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The tribe of Fenris Wolf, who promotes the warrior and wolf aspects of the Uratha.

Suthar Anzuth

"Offer no surrender that you would not accept"

Warriors, Defenders, Champions

The Blood Talons are the most aggressive warriors among the Forsaken. They follow Destroyer Wolf, the warrior and devourer. Also called Fenris, he is the fiercest of the spirit children of Father Wolf, though not the wisest, and he can be led into a trap by the cunning.

The Talons live by a warrior’s code. They believe that they must emulate Fenris’ ferocity in combat. According to their credo, any foe that can be bested in combat is an inferior one. This belief occasionally backfires, particularly when Blood Talons face an enemy who shows less aptitude for direct forms of combat yet can still outthink and outflank them. A corporation whose goals interfere with a Blood Talon pack’s plans for its own territory cannot be defeated on the battlefield, even if its minions can. Only the wisest and most accomplished Blood Talons can handle such a foe.

Fenris’ vow of the Oath is, "Offer no surrender that you would not accept." This vow makes Blood Talons hard to deal with if they aren’t restrained by more careful packmates.

Inspiration, Rage, Strength, Battle
Primary Renown 

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