Carson Ward

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Accord PC

Player: Trason Dazell
Creature Type: Sin-Eater
Division: Quicksilver Knights
City: Olympia
VST: DST Pete Kost

Character Information

Name: Carson Ward

Creature Type: Geist

Cell: C.E.R.T.

Accord Status: 4

Notable Traits: A quiet, untrusting man. Very few know his name, let alone what he looks like without the hoodie and shades.

Position and Title: Member of Parliament, Quartermaster

Known Information



Carson looks to be about 30, although those that have known him longer know that he is older. Most don't know what most of his features are, since he is almost always seen in a black hoodie, black leather jacket, and mirrored shades. He's always carrying a guitar case as well.


Quiet and untrusting most of the time. When someone crosses what he considers to be a line, he gets cold and intense.


Carson has been a member of the Accord for over a decade now, although very few know him. His Krewe travels, and he has been all over the country, removing Servants one bullet at a time.

Known Associates

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Quotes by Others

  • "This guy is wearing a jacket AND a hoodie this close to the equator? What does he have a skin disease under there?" - Frankie
  • "Quiet and aloof, but smart and quick to comment when it is the right time, Mr. Smith tends to know how to see things from multiple perspectives." -Aalina
  • "He will kill what requires death. That is sufficient. Perhaps others can learn from his wariness to their benefit." - Rosemary Weald
  • "What's to say? I've known him for years. If I need him for something I call and he's there. Sure there's benefits but those are just great desserts." - Selma
  • "Carson's a gentleman... Except around the Succubus. No, wait, especially around the Succubus." -Irene Norton
  • "Straight talker. Straighter shooter. We understand each other." - David Anderson
  • "Just another thug with a spirit at his side. But then again... He is a thug to whom I owe a good deal." -43
  • "A handy man to have around, especially when you need a shot of rum. Or shot." - Kyle Everett
  • "Sin-Eaters come in lots of flavors. You have the party animals, the do-good'ers, the emo-loners, and the knowledge seekers. Then you have those way too serious types like Carson. (Sighs) At least he is a great guy to have at your side when you are going deep into the shit and need a wingman. The worst part is I think he is rubbing off on me." - Leo Pasha
  • "Carshon? He's Shtubborn and full of rum. But I wouldn't trade him for anyone elshe." - Icarus Sphere
  • "Many say the bark is worse than the bite. Yeah. Carson doesn't bark, he just bites." - Winter Reilly
  • "Mr. Smith is the true meaning of still waters run deep, I hope that he never changes." - Adela
  • "What the hell is it with you men and your refusal to just sit the fuck down when something has bitch slapped the hell out of you?! Seriously, healing goes a hell of a lot easier if you actually take it easy. Yeah, yeah...healer heal thyself...but still." - Dea Tacita
  • "Yeah, he kicks ass, but I still say it's not fair we didn't get to see him during the dance-off." - Kitty Kramer
  • "Seriously though, Carson scares the shit outta me. Don't get me wrong, I respect him, but he definitely makes learning about Sin-Eater something I don't wanna do. Ever." Molly Blackstone
  • "Carson is a good friend. I like to hunt with him. We agree who should be prey." - David Shattuck

Quotes by Carson

  • "I'm just a guy with a gun."
  • "I make things. I kill things. I make things that kill things."
  • "This life would make a drinker out of a preacher. I just got a head start on it."
  • "Lobotomies are better than an increase in RQ."
  • "Funny think. Kneecaps. They're larger than a .30-06 round, but they lose that fight every time."


  • He's an infiltrator, that's why he won't tell anyone who he is.
  • He's actually collecting a hit list to wipe out the Hunter threat.
  • Is trying to buy the American version of Hitlers Limo
  • He's recently become a member of the Mile High Club and decide he liked it so much to do it again.
  • The ghost that chews on him is the ghost of Ted Kazcynski from the future..its all Timey Wimey
  • Probably tastes like vanilla.
  • Always wins when he makes a bet.
  • We will not speak of what happened in the Underworld.


  • God is Dead? - Black Sabbath

OOC Info

Player: Trason Dazell

MES Number: US2004102273

Location: Olympia