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Shadow Name: Fionuir
Title: The White Lady
Sleeper Alias: Cassandra Olivia McGowan
Other Aliases: Cassandra Black, Fiona White
Nicknames: Fiona, Fi, Kitten, Cass, Cassie, Pip
Apparent Age: 22
Current Location: Ponce, Puerto Rico
Consilium: La Perla del Sur
Cabal: The Children of the Ash
Position: Hearthmaster of the Children of the Ash


Though originally blonde and favoring a soft pink dye, Cassie’s ordeals have turned her hair a stark white, usually left unbound but sometimes tied back in a loose ponytail. Her skin is pale, almost pallid and her striking slate-grey eyes are sunken and ringed with dark circles, but shine with an intelligence one might not expect from a woman so young. Once, she came off as as shy bookworm, but her trials and the stress of her position have honed her, hardened her into something more resembling the Silver Ladder she tries to be. She is a leader, a McGowan, and the fire in her eyes is reminiscent of that of her Grandfather. Often wearing comfortable business attire in stark white - blazer, skirt, and heels all matching, with a charcoal-hued blouse of some sort worn beneath - she embodies her moniker of the White Lady exceedingly well. Around her neck she wears her most prized possession: a golden locket. The locket bears a crest of a lion on the front, and the name 'McGowan' on the back.

Singers Silence.png

Mage PC

Player: Allie Pitchford
Path: Acanthus
Order: Silver Ladder •••
Legacy: Singers in Silence
Consilium: La Perla del Sur Domain: MES Virtual

IC Email: Fionuir



"The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?"
- Edgar Allen Poe

Character Information

A young woman of keen intelligence and sharp wit, Cassandra's once wild demeanor has been tempered in the short time since her Awakening. Bearing the burden of responsibility and experiencing horrors known to few take their toll, and it shows in the young Hierarch. Once punky and energetic, she now moves with purpose, holding herself with a regal stature more suited to a woman of her position and power. Still, as ever, her loyalty lies with those close to her - her cabal, her consilium, her family and dearest friends, and woe be to those who threaten any of these things.

In truth, Cassandra has become a woman not to be trifled with, and her experiences have taught her the value of swift, decisive action. While death is always a last resort...for one as touched by it as she, in so many more ways than one might realize, it is never off the table when it comes to protecting what's hers.


A pale aura surrounds her, tinged with pink closer to her body and paling to silver the further out it goes. Her eyes turn complete white, and a chill breeze stirs the air surrounding her, cutting to the bone and sending shivers down your spine, haunting music drifting on that icy wind.

Out of Character

Inspirations for this PC

  • Olivia Moore - iZombie

Ties Sought

  • Friends
  • Associates
  • Rivals
  • Enemies
  • Whatever! ^_^

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