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The Accord Corps of Engineers

Colors: Gold & Black

Motto: Precision. Integrity. Excellence.

Purpose: We provide an extensive array of on the ground support services to cities under the protection of the Accord including but not limited to:

  • Weapons, Armor, and Equipment Manufacturing
  • Transportation and Evacuation Services
  • Technology, counterintelligence, and Covert Ops Assistance
  • Resource and Influence Administration
  • Medical and Bio-Engineering Services

Benefits: Encampment & Miracle Worker

From medics to mechanics, the Accord Corps of Engineers specialize in practical solutions to the otherworldly problems faced by the Accord, and in being indispensable aides to any operation. Dedication to A.C.E. is dedication to cooperation, and one of the greatest contributions they've achieved as a group is perfecting the art of setting up workshops, med bays and comm centers on the go. We call this "Encamping". ACE members have also learned how to upgrade equipment and vehicles far beyond their normal effectiveness and durability. We call this "Miracle Working."

When ACE members use either Encampment or Miracle Worker, faint gears glow over our skin and clothes. When Encamping, the tools and supplies we need are always at hand, appearing for ACE members between one blink and the next. Additionally, when working together to Encamp a space or to Miracle Work a number of items, ACE members move together in perfect synchronicity, as if operating with a hive mind.


Individuals who are just joining ACE should fill out this form: Ace Membership Form

Known members of A.C.E.

Status 5

Status 4

Status 3

Status 2

Status 1

The Lost and the Fallen

  • Silas "Paladin" Miner
  • Alex Mercer
  • Timmy Turntables
  • John "DOC" Hendrickson
  • I.C. Upsilon
  • Icarus Sphere
  • Trys M. Istus
  • Mars
  • Uncle Mike
  • Clarence
  • Lucious
  • Viper
  • Memeferre
  • Andi Arnold
  • Dustin Miller
  • Feris Septimi
  • Mr. Smith
  • Gerald "Howls with Mirth" Donnelly
  • clockwork
  • Francine Reidy
  • Roy "Geiger" Winchester
  • Sydney Reynolds
  • Weylin McLoughlin
  • Dr. Carmen Slaughter
  • Duct-Tape Jones
  • Simon Patel
  • Voytek "Scruffy" Tregarth
  • Gyuntā Makkusu (Retired)

Known ACE bases

  • The Rig, New York City (Hammer)
  • The Airfield, Long Island NY (Hammer)

Rumors & Quotes about ACE

  • Who do these assholes think they are, the supernatural A-Team?
    • More like the Mos Eisley spaceport.
    • We love it when a plan comes together.
    • Think one part A-Team, One Part Expendables, The rest "The Losers" and you're in the right ballpark.
    • How to tell your cell might be an ACE base waiting to happen: Night on the town goes from Strip club to Home Depot so members can get powertools and items to make robots for their own version of bot wars. Alec Shijo

Fun Times on the ACE List with F1R3W@LL


  • oh my screaming fuck, calm your stripey tits, i am organizing the entire motherfucking accord right now.
  • Well lucky for you, we're on the erupting pimply ass of the world with no contact with civilization so I can't really fire you. Also you're doing fine.
  • of course saying on an open list DON'T DO THE THING is pretty much guaranteed to result in someone doing the thing.
  • who hates everything right now? me. it's me. i hate everything.
  • every time i look at this thread i have to go have a drink you guys are going to kill me.
  • it's like a YouTube comment thread in here now i swear to god.

OOC ACE Mechanics

Once per day per dot of status, a member of ACE can do one of the following effects:

  • Encampment: Once per day (this takes up one of the charges above), an Engineer can either spend an hour's work to set up a site (in real time or 1 action in downtimes/proxies), or spend 1 fuel to instantly increase the efficacy of an area, creating Citadel points on the spot. These points can be used to construct a temporary Citadel or add to an existing Citadel that the PC is visiting and has not invested in permanently. If it is an existing Citadel, it can only be added to once a month. The Engineer adds dots to the Citadel equal to their division status, and the Engineer with the highest division status decides how to allocate the points. Size is free, determined by the ST and the size of the location/building being encamped. The aspects that can be added are: Security, Brig, Wards, Armory, Cache, Archive, Library, Medical Bay, Torture Suite, Workshop, Geomantic Nexus, Occultation, or Doors. These points last for 24 hours, where they may be renewed (if a fully temporary Citadel).
  • Miracle Worker: An engineer may, once per item per day, spend a fuel and 10 minutes 'upgrading' a piece of equipment (non-combat, weapon, armor, or vehicle) to improve its equipment bonus, armor rating, or durability. The bonus added is equal to the user's status dots, but may not be greater than twice the natural equipment bonus of the item. This lasts for 24 hours and counts as a modifier per the Universal rules.