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This is the venue page for Vampire: the Masquerade (C/A/I) in Bloomington, IN.

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This page contains information about Bloomington, IN that is relevant to the MES Camarilla/Anarch/Independent continuity.

VST: Greg White


Regular Schedule: 2nd Saturdays of each month (Sign-In: 7:00 P.M., Game-On: 7:30 P.M.)
IMU (rooms TBD; see Bloomington Domain Info for address, or this Maplink)

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Bloomington's all night society was stable for decades until a fit of madness overtook the former Prince Escobar- though few will cheerfully admit to remembering him- and he had to be quietly removed. After that, Lillyanna Windsor held court as prince, maintaining order against Sabbat and Anarch incursion and imperial pressure from Indianapolis even as the Kindred population dwindled in the wake of Escobar's disappearance. Since her death, Kindred control of the city has been a matter of debate, dispute, and doubt, with an Anarch Baron, a Camarilla Prince, and the infamous Vincent Giovanni pressing claims. With Vincent's death and the Baron's disappearance, will the Camarilla retake control? Or has their grip on the city slipped too far, too fast to regain?

Current Setting


The nearest Camarilla courts are located in Indianapolis, IN and Louisville, KY. The nearest Anarch Barony resides in Bedford, IN.

At August's monthly gathering, Prince Lillyanna Windsor declared the blood hunt on Vincent Giovanni for threats made against Carolyne DuBois, Tremere Primogen of Indianapolis, in response to her efforts to force him to register his necromantic knowledge with Clan Tremere. In early September, Vincent announced that he'd murdered Windsor and invited Bloomington's all-night society to meet to determine the city's structure going forward. After a tense confrontation and a contest of prestation, the Anarchs won out, and Helene of the Laughing Bastards! declared herself Baron of Bloomington.

In December, Elder Claire Dupont declared herself Prince of Bloomington with a cohort of Camarilla forces at her side. Still, Baron Helene has not ceded the Anarchs' claim to the territory, and so the Kindred political theater is far from stable and settled...

In January, Prince Dupont was deposed by Vincent Giovanni in his attempt to end his Blood Hunt. However, as a Petty Domain, Dupont's young court did not have the stature to end Giovanni's Hunt and the forces of the Camarilla and Clan Giovanni rallied to finish the Blood Hunt. Elysium fell when Vincent Giovanni and the Assamites under Jericho subdued Alvar Stava who seemed to be committed to defending Elysium from the invader. (At least according to the gossip of the Camarilla, who knows the truth?)

In February, the nominal Praxis holder Vincent Giovanni had fled the Domain and was destroyed in Plainfield, IN. So also was Alvar Stava destroyed by Jericho as his hostage when the Camarilla did not negotiate with the Assamite. As of now, the Court remains open.

In May, with the former Prince Carolyne DuBois disgraced and in hiding, Kindred both from within the city and without gathered to discover what would become of the city. Immediately upon gathering, it was declared that Alistair Young was now claiming praxis. This declaration came with some small amount of surprise, but was received well. The evening was made more interesting when it was discovered that a group of Fae had opened up a nightclub called Avalon and were now feeding from emotions within the city. The Fae were cordial enough at first, and the good Prince deemed that some agreement could perhaps be hashed out. Upon leaving the Fae club, the court was followed and so lead their tail to an abandoned farm. Attempts from there to parlay with the Fae were rebuffed, and now Bloomington may yet face aggression.

In June gathering was not held, due to a large gathering in Missouri.


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Prince: Alistair Young
Seneschal: Creep?
Sheriff: Phillip Tennesen?
Keeper of Elysium:
Harpy: Claude Kilrain?
Bloomington, IN Harpy Reports

Primogen Council

Brujah - Vacant
Gangrel - Vacant
Malkavian - Vacant
Nosferatu - Vacant
Toreador - Vacant
Tremere - Vacant
Ventrue - Vacant

The Court by Clan










  • None at this time.


  • Albert Milliner (Giovanni), rumored to have moved away to Evansville, Indiana
  • Altan Dağa (Follower of Set), an Emissary to the Camarilla

Former Residents and Visitors

This section is for listing PCs and NPCs who were former residents of this city or whose activities in the city's history might be known to others. Completely clandestine interactions may be listed, but should be listed with a disclaimer making that clear.

Please provide the character's name with a wiki link, a date or date range, and brief information about the character's role in the city.

Former Residents

  • Stephano Ratavichi (201X-2013): Upon the rise of Lillyanna Windsor to praxis in spring of 2013, Ratavichi was named her seneschal (even while he also claimed praxis over the Erie Isles in Ohio), a positon he retained until the autumn of the same year. At that point, it seems he relocated to nearby Indianapolis.
  • Alvar Stava (Gangrel), torpored and taken as hostage to Plainfield, IN where he was destroyed by Jericho the Assamite in the "Bloomington Crusade".
  • Vincent Giovanni (Giovanni), destroyed in the "Bloomington Crusade".

Historical Visitors

  • Salvatore Giovanni (1990): Salvatore provides Albert Milliner with a loan of startup capital to purchase machinery for industrial agriculture and causes a rival farming business to go under, allowing Albert to buy up their assets cheap.