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The City of Austin at Night.

Brief History

From the shadows we rule. From the blood we are immortal.

For decades the city of Austin stood as a symbol of power and authority for the Ivory Tower. The strength of the blood was absolute and the shadows stretched long across the city, but deep within the depths of those shadows, something old was awakened. In the aftermath of the awaking abyss, a crack appeared within the mighty ivory foundation. Blood was spilled and ashes fell like rain.

Two years have passed since the fall of Prince Xavier at the hands of her own court. The Kindred of Austin have been forced to endure a grueling series of interrogations to weed out those touched by the mind of shadows and its pawns, the Sabbat. Some were helped, several were never heard from again.

With the dust settled, a notice has gone out to those Kindred that remain in the city of Austin: The Ivory Tower will stand firm once more. Choose Xavier’s successor well to lead this Domain into the future. Tread with soft steps lest the shadows consume you whole.

For the complete history, please go to our Domain Website.

The Domain of Austin

The Domain of Austin (currently called Waterloo ) covers a vast area surrounding the capital of Texas. Home to a variety of kindred, Austin is a melting pot of the Camarilla, Independents, and Anarchs. It currently coexists with a nearby Anarch Free City under the terms of The San Marcos Accord.

Court of Austin

Prince: Jayne Joyce
Seneschal: Nathaniel Lannick
Master Harpy: Mabel Ruby Here are the The Harpy Reports of Austin, Texas

  • Talons:
  • Talons:

Keeper of Elysium: Vacant
Sheriff: Vacant

  • Deputies known to the Court:


  • Deputy Scourge: Vacant

Brujah Primogen: The Broken
Gangrel Primogen: Alex
Malkavian Primogen: Alta Devereux
Nosferatu Primogen: Guillaume de'Marianne
Toreador Primogen: JeannieIerardi
Tremere Primogen: Luther Lannick
Ventrue Primogen: No Seat

Members of the Ivory Tower

LogoClanBrujahSmall.png LogoClanGangrelSmall.png LogoClanMalkavianSmall.png LogoClanNosferatuSmall.png LogoClanToreadorSmall.png LogoClanTremereSmall.png LogoClanVentrueSmall.png
The Broken Jean Marc Tourval Creep Nenette Robyn Remington Nathaniel Lannick Alton Cromwell
Gus Carter Draxous Candice Caine Charles Nash JeannieIerardi Luther Lannick V
Steve Santiago Conchobhar McKay Your Friend Guillaume de'Marianne Jayne Joyce Salvadore Strozza V
Zack Snyder G M Faustine Pellerin Dr. Alex Pond Tr V
Hugo G M Claire Ethan Sullivan Tr V
B G M Petra Malastova To Tr V
B M M N To Tr V
B G M N To Tr v
B G M N To Tr V
B G M N To Tr V
B G M N To Tr V

Independents of Austin

LogoClanGiovanniSmall.png LogoClanFollowersofSetSmall.png LogoClanAssamitesSmall.png LogoClanRavnosSmall.png
Angelo Giovanni Jack Rey Kimura Yuzuki Aoife
Speranza Giovanni William Slade Hasiq Fieldman
Mariella Rossellini Jupiter Lotis Talib Hellgate
Valerius Orsino Giovanni Zaina Hellgate
Dante Rossellini
Carmina Giovanni
Vincenzo Putanesca
Enzo Putanesca

Anarchs of Austin

The Anarchs currently operate under the terms of The San Marcos Accord.

The Band
Ashen Dust
Jackson Flynn Ashe Evan Lazarus
Royal Blaze Dust
Harper Gray Nora Prescott
The Gambler

Those that Have Passed

Aus gravestone.png

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