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This is a resource for mentoring Awakened Characters. If it is an IC document, it is provided to the Awakened Community in an IC manner by a Player Character, was written ICly, and is posted on an IC resource easily available to other mages. .


Welcome to the home page for the Awakening Settings Resource Project! This is an endeavor that exists both in and out of character to provide resources to PCs to help teach them about the Awakened community. There's a lot of settings information when it comes to Mage, and a lot of times new players don't have all the books to read. That's understandable, and from an in character perspective, that's where teachers are supposed to come in, as mentors take on students and teach them about the Awakened world.

In practice, we often don't have the time. Our characters may have a few hours to kill sitting down with a student and explaining the intricacies of the Code Duello, but we don't have that time at game, and that leaves us trying to schedule a block of phone time or typing out a really long email. Often it just ends up being "Yeah, I teach you the stuff from Sanctum & Sigil," which is less than satisfying.

So, this is an attempt to create a resource for mentor PCs. Some items here are OOC, some are IC. Anything here is available to use by PCs to help in mentoring new characters. And please, contribute back! We're trying to build up a nice library here (but remember, by posting something in this category, you're agreeing to allow other people to potentially use your stuff).

To add your article here, it's really simple! Just create it in the wiki like every other article and add this code somewhere, preferably either at the top or bottom.


And that's it! Your page will automatically be added to the list below, to all the appropriate categories, and will get that spiffy ifno box at the top. So, please! If you've written before as a "teaching moment," feel free to add it, and let's see if we can get this thing rolling!


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