred Society

City:San Francisco
Player:Victoria Boyd
Storyteller:Donovan Forester

Name: Carina Ghiberti- Giovanni

Nicknames: The Willbreaker, Cari, Amante Cranio, Petarda

Clan: Giovanni

Sect: Independent

Embraced: 1911

Current Location: San Francisco, CA


*Hospitality Granted* by Prince Benedict Verren

*Assistant* to Consulente Angelo Giovanni

Notable traits: She usually tends to wear only black and red, with gaudy jewlery, and brass knuckles..

Publicly Known Information

Carina Ghiberti- Giovanni

Mortal Lineage

Sybil Giovanni (Mother)
Vincenzo Ghiberti (Father)
Valerius Orsino Giovanni (Half-Brother)

Kindred Lineage


  • Always seen with her Dark Assistant Hand Samford.
  • Prominantely known through la famiglia as the one that gets people “to talk”.
  • Known to have a keen interest in rituals and artifacts of the ancient world.
  • Fond of corsets, handcuffs, and skulls.


  • She killed her husband to fall in love with her cousin.
  • Is a Brujah passing as a Giovanni.
  • Has a collection of skulls in her bedroom.
  • Was locked in Sybil’s closet for over 10 years after proxy kiss.
  • Lives in a mausoleum in San Francisco.
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  • "My darling friend and cousin, Carina. I will always lend her a hand or an ear. And will always arrive when she calls." - Mateo Giovanni
  • "This girl is too beautiful for her own good." - Charles Franklin Taylor
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Character Ties



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Out of Character Information

Character Information
Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independents
City: San Francisco
Player: Victoria Boyd
Storyteller: Donovan Forester

Player: Victoria Boyd
Membership Number: US201502098
Location: San Francisco, CA