Casey O'Connor

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Casey O’Connor


Name: Dr. Casey O’Connor

Clan: Daeva •••

Bloodline: Not Publicly Known

Covenant: Carthian Movement •••

Position: Night Doctors

City: Denver •••

Conspiracy: The Social Contract •


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  • Dr. O’Connor maintains a network of contacts from the kindred medical community in Boston.
  • Casey spent a number of years in Las Vegas, and has a “thing” for Frank Sinatra.
  • Casey is an expert juggler.
  • Casey’s loyalties are very clearly prioritized in her own mind... but not necessarily anyone else’s.
  • Dr. O’Connor is secretly a Spina plant among the Carthians, but just can’t disguise that native politeness.
  • Before she became Prince’s Harpy in Denver, Casey had a private tutor in the Harpy’s art.
  • Misuse of Latin causes her to frenzy.
  • Dr. O is open about her position among the Night Doctors.
  • Casey has a phobia of long-distance travel, and doesn’t leave her home city very often.
  • Casey calls home to grandma every Sunday.

OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Daeva •••
Conspiracy: The Social Contract
City: Denver, CO •••
Player: Trace Moriarty
Storyteller: Cory Williamsen

Player Name: Trace Moriarty

MES Number: US2014010051

Domain: Denver, CO - Silver and Sin CO-016-D