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Birmingham Requiem

  • Domain Coordinator: James Strader
  • Domain Storyteller: Scott Melvin Jr.
  • Requiem Storyteller: Jennifer Rastegar
  • Assistant Requiem Storyteller: Jeremiah Rastegar
  • Requiem Game Date: Second Friday night of every month at 7pm check-in, 8pm game on
  • Requiem Game Location: The Clubhouse at 2205 Montreat Circle, Birmingham, AL 35216
  • Game VSS:

No one who has ever visited Birmingham has ever left. The last person to come in to the city came in the early 1940s but never left. No one has come back to discuss this city, nor has anyone left it. The people here have been silenced for whatever reason; the black spot on the map. Upon entry to the city of Birmingham, there is a line of decay that divides the city of Birmingham from the rest of the greater Birmingham area. The very ground you walk on seems to groan in agony at your presence.

The last known prince was Sylvester Delgado, he was a Daeva Invictus who ruled with an iron fist until the city cut-off from the rest of Kindred Society in 1875, after the cholera epidemic in ’73. Nothing else from that point on is known about the city. On an industrial level, the city of Birmingham has refused major developments and projects that would allow kindred influence into the city (airports, football stadium, etc). This has caused a stagnant population to slowly trickle out of Birmingham. However, some industries have prospered such as Healthcare, Education, and Banking.

As of 2013, the Birmingham that was ill at ease will open its doors for a formal invitation from The Prince to come and make residencies kindred of polite society. No names are attached, however, it is known that new residents are welcome from one mouth to the next. An invitation is given to those along the greater Birmingham area and a location for ‘new residents’ to meet to entry into the city. The date is locked, the location is known, and nothing more.

Welcome to Birmingham.

Styles of Play: Action: 3 Character Development: 4 Darkness: 5 Drama: 3 Intrigue: 4 Manners: 4 Mystery: 2 Pace: 3

Storyteller Mechanics

Proxy rules: No more than 5 proxies are allowed per month either in downtimes, or in game play as they will be cumulative, though some exceptions may be allowed… They must contact the venue storyteller and provide character sheet with approvals and proxy information (description of intentions, motivations, personality type) as well as reactions to possible situations, as well as XP log, background, and proof of MC no less than one week before game time. One week allows the storyteller to thoroughly investigate if all of these needs are met, and the player will be informed no less than 48 hours before game that they can or cannot player proxy. However, they can still attend game and play an NPC as given to them by the storyteller. These players must know that with a darkness rating of 5, some of these plots are very depraved and may force their characters to make difficult decisions. The IC reason for this is that Birmingham’s population is smaller and dwindling, and thus the blood supply would be heavily strained to support any more than the 5 plus the characters assigned to this VSS.

Character sheets: There is a large quantity of sanctioned source material. It is not reasonable to expect a Storyteller to remember how every power from every book works, or to carry the complete library of materials with him at all times. The ST will have some books on site. If you have a power that comes from a sanctioned source outside of the basic books, then you are expected to have the printed mechanics with you as a part of your character record. Failure to have these mechanics may result in the ST refusing to allow the use of certain powers or merits.

Check-In Rules: Players must have copy of their character sheet in order to enter play. Players without sheets may be denied entrance, or asked to relent to all challenges. All players must either have the VST check-in item cards for any possessions or equipment they wish to bring into play, or must have these items listed clearly on the character sheet. All players should have a copy of their updated experience log. Visiting players should also provide their direct Storyteller name and contact information. Where possible, visitors are encouraged to have their direct ST sign their sheets before visiting. The majority of the clans/covenants have some form of blood magic (save for a couple) if you come into play with any magical effects on your character(s), whether it be through ritual or otherwise please visit an ST before game begins to inform him/her of such as well as to show approval and an explanation of said power if applicable

Travel risks: Birmingham is a heavily wooded area and there are all manner of creatures that have made dominion on the outskirts of the city. Birmingham is also a heavily religious and superstitious city that makes kindred existence require strict Masquerade protocol. However, there is an international airport which receives planes from all over the world, railways, and four major interstates (I-65, I-20, I-59, I-22). That being said, there is a scarcely used port called Birmingport that allows barge travel to Mobile and New Orleans that travels through the Black Warrior River. There is little public transportation, only existing via gas-powered buses and they only extend in the city center and a few suburb areas. Any extensive travel through Birmingham will require a personal vehicle. Those using the Greyhound will arrive in North downtown Birmingham.

Visiting Character Guidelines: As Birmingham has been isolated for a very long time, only the characters on the VSS have contacts, and allies that effect Birmingham. This means unless you have necessary approvals for state-wide or nation-wide contacts and allies, these cannot affect Birmingham. Visiting characters need to send a letter to the Prince requesting permission to enter and visit the city. That or they need to have a member of the city petition for their entry no later than one month before the event occurs, and must be willing to provide for their guest, offer them hospitality, and vouch for them, as their guest’s actions reflect on them whom provides Hospitality. Assuming no member of the city is willing to vouch for said person, they will be guests of the prince and must provide their prince’s letter of recommendation before consent to their arrival is granted. They will be guests of the Prince and expected to offer a gift to their hospitable host.

Cadence is very, very important in the city of Birmingham. That being said, Cadence levels of zero will be denied entrance into the city. As, who would vouch for such a person?

Experience Award Guidelines: For participating in a game you receive up to 4 experience points (part of this is awarded for staying in-character, players who come and do not participate or interrupt gameflow do not receive all 4 experience). For dressing up as your character and attending game you get an additional 1 experience point. 3 experience will be awarded for placing in a downtime no later than two weeks after the last game. If more than one person wants to combine their efforts, they need to send an e-mail with both of their actions and signatures and no later than two weeks after game.

Storyteller Note on Special Approvals: Players are asked not to take IC positions if they know that their real life schedule would or might prevent them from attending games on a regular basis and players who have characters in a IC court position who fail to appear at 2 consecutive games will be subject to forfeiting the IC position. (This clause is governed by mitigating circumstances...IE real life emergencies and so forth, a players real life, family, friends, job, health etc. should always come first. After all this is JUST a game, so in the end either keep in touch or have the character step down). This also applies to characters with special approvals. These characters that have these approvals need to be played, if they are not being portrayed, then a storyteller may contact you to speak with you about such and discuss options not limited to removing said approvals.

Positions In Birmingham



Prince's Harpy:



Prisci's Harpy: None

Master of Elysium: Hound:


Primogens of Birmingham

Carthian Movement:

Circle of the Crone:


Lancea Sanctum:

Ordo Dracul:

Prisci of Birmingham






Citizens of Birmingham and City Status

Admired (Status *****)

Respected (Status **** )

Valued (Status *** )

Recognized (Status **)

Acknowledged (Status *)

Tolerated/Wanderers (Status 0)

  • None

Furniture (Ghoul Characters)

Openly Blood Hunted In Birmingham

  • None

Retired (Inactive Characters)

  • None

Deceased Citizens

Known Coteries


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