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Awakening PC

Player: Ilan
Path: Moros
Order: Apostate
Position: Heart of Collectivae Summa Indicium
Consilium: La Perla del Sur Consilium
City: Ponce, PR
Cabal: Collectivae Summa Indicium
VST: Kate P.

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Birth Name: Thomas Dam

Shadow Name: Cat

Sleeper Alias: Tom


1987: Born to Marshall Bryant (a Sleepwalker) and Kim Dam (Shadowname: Sharp). He is named Thomas Bryant.
1990: Sharp is killed while on her beat as a police officer. Marshall changes both his own and his child's last names to match his late wife's in her memory.
1992: Marshall dies of a heart attack. Thomas is given into the custody of his uncle Tracker.
1993: Thomas meets Jeremiah (a Proximi) at school, the two become inseperable friends.
1996: After a failed attack on Jeremiah's family, the two are given shadow names, "Cat" and "Mouse."
1998: Cat's favorite teacher and mentor dies. He takes it poorly, and withdraws somewhat from normal society.
2005: Cat becomes enmeshed in Mage society as a Sleepwalker. He joins his uncle's cabal, Collectivae Summa Indicium.
2010: Cat becomes a medical examiner for the NYPD.
2013: Cat and Mouse are attacked by Seers. Both die. Only Mouse stays dead.
2013: With the help of Abel March's many victims, Cat kills the leader of the Seers in NYC.
2015: Fed up with NYC, Cat moves to Puerto Rico.

Character Description

Cat is a 27 year old Caucasian/Korean man with light brown hair and black eyes. Cat has a dark sense of humor and is rarely seen without his familiar, the ghost of his boyfriend and former best friend, Mouse, a young man with massive gouges in his right side and neck and fresh burn marks on his hands. Cat often comes across as laid back and more interested with the dead than the living unless it pertains to his cabalmates.


When Cat casts vulgar magic, others have the eerie feeling of hundreds of cold ghostly fingers brushing against skin. Ghosts flicker around Cat, tethered to him by chains.


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Cat has a Destiny...a very large one.
It's somehow Cat's fault that his loved ones keep dying.
Cat seems to find interacting with the dead easier than interacting with the living.
Cat is uncomfortably intimate with his ghost familiar.

Quotes By Cat

I'm gonna feel a lot worse for all of you mages dealing with being "second class citizens" when you give a fuck about how us "third class" sleepwalkers are being treated.

I don't mean to be rude, but with two of you having actively made deals with the Abyss, is it really all that surprising that we've been wary of mentioning the activities of an Abyssal mage?

Quotes About Cat

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"Cat is a great companion, one I'm pleased to share a cabal with. I do wish he'd put up warning signs for his 'friends', though. The amount of time that empty spot on the couch wasn't empty..." - Fractal


Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here

Ruled by Secrecy

All My Friends Are Dead

OOC Info

Player: Ilan

MES Number: US2010096642

Location: NY-004-D, New York City, Children of the Lost Eden

Other Characters: Nikolas Asteria (Requiem), Simon (Accord), Ryan Olsen (Lost), Isaac Brasher (C/A)