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The Accord

World Overview

World View and Timeline 
The general timeline can be referenced at the end of the World View document.

Locations Notable to the Accord as a Whole

Locations most Accordists have probably heard of, if they haven't been to.

Lesser-Known Accord Sites

The locations below are less likely to be known to the Accord as a whole.

  • Base XVI - Classified and known to members of Zero Company, TFV, VASCU only.

Locations Notable for the Truth's Touch

  • Pleasantvilles -

Other Areas

  • The Amazon - An area curiously free from the War on Reality, Son of Wolf is said to visit the lake here.
  • The Black Sightings - A series of Black portals that opened around the time of the Brussels Quarantine, starting in July 2015.
  • The Congo - The dark heart of Africa is known for a vast number of Abominations as well as striking reality distortions.
  • Romania - The Accord had an Operation here, but by and large the place has remained clear of Truth incursions.
  • The Travelers' World - A world parallel to this one, with some noteworthy differences. Their world was overcome within a year of the Truth's arrival.

IC Reference

Those Who Fight

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Notable NPCs

Notable Places

Notable Events

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