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Basic Statistics:

  • Subject Name: DR. Carl Jones (pre 1500's Father Antoine)

  • Subject Clan: Malkavian

  • Known Factions: Thought Police (Clan Faction); The Paricci (Malkavian Lineage).

  • Known Location: United States

  • General Description: White male often in a Lab Coat

Cultural Standing

  • Acknowledged - as a Member of the Camarilla.
  • Established - as an ancilla within the Ivory Tower.
  • Venerated - as an elder within the Ivory Tower.
  • Feared - by Elder Prince Eirik Alexson of Philadelphia
  • Dedicated- By Chandra de Soissones

Allies & Relationships

Familial Ties


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  • "Of my four brothers Jones, and I have spent the greatest amount of time together. His appetite for knowledge is voracious - as is his appetite for enemies of our beloved Camarilla. I feel we have learned a great deal from each other - we have the joy of shared aim." - Chandra de Soissones
  • "Elder Jones is everything a nephew could want in an uncle. He is supportive, knowledgeable, and often brings clarity into complex situations. I have learned much from him over the years and owe much to his mentorship." - The Professor
  • "Dr. Carl Jones is what most would call a fixer. He travels to where there are problems to the Camarilla, and then he fixes those problems. I have never seen him fail, and may all the gods help you if you turn out to be... problematic." - Arden
  • "One could not ask for a better mentor than Dr. Carl Jones. The Doctor has many insights that are invaluable to a younger Malkavian and is a fellow staunch supporter of the Camarilla." James Worth
  • "May your unseen vigilance drive fear into the hearts of our enemies." - Walter Thorne
  • Blah


(Please feel free to add quotes about Carl Jones by clicking the "edit" link on the right :)

  • Jones is actually a Gangrel he only pretends to be crazy

  • 1235 AD Paris France Embraced by Trimeggian*, (Approved Global Reg)
*1307 AD Mongols attack a small town in Romania - Goes with Chandra to Romania. 
*1308 AD- Begins tracking the movement of the Mongols. Keeping a small distance and making best for havens. 
*1310 AD Haven attacked as the Mongols move in an unpredictable direction, Right at our haven. Without time to react 
 We are attacked, Topored and Brought to Seven 
Seven wakes us from Topor and question us about local Kindred. He finds the Malkavians to be useful.
Chandra now known as Leah takes easily to the Mongol/ Gangrel ways. Antonie remains following her lead. 
*1375 AD After several attempts to make Chandra remember she is not Leah, 
 Antoine uses her weakness for sweet things, and tempts her into possessing a nun to eat a bowl of Fruit. 
 Successful Antoine returns to Paris with her. 
*1595 AD Cannes France Conclave Outspoken about gathering Malk support of the Camarilla leading up to and during 
 the Conclave Attended and echoed others desire for continued Vigilance of Clan Malkavian and developing ways to 
 prevent this from happening again.** (Approved Global Reg)
*1685 AD Ansbach Germany Assisted in the rumors of \" Wlf of Ansbach\" by finding the mortals
 that were then dominated to recall a wolf instead of a Rampaging Vampire. * (Approved Global Reg)
*1700 AD London , Name is now DR Carl Jones he assisted Chandra in getting Tony Grant\'s PC (Thomas) 
 Shipped to Australia for stealing Sugar. * (approved Global Reg)
*1790’s AD follows Chandra to Philadelphia, PA assisting her. 
*1840 AD Start work on the family Estate Miami FL
*1844 AD Philadelphia PA lost to the sabbat
*1946 AD Boston MA, Concalve of Boston Assisted Chandra in her work. 
*1998 AD Vienna Austria Attended Conclave assisting Chandra again in rooting out Gehenna Cultists. 
*2012 AD Philadelphia Pa, Reclaim Philadelphia from Sabbat. 
Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Portland, OR
Player: Wayne Hintergardt
Storyteller: ST Info

Player: Wayne H.
Domain: PA-015-D
Note: I have shamelessly stolen this template from Stacey M; Thank you Stacey!

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