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The City of Atlanta is a city of lost secrets.

The once strong covenants that ruled the rise of Atlanta as a hub of the Southeast were overthrown by sedition, arrogance, and aggressive outsiders. The Sanctified and the Invictus ruled the rich and poor alike, dominating the city’s society at all levels. But modernization brought hope to the herd and a few enterprising licks turned on their own in a bid for power. The aftermath was swift and predictable. Over the course of ten years, the Kindred population of Atlanta was nearly destroyed.

Sara Kuar, Elder Acolyte took Praxis of the Jewel of the South in June 2015 after the previous Prince was destroyed for sedition against the city. She closed the city's borders to all outsiders for the duration of a year while the remnants of the citizenship pulled together to secure their foothold back in the city. The city of Atlanta threw open her doors to celebrate the one year anniversary of Prince Kuar's reign, and the reopening of the city to visitors, and establishing The Laws in June 2016.

A peaceful change of praxis in August 2016 put Atlanta in capable hands of Hibba Qaderi, a Haunt of the Lancea Sanctum.

The City of Atlanta, GA thrives still, a Sanctified-held stronghold with mysteries of the past that have yet to be uncovered.

Atlanta Zones

Ascendant Covenant: Lancea Sanctum

When the Lancea Sanctum is ascendant, the covenant’s deep-seated belief in the righteousness of its cause combines with its infl uence in the city to strengthen the Sanctified ability to carry on the fight. Once per week, a Sanctified character may pray to Longinus and regain a spent point of Willpower. This prayer takes a full minute if done during a game session and approximately an hour if performed during downtime.

In a city where the Lancea Sanctum is ascendant, all Sanctified characters are further considered exempt from the authority of all Kindred officers save the Prince and Harpies unless the officer in question is also Sanctified. The Master of Elysium cannot strip covenant members of City Status and the Sheriff cannot order them about. This exemption doesn’t provide any supernatural protection — it is merely considered unthinkable (and a sin against the city) to attack an ascendant Sanctified.

Eminent Clan: Nosferatu

When his clan is eminent, the Nosferatu Priscus may use his clout to force a single other Priscus to abstain from voting in any matter to be settled by the assembled Prisci (such as naming a Harpy). A Nosferatu recognized as a Primogen may do the same in a meeting of the Primogen council. Refusal to abstain is a sin against the city and usually results in punishment from the Harpy or Prince. This ability can be used only once per targeted Kindred per meeting.

In addition, the city’s Nosferatu gain effective regency over the sewer system, so any clan member may travel unseen to most urban locations, as well as safely go to ground from most city locations. The Nosferatu Priscus may extend this free passage to any number of Kindred from other clans in the domain, but must do so explicitly and in such a way as the rest of the clan is aware of it. Nosferatu (but not other allowed Kindred) automatically succeed in feeding attempts in the sewers during downtime (so long as they feed on animals or mortals), but not during a game.

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