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Awakening PC

Player: Laruen W.
Path: Acanthus
Order: Guardians of the Veil •••
Legacy: Daoine
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Consilium: The Canton-Polistra Combine
City: Manhattan, KS
VST: Eric Panter


Birth Name: Bridgid Molly O'Conner

Shadow Name: Cassandra

Sleeper Alias: Cassie Smith



  • Fairy tales
  • Detective cop shows
  • The actual Cassandra from Greek mythology
  • Cassandra pentaghast Dragon Age Inquisition

Quote: "People talk of injustice as if it something to sit there and cry about. Do something, do not sit and be silent, Stand and be the righteous.


  • 1985 born into military family
  • 1985-2003 Travels around the world moving with family
  • 2003 Awakens and becomes guardian of the veil, doing quite a few missions
  • 2008-2009ish Meets Nobody Her world has never exactly been the same, but she has come to trust him if no one else.
  • 2015 Guardians ask her to work with the mages in Manhattan Ks

Character Description

Physical Description: She is average height average weight with brown eyes and short brown hair. She wears jeans, boots, tank tops and a leather jacket with a necklace.

Personality Description: The word is what you make of it and her world can be a little dark. She only sees things as right or wrong, she gets results no matter who's toes she steps on and mostly keeps to herself.


Light wind blows about her and she gets red and blue glowing lines like cracks on her face.

Looking For



  • Nobody "she's a top notch partner.a little bit of a stick in the mud when it comes to stake outs. but when spells and bullets start flying she the gold standard of ass kicker."



  • there are pictures of her in Cancun floating around at tequila drinking contest. she doesn't like talking about it.

Quotes By Others

Sound track

[Korn- Coming Undone] [Johnny Cash- Won't back down] [Mercenaries 2 Song- "Oh No You Didn't" Full Song]

Out of Character

  • Player: Lauren W.
  • Location: Manhattan, KS