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Each Uratha has an auspice, a traditional role in Uratha society, tied to one of five phases of the moon. Mother Luna decides each Uratha's auspice, based on their personality and abilities; accordingly, an Uratha will go through the First Change during the corresponding moon phase. Members of the Pure Tribes have no auspice as they have them spiritually ripped from them during their initiation rituals.

Rahu: Full Moon, Warrior

The Rahu auspice is technically a blessing, but few Uratha look upon it as wholly benign, for the gift of the full moon is mad fury. Despite the power of their fury, a Rahu should never be dismissed as "mindless". Many are insightful leaders on the field of battle, the linchpins of their packs' combat abilities. All immerse themselves in their role, attempting to master their violent impulses.

Cahalith: Gibbous Moon, Visionary

Equal parts priest and historian, oracle and war-howler, the Cahalith is the voice of Luna. To be a Cahalith is to be ridden by one's dreams, to sense things in sharp context, to have one's soul constantly churning with thoughts and emotion that demand expression.

Elodoth: Half Moon, Walker Between

The half moon hangs in balance, and balance is Luna's gift to the Elodoth. Those who Change under the half moon are touched with duality, drawing strength from that dichotomy. The Elodoth are judges and executioners, able to weigh both sides of any argument and ideally suited to act as a voice of law.

Ithaeur: Crescent Moon, Spirit Master

The crescent moon is the auspice of the shaman, the speaker with spirits or the spirit hunter. When Luna is barely visible, she is the oracle moon, the patron goddess of mysticism. The crescent moon marks those Forsaken who change under it with mystical insight and a connection to the spirit world. Yet, as the crescent moon is just enough light to count as moonlight, the Ithaeur is possessed of just enough knowledge to get into trouble.

Irraka: New Moon, Stalker

Those who change under the new moon are strange and unpredictable - moonless Forsaken with no guiding star. Luna's blessing to the Irraka is the ability to walk unseen, the gift of deception. Within the pack, the Irraka is the scout, the first to follow a trail and the first to catch sight of their prey. They are the werewolves who hunt without howling, who kill with a silent bite to the throat.


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