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Early Chaos (1861-1913)

Native American kindred had long dwelled in the area before this time, but they had little organization, existing largely as solitary and nomadic predators.

While European kindred had passed through the area before, it was not until 1862 that the first permanent European kindred presence was established in Northern Iowa with a small coterie settling in Fort Dodge and claiming Webster County for themselves. The coterie drove out or slew other kindred who intruded. Unknown to others, this trio were Ordo Dracul of the Wallachian Rite, who had retreated from the violence of the era to carry out their research free from external intrusions.

By the early 1870s, other kindred arrived in limited numbers, many carrying with them great aspirations of dominion over these lands only newly populated to such an extent that they could support more than a single kindred. They clustered together in small bands, often affiliated by Clan or Covenant, claimed praxis over one or more counties, and inevitably wound up in conflict with one another.

The conflicts were fierce and often violent. A good number of the fires reported in burgeoning towns between the 1870s and the early 1900s were the result of kindred assaults on one another. Many of the newly-arrived kindred died in the violence of this era and more than a few mortals became hunters after witnessing too much.

The Reign of L'Enfant (1913 - 1960)

At the dawn of a new Crucible, the hostility of the previous era at last ebbed and faded away. The local kindred, tired of the violence, largely united behind a Gangrel Invictus named Solomon Pierre L'Enfant.

Prince L'Enfant, in order to cement the peace, bequeathed to each Clan certain territories across the newly unified Praxis of Northern Iowa. Private agreements concerning these deeds are rumored to have been a central part of how Prince L'Enfant acquired the Praxis.

  • Unto Clan Daeva was granted the whole of Marshall County.
  • Unto Clan Gangrel was granted the whole of Franklin & Wright Counties.
  • Unto Clan Mekhet was granted Story County.
  • Unto Clan Nosferatu was granted Boone County.
  • Unto Clan Ventrue was granted Cerro Gordo County.

During the earliest years of the Praxis, kindred affairs were largely centered around the city of Fort Dodge, one of the largest and most rail-accessible cities in the Praxis.

Prince L'Enfant's reign was one of peace for the most part. However, in the waning years the changes that had taken place in the mortal world began placing great pressure again upon the local kindred. Territories that were initially of relatively close population and prestige had changed dramatically.

By the close of WWII, with focus once again returning to local affairs, many of the Clans and Covenants were clamoring for a reworking of the territories that were based on historic claims. The matter proved a hot topic and one not easily resolved even by Prince L'Enfant's careful diplomacy. No one wished a return to the violence of the previous era, but a large number of kindred were also categorically opposed to changing grants that were supposed to have been given in perpetuity.

By 1960, with the matter not yet resolved after more than a decade of discourse and greater inequality than ever in place it seemed that violence might again erupt. This was only foreclosed by the beginning of a new Crucible and Prince L'Enfant stepping down in favor of a new Prince who promised change.

Everything was once again up for grabs.

A New Order (1960-1990)

In the aftermath of Prince L'Enfant stepping down, a young and charismatic Daeva Carthian by the name of Victoria Walton rose to power promising an end to the old ways and old feuds in favor of a new order and greater freedom for the kindred of northern Iowa. It was a time of new hope for many who were discontent with the old order. The center of the Praxis also shifted from Fort Dodge to Ames, now a burgeoning city fueled by the growth of Iowa State University.

Prince Walton broke the old deeds that had created such discord, but did not stop there. She advocated for the end of power and influence by Clan or Covenant. This revolution would overturn not just some, but all of the old ways of doing things to make room for something new and modern.

As the changes began to pile up, many came to believe that the new Prince had gone too far, uprooting many of the structures that kept society strong and in place. They formed together a coalition with the intent of overthrowing Prince Walton, but were betrayed by one of their own.

In the aftermath of the conspiracies exposure, Prince Walton promised to route out such counter-revolutionaries who sought to return Northern Iowa to the old ways that had created such discord. The most prominent of the plotters were killed outright, while others were placed into torpor or burdened with great debts to the Prince.

Over the years that followed, Prince Walton became more and more paranoid and tyrannical, seeing plots to overthrow the new order even where they did not exist. A number of purges took place and even some of those closest and most loyal to the Prince were slain.

By the 1980s it was clear to the kindred of Northern Iowa that something must be done. Too many had died or been placed in torpor for no real cause that it was a greater threat to do nothing than to simply wait to be destroyed capriciously anyway. In 1990 on the 30th anniversary of Prince Walton taking praxis, this coalition at long last put down Prince Walton and paved the way for something, anything, different.

The Quiet Nights (1990-2012)

In the aftermath of such upheaval, the kindred of Northern Iowa were content with seeking relative peace and tranquility. This they managed over the course of 22 years. However, a new Crucible dawns and with it stir old emotions and ambitions. Whether or not the peace can hold remains to be seen.


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