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Buffalo's Camarilla/Anarch Masquerade Venue.
Domain Name: Buffalo: the Eternal Struggle
Domain Number: Category:NY-012-D
Mailing List:
Lead Venue Storyteller: [1] Brian Murphy
Games Hosted On: First Saturday of the month
Next Game:

Player Characters

"The Man"

Advocate: Currently rotating between Gang leaders
Constable: John Potter
Architect: Jack ...
Emissary: Chris ...

Gangs of Buffalo

The Book Club

Quinten Archeach
John Potter
Trey San Gennaro

Neighborhood Watch

Jeremy O'Neal
Connal Cole

The Gang with no Name

"The Pikey"

E Pluribus Unum

Tyrant's Bane

Other Buffalo Kindred

An incomplete and wholly unofficial list...

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Character Clan Title
Miranda Brujah
Joaquin D'Esmeralda Setite
Sodi Hotek "Brutal" Setite
Uadjit Setite
Omar Nassir


Venue Style Sheet



Character Creation

Styles of Play

Action (Combat and challenges):
Character Development (Personal dilemmas and choices):
Darkness (PC corruption):
Darkness (PC Death):
Drama (Ceremony and grand story):
Intrigue(Politics and negotiation):
Manners (Social etiquette and peer pressure):
Mystery (Enigmas and investigation):
Pace (How fast do stories emerge, develop, and resolve?):
Ratings Description:
1 Never present
2 Sometimes present
3 Often present
4 Usually present
5 Always present

Storytelling Mechanics


Proxy Rules

Travel Risks

Visiting Characters Guidelines

Experience Award Guidelines


Influence Growth

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