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Do you truly think yourself my equal, when the blood of warrior gods flows in my veins?

Taken from Ancient Bloodlines Pg. 43

Bloodline daeva amara havana.png
Filler Information to go here.


Teaser and Introduction to basic concept of the bloodline. Typically, no more than 2-3 paragraphs, maybe from the bloodline write-up or summary of mission/purpose/focus of bloodline. The purpose is to whet the interest of potential players and give them a feel for what the bloodline means and if their character is a good fit or not.

Bloodline Disciplines: Celerity, Majesty, Vigor, Sakti Pati

Nickname: Guardians

Source: Ancient Bloodlines, Pg 43 - 52


They suffer the penalties of the Daeva clan as well as they leave behind Bloody Illusionary Handprints on what ever they touch.

History and Culture:

A few paragraphs go here. More if the bloodline is older and/or the history is important. I'd look at this document for the bloodline's inception date as well; you can't be a member of a bloodline before it existed.


What's their standing in modern nights? What's their standing among the parent clan? What's their standing with the various covenants? Touch on these briefly here.

Custom Power

If the bloodline has a unique discipline, it goes here. You want to avoid hard-and-fast mechanical descriptions and go with pure flavor. If the bloodline discipline is found on another page from the bloodline write-up, it goes here as well.

If the bloodline does not have a unique discipline, but has devotions for the bloodline only, delete the Level 1-5 section and just list the devotions, their pre-requisites and XP cost. Avoid the mechanics of the devotion and go with flavor.

If the bloodline has neither unique discipline or unique devotions, just delete this entire section from your write-up.

• Halahala

•• Gift of Indra

••• Rudra's Blessing

•••• Durga's Kiss

••••• Yama’s Benefice

Known Members

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