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The High Council of the Accord


The Council has existed throughout the centuries, assisting supernatural entities. There are rumors of its's wiping the slate clean to confuse the Inquisition and of grand meetings to set the way of the supernatural world and give it order.

In 1999, John Smith, aware of the threat of the Truth, reforms the Council into a force to deal with this world devouring menace. The High Council now acts as the head of the Accord, guiding its members, providing valuble gear and insight, and direction.

John Smith - Lead Councilor

John Smith
Operation: Sphinx


  • This gentleman is known to be a very powerful mage.
  • He brought the Council back from obscurity to combat The Truth.
  • He seems to know a lot of things that will happen, before they happen.
  • His writes emails like a pompous jerk.
  • I heard a guy say he was Merlin, like from the books. But that isn’t possible, right?
  • Then he said this guy was Aleister Crowley. But he couldn’t be both, right?
  • There is a reason only this man could walk the Accord into Egypt and bring back mummies. He is Joseph, Son of Jacob, a former adviser to the Pharaohs of old. Egypt is in his blood. They owed him.

Blair McMullin - Council Second

Operation: Old Peculiar
Operation: Suicide King


  • She is a rather calm and polite lady.
  • She seems a bit sad.
  • She is packing some serious power for such a nice lady.
  • Scottish name, but her speech has a bit of a southern drawl.
  • How can a nice lady like her be the one who always interrogates captured high-level Enemy Agents?
  • She is a mage but no mage in an Order has ever heard of her. Could she be a Seer?

Red Tape - Secretary

Changeling the lost - Reach.png


  • Looks like some normal chick to me, but I hear she is a fairy or something.
  • Don’t bother trying to talk to her cause she is way too shy.
  • A guy in my Cell tried to explain she wasn’t actually a fairy but he didn’t make much sense.
  • She is the one who got us access to Tiet and Menats again, so thank her.
  • V.I.R.G.I.L. is always nice to her so I keep her between me and him whenever I can.
  • I have no idea what an Existential Contract is but I hear she made one to get us some of our tricks.
  • Never bet against her in poker.

Vlad "Dracula" Tepes - List Mod

Councilor Big Love
Vampire the requiem.png


  • Wait... like THE Dracula?
  • I know an Ordo Dracul guy who talked to him but he refuses to talk about him now.
  • I mean, he can’t be the real one because the real one disappeared a long time ago.
  • Well he certainly looks the part and dresses all old-style
  • Listen, he can’t be a vampire cause I saw him walking around in the daylight, way before we got Menats.

Senator Ellenore Wells

Hunter the vigil.png


  • If you wanna know, just read her wikipedia article.
  • US Senator from New Hampshire on the Armed Services Committee.
  • I don’t care who she is, she got me a rocket launcher so I love her.
  • Don’t ever, EVER talk to anyone not in the Accord about her. Ever.
  • A guy I knew blew her cover by talking about her at a bar like he was her pal. I watched him get pulled into a black SUV and never saw him again.
  • I don’t think she is any kind of magic, but if Dracula is polite to her, I’m sure as hell not going to mess with her.

Son of Wolf

Werewolf the forsaken.png
Operation: Old Peculiar


  • I saw a Werewolf take one look at him and go white as a sheet.
  • He is a real peacemaker type. Always chill, or maybe just always in control of himself.
  • He has some sort of little bag on a cord around his neck and nobody has any idea what is in it.
  • A Werewolf guy in my cell beat the crap out of me for saying this guy was a wimp for always trying to get people to cooperate.
  • Every time he looks at me I feel like the only reason he hasn’t eaten me is because he isn’t hungry.
  • A guy told me he saw this dude turn into a werewolf so big that it ate an Abomination in one bite. All that was left were two big, scaly feet.


SkullPTC.png Operation: Special Delivery Operation: Old Peculiar


  • I don’t know what he is but he scares the crap out of me.
  • I was in a town that was almost Quarantined, and they sent him in. He punched this Abomination so hard its head broke the sound barrier.
  • I’m glad he doesn’t talk much because if he told me to eat my own foot, I probably would, just to be safe.
  • I saw him in the dark once, he glowed blue. I’m a scientist. I KNOW that glow. It scares me more than anything else I know about him.
  • I saw him wear one of those hazard bunny suits once.
  • I don’t know what his name stands for and I’m sure as hell not going to ask him.

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