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Character Information
Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent
City: Austin, TX
Player: Anastasia Marston
Storyteller: Nick Kice


No sweetness can assuage the bitterness I feel
because of the painful departure I took
from my dearly beloved native soil:
leaving, I left my life behind,
which, lying ignored at my cruel lover's feet,
lies torn asunder and parted from me.
And yet among these flowers and plants
I go seeking it, and the tracks of that vile man
who stands before me wherever I go.
Veronica Franco

Carmina Giovanni

Player: Anastasia Marston
Character: Carmina Giovanni
Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent Alliance
Position: Emissary to the Camarilla
Status: Honorable
Domain: Austin, Texas
VST: Nick Kice

Ogni medaglia ha il suo rovescio.
Carmina Giovanni and her grandchilde, Pietro Giovanni.Photo by Larry Hackney.

Character Information

Name: Carmina "Carmen" Cesarina Giovanni

Clan: Giovanni

Sect: Independent Alliance

Title or Positon: Honorable Emissary to the Camarilla

Carmina Giovanni.

Information Known by Kindred Society

A cursory look into Carmina's history would reveal that she was likely born in the early 19th century in Venice, Italy. She was raised in luxury, surrounded by her close-knit family of doting parents and a handful of older siblings along with an extensive extended family. She grew up enjoying the lavish prosperity that her family had cultivated with their European ventures as well as their more exotic business dealings, and was married young to her cousin. As expected, she bore children and lived as a dutiful wife before being brought into the fold of Kindred society via the Proxy Kiss and eventually the Embrace in the mid 1840s.
Following her Embrace, Carmina spent her time attending to her family's interests in European courts before settling permanently overseas with her sire in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1895 immediately following the American Civil War. Over the next several decades, she helped her family navigate the courtly nuances of the kindred of their new home and beyond, developing a number of allegiances, connections, contacts as she came into her own as a vampire. While her home remained in New Orleans, she traveled extensively in America and Europe to support the needs of her family and to pursue some personal interests.
In the 1960s, Carmen resided briefly in Detroit, Michigan. At the end of the decade, she returned to New Orleans where she served as the public face of her family in the Crescent City, hovering just on the edge of the Camarilla court along with her sire, grandchilde, and great grandsire. After a brief disappearance to places unknown, Carmina reemerged in the court of Austin, Texas in August of 2014. With a smile, she announced that she had accepted an offer to join the Ivory Tower and officially became a member of the Camarilla - much to the chagrin of many members of her family. Ever since, she has resided in Texas, leaving her long-time post in New Orleans for different goals in the Lone Star state.
Following the results of the Conclave of Roanoke in July of 2015, Carmina's membership in the Camarilla was rendered moot. She has since returned fully to her family, taking advantage of her many contacts in the Tower as she serves as an Emissary to the Camarilla for her Family.


  • "I heard that Carmen is the shadowy overlord of an elaborate gambling ring and money laundering circuit in New Orleans."
  • "Is it true that her influence in the Medical community has more to do with the cadavers than blood?"
  • "Isn't she carrying on an affair with that Brujah primogen?"
  • "She can get you information on anybody, so long as you're willing to pay what its worth and not ask questions..."
  • "Crossing Carmina means calling a spectre down upon your head - that's not something I'd want to deal with."
  • "Carmina owes a lot of money and favors to somebody - now just to figure out who!"
  • "The animosity between Desdemona and Carmina is really just a front. The two are actually shrewd business partners who use the cover to keep others from prying into their illicit affairs."
  • "I bet you thought the Butcher of Detroit was a guy, huh?"
  • "Whoever heard of a vampire with an eating disorder?"
  • "Wonder what you have to do to get away with calling her Carmen."


  • "There was never a more perfect specimine of Giovanni blood and breeding. Carmen is an example to members of other non-pillar clans, demonstrating how to best behave before one's social betters: soft spoken, defferant, and publicly apologetic for the inappropriateness of her presence." - Benjamin Sharp
  • "Sei la mia vita. Saro sempre tuo slavatore." - Salvatore Giovanni
  • "Carmina and I may not always see eye to eye, but we both understand what it is to be in a world where you are unwanted. Strange and unexpected friends are made when outsiders are boxed into a corner together." - Lazuli
  • To a young Camarilla Neonate "I advise you, child, to be keenly aware of those with whom you hold company. The Necromancers may not possess coils which rend and rob the senses as the Setites do...but that does not make this...woman...any less dangerous." - Benjamin Baker Chapel
  • "Anyone who carries the patronage of the city of Detroit carries with it the blood of the Camarilla Kindred murdered to install Maximiliano Giovanni as the so-called 'Prince' there. Anyone who carries it into a Camarilla city is either very foolish or very dangerous. I tend to expect Miss Carmina Giovanni is the latter rather than the former. Fair warning, fairly given." - Michael Cayhill, Elder of House Constantinian.
  • "She is my grandsire, my teacher, and the soul of my family. Whatever I have now in this world, I have because of her." - Pietro Giovanni
  • " Miss Carmina is a shrewd merchant and more dangerous than many of her male counterparts." - Peter Legba
  • "Oh, I'm sure she can tell you who she's wearing, and I'd even bet it's designer. But clothes don't make the man...or in this case the lady. If she had even half the breeding she pretends to her company would, at the least, be tolerable." - Desdemona Gonzaga
  • "There is scandal awaiting in a form such as Carmina's. I have never been one to under estimate anyone, regardless of family. What more can I say?" -Maxwell Jacobs
  • "Ugh, what a disgusting creature...I'm sorry what was I sayin'? Ah, Carmina? She's as sexy and she is macabre. She's a happening Gio and she's a shrewd lady. Sometimes I wanna call her Dr. Feelgood." - Lysander Kriti before being taken over by his alter Mister Grimes.
  • "Comely and cunning. There's something about all the lovely ladies fair of Clan Giovanni that stirs me with their knowing looks and exquisite tastes. All those.. men about? A woman who stands tall amongst them in public should never be underestimated. Especially the delightful Carmina. And that's one to grow on." - Nenette
  • "I like her, what can I say? She's Family, yeah, but more than that, I see a little a' myself in her. And who's more likable than me? No, but brass tacks - she reads between the lines, and that makes her as unfuckwithable as she is fuckable." - Sybil Giovanni, with a wink.
  • "......" - Prince Gabriel Tavaasche of Baton Rouge
  • "A long time ago, when she was a child, I made her a promise. She ran to me, crying, scared out of her mind. She begged me to keep her safe. I promised that I would protect her... And I will. Even from me." - Angelo
  • "Quick on her feet that one. A damned good person to have in your corner when things go south." - Frankie Giovanni
  • "Um, why are you talking to me. Ms. Giovanni, sorry I don't know nothing. Why would a creature such as myself know anything important..." - Niles Davros
  • “Carmina reminds of Shakespeare’s tragedy Othello. Her similarity to “Desdemona” is quite uncanny. Oh wait, Othello suffocates Desdemona as she pleads for mercy. Never mind, come to think of it, she has very little in common with Desdemona… “Iago” was the character I was thinking of, yes Iago.” - Innocenzo Di Santis Giovanni
  • "There are certain people that you are... friends with... due to necessity, then there are others that you are friends with due to pleasure... Carmina is one of those few people that seem to be both..."- Ewan Dunsirn
  • "Pleasant company. Knows where her place is in modern society, and where the lines are that circumscribe her Clan's behaviour. Pity about that whole Clan thing. She could have been fun..." - Lochlann MacAllan
  • "She certainly tries to overcome any stigma that her family name brings amongst the Ivory Tower. For those who actually spend time to have a conversation, I'm sure she would be quite pleasant to speak with." - Elijah Frost
  • "Kindred women do not last long unless they have a sharp mind...especially those of us who stir up society. Ms. Giovanni may be crass, may have unfortunate blood, but she certainly isn't stupid." - Orenna Komnenos
  • "She did this on purpose. They Hate Her! And Nenette Hate Her! She is lose." - Benjamin Sharp ranting about something Carmina did.
  • "Being counted among their number, I recognize a social predator when I see one. So armed with grace and charm, she plays the game, and she plays it well. But make no mistake: she is looking to own you. And the greatest slaves are the ones who believe they are free." - Einhardt Wagner
  • "Perhaps one day our business dealings will require us to work together something tells me we would be a most profitable merger. She is clearly dangerous but also clearly brilliant." - Joseph Phibbs
  • "Shrewd is to unsavory and predator is to poignant. I'd rather refer to her as a siren in social situations and I do quite enjoy watching men be drawn to something so dangerous."- Marshal Jones
  • "I'm so thankful to have Carmen for my sire. She drives me to succeed, to persevere, and to be a better man. All that, I do for her." - Salvatore Giovanni
  • "We view the opportunity to conduct business in the Gulf Coast with this Venetian with the caution that should have been exercised by the frog when implored by the scorpion to bear it across the river" -Nezaire Morneault
  • "Come vicini di casa, non male. Potrebbe essere peggio; potrebbero essere sporchi Turchi." - Prince Orelio Taipetra of Baton Rouge
  • "I respect the strength and restraint she brings to bear. She knows how to read a situation before she acts. When she acts, I get the impression that it is not by taking half-measures. Would that all could learn this lesson."- Matoxtli Pisanob
  • "She did not find care for us in our lives, I am having trouble finding care for her in my death." - Nicolia
  • My Sire fought for me, she chose me over many other potential embraces, she paid a high price for that right, and I have yet to make her regret that." - Solomon St. John
  • "It is my understanding that much of what we Giovanni have in the States is quite attributable to her machinations. I use the word machinations because I am sure that it is safer to not know what really happened behind closed doors. That said, the Family owes much to Carmina for paving our way into this country." - Gregori Giovanni
  • "I'm not sure what I ever did to that bitch to make her want to come after me so bad. I'm sure it has something to do with me having the grace and charm she only wishes she could obtain. One of these days she'll get what's coming to her for all her homewrecking bullshit." - Annamarie Giovanni
  • "Mia madre, la mia guida, il mio tutore. Carmina was always the best at giving gifts, and she gave me one I'll never truly be able to repay. She is my sire, and for that she has my loyalty. She is as my mother, and for that she has my love. She's proven to me, more than anything, that some blood is thicker than others." - Vitalia Giovanni
  • "One's failures always come back to haunt every action and dream" - Angelo
  • "Many a poet, accomplished or otherwise, has described a beautiful woman as having 'Raven Locks'; never would the description be more apt than were it applied to Signorina Giovanni. Put another way, she inspires me to poetry." - Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Waterloo
  • "Carmina's smile reminds me of Venice. I frutti proibiti sono i più dolci." - Valerius Giovanni
  • "I asked the Giovanni how a Giovanni became a member of the Tower. Awkward words covered over embarrassment. It is an anomaly to me; it is appears to the Giovanni as well." - Zaina
  • "She is quite the doll. The Giovanni have always been so nice. She does her clan proud. She should come to gatherings more often. Perhaps we could go shopping together. Of course, I'd have to put on a better face." - Mabel Ruby
  • "With the decision to deny Clan Giovanni as a whole membership into the Camarilla, Carmina Giovanni is one of the rare few divested of status who may be missed. Regardless, as an Emissary to the Camarilla, she still has a voice, albeit hushed." - Prince Serafin
  • "One of the kindest members of my family, but do not for a moment underestimate her." - Enzo Putanesca
  • "My dear aunt Carmina is a blessing and comfort, true proof that the family is always there for you." - Valerius Giovanni
  • "What're you gonna do? Run away again?! Poor little, helpless Carmina. Keep running!" - Angelo, overheard during one of their more public spats.
  • "Hey watch your mouth Carmina doesn't like that kind of language" - Duncan Dunsirn, overheard in Las Vegas.
  • "Grande Zia? ...she's alright sometimes, likes to cozy up to the cammies a whole hell of a lot but I guess some people need that." - Auggie Giovanni.
  • "Momma Bear is pretty cool until you piss her off. The woman can hold a grudge like a champ." - Eva Giovanni
  • "I have learned more from Carmina by never meeting her. I am too unimportant for her sights. Too young for her notice." - Mateo Giovanni
  • "When you live in a world dominated by men, you learn to sharpen your edges and turn your femininity into armor. I met her for all of five minutes and I can see that woman is hiding steel under porcelain skin." - Magdalene Lys
  • "I should probably not take pleasure in the sneer of derision she casts at me every time we meet. But there is the whole of reality in the gulf between what should be and what is." - Dr. Gabriel Tennyson
  • "Simple courtesies separate civilization from barbarism." - Solomon
  • "Something about her screams condescension--maybe it's the voice or something in the eyes. I guess one can afford to be haughty when they're orchestrating spectacles." - Wohl
  • "There is no fault in choosing a better option from a provided list. Communication, however, Miss Giovanni, is key." - Solomon
  • "She is by every definition a lady. Every. Definition." - Cricket
  • "Though brief, her company was pleasant. She is a lady, I would enjoy the opportunity to speak with her again." - Tony D
  • "Despite everything, she is my Zia, and my heart holds a place for her, always. Without her, I would not be here now. She is my precious Zia. Simple as." - Marshall Cartwright Milliner III
  • "Carmina? What can I say about mia sorella that I have said before? We are as closer than any others and I pity any who try to separate us." - Isidora Giovanni


Mortal Lineage

Carmina Giovanni and her sister Isidora Giovanni together in Las Vegas.

Vampiric Lineage

  • Great x6 Grandsire: Cappadocious †
  • Great x5 Grandsire: Japheth Cappadocious †
    Carmina Giovanni and her "uncle", Agostino Giovanni. Photo by Larry Hackney.
  • Great x4 Grandsire: Constancia †
    Carmina Giovanni and her estranged brother, Angelo Giovanni.Photo by Larry Hackney.
  • Great x3 Grandsire: Ambrogino Giovanni
  • Great x2 Grandsire: Lucretia Giovanni
  • Great Grandsire: Agostino Giovanni
  • Grandsire: Cesare Giovanni
  • Sire: Lodovico Giovanni

Known Childer

Known Grand-Childer

Character Soundtrack

You can listen to the entirety of Carmina's soundtrack here!

Gods and Monsters - Lana Del Rey
You got that medicine I need
Fame, liquor, love give it to me slowly

Good Intent - Kimbra

You know you shouldn't be there but it's way past bed
There's comfort in the fingers of your good intent

Homewrecker - Marina and the Diamonds

But deep down all you want is love
The pure kind we all dream of
But we cannot escape the past
So you and I will never last

Carmen - Lana Del Rey

It's alarming, honestly, how charming she can be
Fooling everyone, telling them she's having fun

Bedroom Hymns - Florence + The Machine

This is as good a place to fall as any
We'll build our alter here
Make me your Maria, I'm already on my knees

Pretty Little Head - Eliza Rickman

Sister, bring it hither, push it down below
Catch yourself a looker, let him go go go
Wanna have your baby, but I'm so so slow
Well, don't you worry, honey, 'cos I can't say no

Run - Daughter

So we lay in the dark
We've got nothing to say
Just the beating of hearts
Like two drums in the grey

Hold Me Down - Halsey

Selfish, taking what I want and call it mine
I'm helpless, clinging to a little bit of spine

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Player: Anastasia Mars

MES Number: US2008092932

Location: New Orleans, LA

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