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Clan - Mekhet

Bloodline - Unknown

Covenant - Lancea Sanctum

Creed - Westminster

Faction - Unifier

Titles - Confessor, Sister, Cardinal, and occasional "Vigilante"

Full Name and Title - Her Eminence, Cardinal Cassidy Sullivan

Home - Denver CO

Born - 1859

Sire - Vincent T. DeLozier

Well-Known Qualities - Cassidy (who generally goes by just "Cass" is rarely without her hat, a variety of crosses, a belt buckle, and a worn out pair of jeans. The fiery red-head is proud of her Irish-American roots, and often infuses her love of the American Dream into her sermons. Cass has been noted for her skills as a Harpy (in the later half of the 20th century) and her unusually casual demeanor as a church leader or court officer. Cassidy loves a good story and the occasional cigar. One of the longer standing members of Denver, Colorado's domain, she has been seen around the midwest, plains, and west coast a fair amount in the last 60 years.

Previous Positions -

  • Bishop of Denver
  • Legate to Cardinal Maria Isabella Castilleja
  • Harpy of Denver, Colorado
  • Deputy of Denver, Colorado
  • Prince (Archbishop) of Denver, Colorado


Get to know Cass...

Cassidy (who prefers to go by "Cass") has been in and out of Denver for well over a century, but that doesn't mean she has only hung around the mile high city. Cass has traveled a fair amount an dis known to have taken part in wars, battles, synods, sermons, masses, and even some more ridiculous things in her Requiem. She's pretty hard to miss with her cowgirl boots and Irish accent.

Perhaps it's her persistence that draws what seems to be a large number of paladins to her, or the opportunity to put foot to ass for her covenant. Whatever it is, Cassidy is rarely without an entourage. She prefers to leave he pomp and circumstance to he Invicus electing for jeans and boots for most occasions if she can help it.

OOC Inspirations and Music


Cassidy was actually inspired by a variety of characters I interacted with last chronicle in Requiem. The MES continues to inspire me so I wanted to add a special thank you to the following characters/players who (through no fault of their own) prompted me to build Cassidy.

  • Starley Castille
  • Carlo Giolatti (minus the sperm whale bit)
  • Desmon Grey
  • Mary Jane
  • Jack Sands
  • Neya of the Norn
  • Byron of the Crone
  • Cardinal McKenzie Dumont

Cassidy's Playlist -

  • My Songs Know What you Did in the Dark - Fall Out Boy
  • Heavy Liftin' - Blake Shelton
  • Burn it Down - Linkin Park
  • Demons - Imagine Dragons
  • Crystallize - Lindsey Stirling
  • Bangarang - Skrillex
  • Hell on Wheels Soundtrack
  • Levels - Avicii

Character Information
Clan: Mekhet •••
City: Denver, CO •••
Player: Jules

OOC Note - The code for this page was ruthlessly "borrowed" from Ryan Hart and Tiffany Allen, and Gronzy