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Asah Gadar

Impure and Insidious — The Pure aren't the only werewolves who plague the Forsaken. Indeed, a cancer grows within the Tribes of the Moon, a malignancy called the Asah Gadar — the Bale Hounds. Not a tribe in any traditional sense, the Bale Hounds have sworn allegiance to spirit patrons darker in nature than even the most savage wolf-spirit.

Nature is fundamentally flawed, the Bale Hounds say, because the darkest emotions are the deepest and strongest within the human heart. In a sensible and just universe, positive, creative emotions would be the strongest emotions a human or werewolf could feel. But that is not the way of the world — the conceptual spirits of pain, rage, hatred and lust are far more numerous than the spirits of unadulterated love, joy or mercy. The Bale Hounds want to be on the winning side, and so bow before the unspeakable lords of these negative aspects of the world, mighty spirits who grow ever stronger as the soul of humanity decays.

They move subtly among the Uratha. Where they pass, more murders break out each year. More people commit suicide. Families self-destruct. A thick, corrupt perfume follows in their wake, along with the whispered word "Succumb." But the marks of their allegiance are invisible to all but their own. The depths of their cruelty and loathing are hidden behind the healthy strength of their gaze. They could be anywhere.

Totem: Soulless Wolf
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