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Games will be held on the 2nd Saturday of each month. Check in will start at 6pm, game on at 7pm, ending at 11pm. While set in Atlantic City, the game is physically played in Ewing Township, NJ.

Useful Documents

Domain Directory

Character Name: Character Clan: Position of Note:

Blu Malkavian Prince
Syn Tremaine Toreador Seneschal
Daniel Patrick Bellew Brujah Primogen
Zelda Sayre Toreador Primogen
Eric Hammond Gangrel Primogen
Kathrine Dewinter Ventrue Primogen
Dr Damien Price Tremere Whip
Samuel Cook Brujah Sheriff
Edy Bellwether Nosferatu Primogen
Teddy Jones Nosferatu Harpy
Khari Grey Tremere Scourge

The Domain of Atlantic City

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Storyteller NPCs

Venue Style Sheet

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The state of New Jersey has historically been a land of great controversy. To the mortal populace, it’s seemed as though it’s always been a place of great industrial growth, but riddled with various types of wars as a result. From the original Native Americans, to the participation in the Revolutionary War, and later the Civil War, to the ongoing struggles between the federal government and the various criminal organizations that setup shop in the small garden state, it seems as though New Jersey has always had some form of war raging across its small terrain. But as with all things, where there is conflict, there are kindred hiding in the shadows, expecting to take advantage of the fallout.

Whether by accident, or purposefully so, a large amount of the kindred influence over the mortal affairs of the lands that would later be named “New Jersey” have been lost to time. The furthest reaching records seem to begin just prior to the 1920’s, or the “Roaring 20’s” as they’ve been referred to.

In the early 1900’s, New Jersey was held by the Camarilla, and split into three parts, each its own domain, granting the current day geography still used separating New Jersey into North, Central, and South. This all changed because of one kindred, and his ambition.

In 1916, a Ventrue by the name of Jonathan Doverspike began a small cold war in order to create an Imperium over the entire state. This would have been a fairly typical move within the world of vampiric politics, if the Sabbat hadn’t taken New York City, and Philadelphia, putting both boarders to the state at risk to Sabbat incursion, and leaving New Jersey as the next logical point to be overrun by the two diocese. Thus, starting an internal civil war within the state seemed like the actions of a madman.

To everyone’s surprise, Doverspike wasn’t insane though. Arguably reckless, but insane he was not. Calling in boon after boon, creating deals seemingly out of thin air, and with enough muscle to push through anything else that stood in his way, he took the state under him as it’s imperator, within just a couple of months, and did so without losing ground to the Sabbat at any turn.

This Imperium held for several decades, during which several of the compromises that Doverspike had made in order to achieve this impressive goal came to light. The Giovanni moved into the state in full force, taking entire areas like Atlantic City as their own personal feeding grounds within the Camarilla held territory. While they continued to help not only protect against the Sabbat, but also helped a great deal with the Masquerade as well, it was an unprecedented move by Prince Doverspike, allowing the independent clan their own territory within his domain.

But again, shocking everyone in the domain, the presence of the Giovanni improved the domain a great deal. They began running all of their mafia business out of New Jersey, from the “family” in NYC to Philly, they all reported and typically lived in New Jersey. The economy began to boom as a result, as the unions were suddenly located in places like Atlantic City and Trenton. With the freedom provided the other kindred, New Jersey really began to take off and make a name for itself, from the casinos in AC, to Princeton University rising to critical acclaim, the state would seemingly overnight become the place to be if you wished to be at the ground level of what would obviously become a great territory. That is, until the Sabbat had enough.

Having watched the state grow in defiance of being surrounded by the worst the kindred world had to offer, the Sabbat grew more and more enraged each night, until they had finally had enough. They decided to launch a full on campaign into the state, to remove the Camarilla control that had allowed it to grow to prosper as much as it had. And the results were devastating.

It began with waves of “shovel heads” hitting at multiple locations at the same time. The Camarilla was taken completely unawares, and while working towards covering the dozens of breaches of the Masquerade, were wiped out by the droves by the more skilled and disciplined of the Sword of Cain in the second wave. But all of this was a distraction. While it was a devastating distraction, it was still only a distraction. The true targets were the Prince, his primary officers, and the Giovanni, who had helped this domain prosper so vastly in such a short amount of time. And they were very successful.

Not only had the distraction assault end up wiping out more kindred than even the Sabbat could have predicted, but the Black Hand assassinations of the Prince and his court officers, and the near total destruction of the Giovanni in Atlantic City, caused a whirlwind effect crumbling the walls of the Ivory Tower in every direction. This not only left a massive power vacuum to be filled, but left the barely Camarilla held territory nearly defenseless as the remainder of the domain pushed back the Sabbat assault, barely holding the boarders.

It was at this time that Christophe Benoit, the primogen and elder of clan Toreador stepped forward and took the reins. He called in family and allies from across the US, as well as Europe, to rebuild the defenses of the Tower in the fractured and beaten domain. Comprised primarily of Elders, they came, by boat, by horse, some by car, they came, and with them came a renewed belief that the Camarilla could hold this domain. But while necessary for the defense of the domain, the ramifications would be swift and devastating for years to come.

While the addition of the elders not only helped bring about a stronger defense of the domain, and gained Christophe the seat of Prince without anyone who would stand in his way, he hadn’t seen what the battle had done to the mortal populace. With the removal of the Giovanni, and a good portion of the Ventrue from the state, the mortal populace was left without leadership. The Crime Families broke into war with each other over what amounted to small border skirmishes, diminishing their populations and control. With that, the unions diminished as well, and those that didn’t up and left, no longer feeling safe in the war riddled state. The economy nearly fell to a halt, and the state of New Jersey, once known for its industrial growth and shipping docks, quite literally fell to ruin overnight. And while the new Prince had called in many favors to some of the strongest and scariest kindred the tower had to offer, he had not considered that ignoring the control they had once held over the mortal populace would leave them with no food source, no control over the media or police, and would level the economy bringing the state to its knees, and moving more and more of their food source out of the domain, leaving them starving and without ability to do anything about it, still being bordered on all sides by the Sabbat, or water.

It was then that the new Ventrue Primogen, child of the former prince, came to him with a plan. It was risky, but with no other plans available, it was the best they had to work with. The elders, and their children, began embracing their ghouls, several at a time. Adding to the issue of the food supply issues at first, it was terrifying for many, and drove a good portion of the elders that had come to the rescue of the Camarilla domain out of the state in order to not starve. But their children, and grandchildren, stayed. And with them, came back a portion of the control they’d once held over the mortal populace. Being nearly evenly split between the Brujah, Ventrue, Toreador, and Nosferatu clans, the neonates took control of the mortal populace, and began attempting to right the negligence of their sires and grandsires.

Tonight, New Jersey is still held by Christophe, who now holds Atlantic City as his territory. While the Camarilla has won, and Philadelphia has been taken by the Camarilla as well, the control is not as absolute as it once was. The Giovanni are not a forgiving clan, and remember their family members being slaughtered for their work in the state. The Followers of Set have been seen in various areas, as have the Assamites, popping up every once in a while in various areas of the state. And the blow the economy suffered has not seen a comeback. While things are somewhat under control again, they are nowhere near as plentiful as they once were, and it is felt in the minds and hearts of every mortal within the once proud domain.


Action: 7 Character Development: 7 Darkness: 3 Drama: 8 Intrigue: 9 Mystery: 8

Rating Descriptions: 1 = Never Present / 3 = Sometimes Present / 5 = Often Present / 7 = Usually Present / 10 = Always Present

Physical: 3 Social: 4 Mental: 3

Traits most important to a PC for dealing with actual ST plot (Total of 10 Split)

The theme of the game will be the balancing act of being a member of the Camarilla. Balancing between pretending that the threats aren’t out there, and setting up defenses for when they return. Balancing between the political struggles of the kindred, while attempting not to weaken the domain to a point of crippling it. The Elders balancing between the games they play, and pressing the loyalties of those they use to play them. And the Neonates balance between the service to their elders (and court), and where they find their loyalty falls in the end, while still attempting to advance their own agendas. The theme of this game is easily summed up as: balance.

The setting is a dystopian system where the Camarilla has won -- or has declared itself the winner which kind of makes the existence of problems an awkward detail that much of the establishment chooses to ignore. Independents are on the outside, and those lucky enough to be members of the pillar clans have the responsibility of living up to the expectations of their peers. It is a world of secrets, innuendo and decay. With a constant supply of visitors the kindred of Atlantic City seem to have a really good thing going -- unfortunately everyone knows it.

Beyond Atlantic City, things seem to be a lot worse than the party line. But these details will be uncovered by the player characters.

NJ-Camarilla/Anarch intends to take a great deal of influence from the book 1984 by George Orwell - " It is a dystopian and satirical novel...a world of perpetual war, omnipresent government surveillance, and public mind control, dictated by a political system euphemistically named English Socialism (Ingsoc) under the control of a privileged Inner Party elite that persecutes all individualism and independent thinking as thoughtcrimes." (Wiki Article) The story is one of burgeoning identity and freedom within a very strict system of political and psychological order. Players can play members of the establishment (Camarilla Members) who have bought in, or other that silently question authority while pantomiming the etiquette of the establishment -- still others may be actively trying to subvert the system from within. There will be a place for those not a part of the Camarilla but those spaces will be limited based on the size of the game.

Starting Blood

  • If you send in a feeding downtime, or use herd in downtime, you come in full on blood.
  • If you fail to send those, you enter game at half blood.
  • If you are visiting or if it is your first game, you come in on full blood.

This value may be adjusted by the Storyteller based on the current state of the game. Things like Herd, Hunting, and Influence will affect feeding scenes, and are strongly encouraged.

Experience Awards

  • 12 XP for games
  • 8 XP for downtimes

Max XP in a month: 6

Kill Boxes

Any time you enter a kill box you accept the possibility of a time freeze. This is especially true in regards to the weekends preceding conventions when time is most crucial. Death scenes are often contentious issues, and players should be aware that choosing to get involved constitutes agreement to accept all consequences of that choice.


Players who wish to proxy their characters into the venue for a game must submit the following documents, no later than 24 hours prior to the game: complete character sheet and XP log; brief write-up of the character’s attitude (1 paragraph), personality and motivation for attending the game (couple of sentences); brief write-up of the character’s intentions (couple of sentences); brief write-up of the character’s reactions to possible situations (if/then statements. Example – “If I am physically jumped while at the gathering, I will turn to mist and attempt escape.”). In addition, a proxying player is encouraged to find a local player to play their character. Though this is not a requirement, it simply makes for a better interaction and creates less stress for the storyteller. While the proxy will not be denied if you do not have a player to portray the character, the storyteller cannot guarantee that your character will be considered in various situations if there is not a player.

All PC’s visiting the domain during downtime scenes must alert the storyteller. Visiting PC’s in downtime scenes are considered to be proxied to the venue as a hard proxy. No soft proxies will be accepted. Interaction occurring in the domain between players without the notification of the storyteller, is not sanctioned and is considered not to have occurred.

Regionally Affecting Events

World altering events -- comets, large bombs or fires, earthquakes, any natural or unnatural disaster on a scale that would be reported on a regional or larger scale -- must be approved by the EC RST Prior to the plotline being run. Player-driven action that would make regional, national, or international news requires RST notification within 48 hours so that the regional office can apply appropriate consequences and/or spread the information in a timely manner.

Visiting Characters

Players with characters from outside the Domain are welcome and encouraged to attend New Jersey games. All characters and item cards must be approved by the Player’s own VST and the New Jersey VST prior to the start of game. The VST reserves the right to decline approval for any characters or items deemed unbalancing to the venue. It is strongly recommended that players with approvals and a lot of xp, including xp from creation email the VST prior to game to ensure they will be able to play their PC. If for any reason a character is not allowed into play, the VST will have NPC’s available for the player to portray.

Gadgetry, Weird Fetishes, Etc.

Things that belong in a James Bond movie (e.g., spiritually-awakened Apache helicopters and the like) will generally not be allowed. The focus of the game should be on your character, not his or her stuff.

Player Advisory

The World of Darkness is not a happy place. From time to time, the Storytellers may use adult themes, vivid descriptions, and contentious social issues to bring the World of Darkness to life. For those familiar with the White Wolf tabletop material, some plot elements or themes could be considered "Black Dog" in flavor. Such themes and issues may include racism, sexism, bigotry, prejudice, sexual assault, and extreme violence. If at any time a player feels uncomfortable with a scene, the player should immediately inform the Storyteller running the scene. The Storyteller will either tone down scene so that the player is once again comfortable participating in it, or will excuse the player from the scene and hand the PC to a Narrator or other designated representative to finish out the scene without breaking continuity.

Character Creation Guideline

Characters for the Atlantic City (New Jersey) game should be created according to the MES National creation guidelines found at:

Each character should be found on the database, with a character sheet, background, character creation document, and necessary approvals. All of these resources can be found at the link listed above, and in the source material provided by White Wolf. For a listing of the books sanctioned for this chronicle, please see the Masquerade Addenda listed at the link above as well.

All characters require approval by the Venue Storyteller at the least. While this low approval does not require a database approval, all characters are required to be in the database and attached to the VSS within 1 month of the time they enter play.


Atlantic City, NJ can come at a risk. There are multiple buses, trains, highways, ships, and even several airports within reasonable distance. But as stated, there are also risks. The “Pine Barrons” are infamous for having Lupines running through them. Various areas of the state may have small pockets of independent clans, hold overs from the Sabbat wars, Lupines, or even hunters. While typically, travel to and from is very easy and most kindred can get to and from without any issue or being molested plot may restrict different modes of transportation. As a result, players are encouraged to contact the ST prior to game when traveling from outside the domain, to find out if there is anything blocking one form of transportation or another.

Credit: Rachel Sanks Note: I learned everything from Stacey Mell, Michael Gaiser, & other experts of wiki-fu. Don't try this at home.