Carmen Slaughter

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Accord PC

Player: Krista Guthrie
Member Number: US2003061667
Domain: Little Rock, AR
Creature Type: Psychic
Division: Accord Corps of Engineers, Medicorps
City: Little Rock, AR
VST: Zack Parsons

Character Information

Name: Dr. Carmen Slaughter

Division: ACE: Medicorps

Position: SC Regional Head, Lead Coroner

Home Cell & Position: Little Rock, AR - Regional Representative

Status: 3

Notable Traits: Rarely displays any excessive emotions.
Often uses a Pez dispenser to eat candy.
Speaks precisely, rarely using any slang.

Acquaintances, Friends and Allies


  • Is a powerful mage who has given up magic to avoid hubris. She relies on her mundane skills and small sorceries to keep from using real magic again.
  • Is actually an automaton, but no one knows who built and controls her.

Please Add!


Please add!

  • We get each other. It works well. - Lupei
  • The doctor who remains cool when the other doctors lose it. - David Anderson


OOC Information

Carmen's Timeline

Player Name Krista Guthrie MES Number US2003061667 Location Little Rock, AR