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Hirfathra Hissu

"Pay each spirit in kind"

shaman, wise men and women, seers

The Bone Shadows have sworn oaths to pursue the secret lore of the shadow world. They have a broad and deep attention span when it comes to magical mysteries and the spirit world. They inherit Mother Moon’s inquisitive nature and Father Wolf’s intrinsic awareness of the Shadow Realm. The Bone Shadows follow Death Wolf, the wolf that once walked into the domain of Death itself and returned carrying strange wisdom. This is an appropriate totem, the Bone Shadows say, for the descendants of a goddess who walks between light and dark and a wolfspirit who walked between spirit and flesh.

The Shadows endlessly seek illumination in the darkness. They search out the greatest mysteries, learn the unknown rites and puzzle out the bans of great baneful spirits. The Bone Shadows know that Father Wolf understood great mysteries, and they howl mournfully for the loss of his secret knowledge. The Bone Shadows often chase secrets even at the expense of more sensible daily affairs. Many Shadows lack proper attire, money and other effects of modern life.

Death Wolf’s portion of the Oath is, "Pay each spirit in kind" - a vow to offer chiminage and respect to spirits that deserve it, and to bring ruin to those that have earned it. The Bone Shadows take their debts seriously. Few debtors ignore payments owed to these masters of darkness and magic. The Bone Shadows repay favours they owe to spirit, Uratha, human and any other creature. They repay treachery and violence in similar fashion.

Gifts: Death, Insight, Warding, Ending

Primary Renown: Wisdom

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