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General Caern and Sept Information

Name: The Sept of the Wolf's Blood
Level: 3
Totem: Rendmaw, son of Broketooth
Power: Strength
Moon Bridge Distance: 3000-miles
Notes: Once a Caern of Strength, now one of Stealth, the Get of Fenris choke back the tears of rage as they watch the Shadowlords rule. Located in the hill country that is Johnson City, the Sept of the Spinning Spoke is hidden and safe. There are no attacks by the Wyrm minions. Heavily influenced by its aspect, the caern appears bigger on the inside and those that pass into it can find hidden pathways and unknown and interesting pockets, concealed from others. Burrows are not uncommon. The Caernheart Spirit does not speak directly and is never seen in the light of day. Only its Eyes staring intently into your soul can be viewed, even in the Umbra. Its representative is the Grand Master Spirit known as Prince who is a Fox spirit. Its size is small but its ego is big. So is its charisma. It spoke for The Caernheart before the Shadowlords took over. It speaks for Grandfather Thunder.. so it claims.

Sept Officers

Sept Alpha: Crimson Lullaby
Sept Beta: Systems Overload
Caern Warder: Heart of the Pack
Gatekeeper: Crimson Lullaby
Ritemaster: Scribe of Storms
Keeper of the Land: Mends the Ways
Den Parent: Scribe of Storms
Master of the Challenge: Bits and Bytes

Auspice Council

Eldest Ragabash: Systems Overload
Eldest Theurge: Empty
Eldest Philodox: Bits and Bytes
Eldest Galliard: Crimson Lullaby
Eldest Ahroun: Christopher Walker

Local Garou

Character Tribe Auspice Breed Rank Pack (Totem) Sept Positions
Finds You Lacking Get of Fenris Philodox (Forseti) Lupus (Ulfr) Adren (Elev) Ulfr Hrafn (Raven) None
Bits and Bytes Silicon Sentinels Philodox Homid Fostern The Huntsmen (Stag) Master of the Challenge, Eldest Philodox
Heart of the Pack Silent Striders Ahroun Homid Adren Ulfr Hrafn (Raven) Caern Warder
Crimson Lullaby Children of Gaia Galliard Homid Adren Ulfr Hrafn (Raven) Sept Alpha, Eldest Galliard, Gatekeeper
Merciful Endings Children of Gaia Ahroun Homid Fostern Packless None
Under no Clear Logical Explanation Silicon Sentinels Theurge Homid Fostern The Huntsmen (Stag) None
War-Forged Get of Fenris Ahroun (Modi) Homid (Manskr) Athro (Laerer) This is why we can't have nice things (Tasmanian Devil) Eldest Ahroun
Spirit Puncher Get of Fenris Theurge (Godi) Homid (Manskr) Athro (Laerer) Ulfr Hrafn (Raven) Honored Ancestor
Scribe of Storms Fianna Galliard Homid Fostern The Huntsmen (Stag) Ritemaster, Den Parent, Pack Alpha
Takes the Withheld Uktena Ragabash Homid Fostern The Huntsmen (Stag) Eldest Ragabash
Floats like a Butterfly Children of Gaia Ahroun Lupus Fostern Unnamed (Unknown) None

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