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The Accord

The High Council

The Accord

The first Accordists, the High Council guides the Accord, supports it with Menat distribution, and quarantines regions too far gone to the Truth.

Council Head 
Councilor John Smith - Council Founder, Mage(?)
Council Second 
Councilor Blair McMullin - Mage

Council Members
Councilor Red Tape - Council Secretary, Changeling Councilor Son of Wolf - Werewolf
Councilor Vlad Tepes - List Mod, Occultist, Vampire Councilor V.I.R.G.I.L [Deceased] - Promethean
Councilor Wells - Senator, Human

Notable Allies

  • The Captain - The former Cell Leader who breached the Redemption Quarantine and released Accordists.
  • Janus - Archmage
  • Jaroslav Pascek - Traveler cell leader of Prague.
  • Kurtz - Accord Abathakathi in control of the Congo.
  • Proteus - Promethean in Sri Lanka, coordinator of attacks against the Truth.
  • Mr. Warden - Overseer of the Enclave, Assistant to Councilor McMullin.
  • The Redeemed - The Accordists released from the Redemption Quarantine.

The Church of Ultimate Truth (CUT)

The Cut

The Church of Ultimate Truth is the most organized and prevalent of those doing the Truth's will. A publicly-known religion, not every member is a Believer, but the high-ranking members are frequently Servants.

CUT Leadership 
Pope Elijah Grey

CUT Notables
Dr. Annabel Anders, Tulsa OK Bishop Bela Chvala, Prague, Czech Republic
Eric Mains, Lake Charles LA Bishop Valentina Rojas, Cartegina, Columbia
Provost Judith Tandem, Mount Pleasant MI Father Phillip J White , Albany NY
Tan Jinsheng, Hong Kong, China Sister Veronica Martinez Arroyo, Arecibo PR
CUT Factions 
The Zealots


Bishop Damian Rominati - CUT Bishop, onetime Popeful Pope Felton Weathers - The first pope of the CUT
Frank Smith - CUT Bishop, onetime Popeful Talbot Northson - Founder of the Church of Ultimate Truth
Elder Joseph Kerns - CUT Elder, onetime Popeful Bishop Aiden Twin - Bishop, Fetch, onetime Popeful

Others Who Serve the Truth

As complex a hydra as the CUT is, there are more who vie for the Truth's favor and who present danger to Accord Cells.

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Those Who Fight

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