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This speech was prepared by Grace Morgenstern for the 2006 Louisville, KY gathering. She was kidnapped prior to the Carthian meeting so this speech was never presented. It was recovered from Grace's laptop by Oswald Johanson.

While recently visiting a neighboring city a young Carthian brother approached me. He was enthusiastic about he and his fellows’ activities to strengthen the movement, and was eager to tell me about it. He told me about setting fire to an opposing Primogen’s haven and calling in emergency services to make him stand down on a local issue, about enslaving and dominating other Primogen’s ghouls to make them side with the Carthians, and about blackmailing the Prince to increase Carthian holdings in the city.

The more I heard, the more I was horrified. I know the Prince there, and though he is not Carthian he is not a tyrant. I asked the young Carthian if things had become so oppressive that they had to resort to these heavy handed tactics to improve the city. His response shocked me.

He looked me right in the eye and said, “We’re the revolution. All for change and change for all. Right?”

I spoke to him for a while longer about other methods to improve the city, but I found myself wondering where this young man got the idea that this destructive path was the Carthian way. More importantly, I wondered how many of my brothers and sisters felt the same.

When the Carthian Movement formed it was because there were those in our society that knew that the oppression and tyranny the other covenants used were not necessary to live successfully and safely. They knew there was no need to live in constant fear of being brutalized by power hungry dictators or submit to the indignities of bloated hierarchies.

The Carthian Movement is a group of opinionated, intelligent individuals. We are a force for beneficial change. My brothers and sisters, we are not terrorists. We are not anarchists. We are not sowers of chaos, and our goal is not fear and destruction. We do not change for the sake of change. We do not tear things down just because they are part of an establishment or institution. We do not improve the Movement for the sake of the Movement itself. We improve the world around us, and in doing so we improve ourselves. We have no need to rule with fear when we can lead by example.

To do that we must make the example a strong one, one worth emulating. When we make a promise we keep it. If you tell someone you are going to do something then do it. Don’t slander and tear down your brothers and sisters in public. If there is a problem inside the Movement then deal with in internally. Don’t ridicule your own in front of others. Present a strong face and support each other. Take care of problems before they affect others outside the Movement.

We do not suffer traitors, and we absolutely do not sell out our brothers and sisters for personal gain.

We do not start fights. We end them.

We do not create problems. We resolve them.

If we fail to cooperate and take responsibility then we risk voiding the advances we’ve made. Missteps and selfishness can cost us everything we have worked for. More importantly, it could put all of your brothers and sisters in danger, and put us all at risk of breaking the Masquerade.

We must support each other. When another Carthian asks for help we need to be there. Stay in frequent touch with your neighbors. Stay current with their activities. If a nearby group of Carthians fails to respond, find out why. We cannot afford to lose groups of our brothers and sisters due to inactivity.

Finally, the Movement is about action. You must be responsible for your actions, and you have the responsibility to act. We can talk all day. We can jabber in forums and send e-mails, and discuss our ideas back and forth. But if you sit in your armchair and dictate a method for change without getting up and doing anything then you are not the example we’re looking for. We must be the example we are trying to set. We must be the people that we want other people to be.

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