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[MI-018-I Battle Creek]


The Cereal City serves as a reminder of the American dream as well as a warning against apathy: crime-ridden streets of the inner city linger with more than just the smell of cooking cereal wafting through the air, hollowed-out industrial complexes long devoid of business eat away at the center of the city like parasites where before they served as a testament to great men’s dreams. The few buildings of any architectural significance in the area that once were the shining beacons of Battle Creek's passion and success now stand as dirty, decrepit head stones that dot what little skyline there is like a mismatched graveyard.

The upper classes, which keep themselves, insulated by their social parties, nary look out the windows to see the city that once fed a country falling down around their ears. This public display of the Battle Creek rich is a stark contrast to the secluded, gated communities they run to at night. Dark arteries of streets stretch out from the downtown area to the greater Battle Creek area, the third largest urban sprawl in the state after Detroit and Grand Rapids. Battle Creek is just another stop now on the illegal drug highway that stretches from Chicago to Detroit, a convenient halfway point for those in the disreputable trade.

Even the wooded areas and farms in the outer reaches of the area provide no escape from the blight, filled with boogeymen and things that go bump in the night. Battle Creek is a dangerous place to live, even for the implacable Kindred. Walking down the wrong alley has a very real chance of placing you in a situation where you have to break the Masquerade to escape, which could mean your death at the hands of Kindred and hunters alike.


Governmental Structure

Court of Battle Creek

Prince: Allegra SanGiovanni
Sheriff: "The Buffalo" Jack Baer
Prince's Harpy: Rose May
Keeper of Elysium: Lord Silver

Council of Primogen

Priscus Council

Daeva: Not eligible
Gangrel: Mr.Brixby
Mekhet: Blacksheep
Nosferatu: Not Eligible
Ventrue: Lord Silver
People's Harpy: Position Eliminated By the Priscus Council

Social Dynamics

"Status shall be conferred for proactive, intelligent contributions to the enrichment of the Battle Creek Domain. These shall be deemed and rescinded by the Prince or the Harpies."

  • Ascendant Covenant: Ascendant Carthians find it easy to interact with the mortal world and co-exist with the mortals in the domain. By calling in a favor or otherwise greasing mortal wheels, Carthians can find an improvised haven somewhere in the city on very short notice, not needing to return to their normal homes. They cannot be left without a shelter unless they are taken outside the city. Such improvised havens do not grant any of the benefits of the Haven Merit, however.

Once per month, every ascendant Carthian can also call on her resources to attract a small crowd of mortals (between 8 and 15 people, depending on how many would be available in the area). These humans help out in an activity of the Carthian’s choice, whether staging a protest outside an elder’s haven or building a simple structure for a community group, so long as the activity is fairly innocuous and in line with the Carthian’s rhetoric. This activity cannot involve anything immediately illegal beyond what might be expected of non-violent

protesters. A sit-in is reasonable, but an armed uprising or robbery is not. The mortals also have no particular loyalty to the Carthian in question, so do not risk their lives or a lengthy jail sentence unless other means are used to convince them.


Number in Brackets indicate bonus from Ascendancy and Eminence

Admired (Status •••••)

Allegra SanGiovanni

Respected (Status ••••)

Lafayette Brixby

Valued (Status •••)

"The Buffalo" Jack Baer

Recognized (Status ••)

Lena Crow

Drake Youngblood-Hawke

Tyr Fallen

Acknowledged (Status •)

Alban SanGiovanni

Marcus Grooters

Lord Silver

Black Sheep

Kai Hun

Rose May

Hospitality (Status 0)

Those Who Serve aka Property

The Missing


Jacob Wright

Caleb Brusk


Blood Hunted

The Fallen

Donald Holmes

Jean Claude Benoit-Starke

Edgar Woodbridge-Starke

Michael Luciano

Frank Diamond

Maggie O'Toole


The Gangrel Coterie

Tenured Domains

The City of Albion Father Andrei --Open to the Ordo Dracul


Laws of Battle Creek

Rumors and Sundries

In Battle Creek, they play musical thrones instead of chairs.

Battle Creek has been conquered, therefore it is now Unconquered.

There's something extra special about the Special K

Animals have suddenly began disappearing in droves. Is it because of the recent outbreak or something else?

The Ordo are collecting "samples" of Kindred Vitae in order to find a cure for a widespread animal disease. You can totally trust them.

War is brewing along with the rats.

Massive Masquerade breaches are totally, like, yesterday's news.

The Hunters are getting bold.

  • If you mess with some of the newbie hunters you might "Fall into a bonfire."

Home of the real life Fraggle Rock

You'll stay out of (em)Battle(d) Creek if you know what's good for you.

Don't try to hug the Garou.

Notable Locations

The Elysium is currently held at a reclusive spot in the woods.

Heritage Tower

Western Michigan University

Henderson Castle

Kelloggs' Cereal Plant

Post Cereal Plant


O.O.C Information

This is why we don’t go to the salt mines

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