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On February 28, 1903, Ankeny was incorporated as a town, with a total incorporated area of one square mile. Seven years after its incorporation, the United States census indicated a population of 895 persons. Telephone service quickly followed incorporation and electricity was made available for the first time in 1907. Extensive electrical service was not generally available to residents until 1919, when the Central Light and Power Company were granted a franchise to operate a power plant in Ankeny. Between 1932 and 1940, Ankeny experienced four major fires that almost destroyed the uptown business area. Most of the businesses rebuilt. By 1942, the federal government had established an ordnance plant for the manufacture of ammunition on the site now occupied by the John Deere Des Moines Works and surrounding area. Ankeny population experienced a rapid increase that continued after John Deere purchased the plant in October 1947. Production of corn pickers began in February 1948, with 570 employees. Production later included harvesting equipment for corn, cotton, sugar beets and potatoes, along with grain dryers and various self-propelled crop sprayers. By 1950 the town had grown to 2,512 citizens and by 1958, the first home mail delivery began. Ankeny was officially declared a city in 1961 and the number of residents living in Ankeny was 5,764, more than double the 1950 total. A special census taken in 2005, showed Ankeny's population at 72,322 and land size 40.45 square miles.

- Awakened Ankeny History-

1868-1901 The Golden Age: Awakened settled in and around the Des Moines area. Wanting to create a stronghold of the Diamond Orders (The Great Refusal still decades away), to serve as a bulwark against (primarily) the Seers of the Throne instead of constantly being at a power deficit in a losing battle. Starting off strong, the Founders of the Signum Lucidium formed a power base out of historic cooperation between the Orders. This period marks a sort of golden age of honor and cooperation in the Consilium, which some say the current body falls far short of.

1869-1871 The War of the Black Howlers:Though the specifics of the war, and the identity of the Abyssal mage who started it are lost to the mists of time, the heroes and the battles are forever etched in the memories of the Consilium. The tale goes like this: a Scelestus summoned an Acamoth commonly known as “The Hive Queen”. None are sure of his identity or his fate, but what is sure is that the entity he summoned went on to bring doom to the Fallen World. Knowing that she would need some muscle, she set about whispering in the minds of some young, impressionable werewolves. Through some form of lycanthrope magic corrupted by the entity, she took control of them. Faced with destruction, both the werewolves and mages of Ankeny struck a pact: to maintain the Shadow and keep it free from corruption, and never allow their enemies to manipulate them into a conflict with each other that both would lose.

March 8, 1871 The Treaty of Twilight: The Treaty of Twilight is signed and ratified by both the elders of the werewolf packs and the Council, ushering an era of peace and cooperation, but how much will it last?

January 2, 1872 The Fortress: The Praesidium Signum Lucidium, or simply “The Praesidium” or “Fortress” is built out of sheer Awakened will in the Shadow Realm of what would soon become the city of Ankeny. As it was a relatively empty space, there was ample opportunity to establish a power base away from any potential Sleeper interference. Ultimately, the city of Ankeny grew up around the Consilium, and they have had to contend with avoiding Sleepers for some time, though it still rubs some elder mages wrong.

1895-1901 The Great Refusal, The Nameless War & The Great Siege: A tumultuous time for the Signum Lucidium, the five year period around the turn of the century saw a vigorous debate about Nameless Cabal refugees from the surrounding area and a siege of the Praesidium by the Seers of the Throne at almost the same time. Fortunately for the Diamond Orders who were practically caught with their pants down by the servants of the Exarchs only to be saved by the x-factor of Nameless Cabals and their innovative mystical methods. The Nameless Cabals, now known as the Free Council, were accepted nearly unanimously by the Diamond Orders as full fledged members of the Signum Lucidium, though not all were so accepting. Consequently, it so happens that some of those that opposed acceptance of the Free Council into the body politic of the Consilium are still alive today and in power.

1901-Today: In modern days, the Conventus Signum Lucidium has been a hotbed of political intrigue (some, mainly in the Free Council, call it outright corruption), with futures made and broken by a back-room deal or a greased palm. The Consillium is still dominated politically by its elders, some over 200 years old. Is their ivory tower the last bastion of Ascension, or is it a corrupt, tainted relic of useless traditions?

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