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The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom. -Circle of the Crone, page 168
Carnon Bloodline

The Carnon were a mistake.

The first of these so-called Horned Gods was a San Francisco vampire who had confused Wiccan writings and the monomythic analyses of cultural anthropologists with historical fact. Thinking he was fashioning himself in the timeless image of an ancient god, this young vampire invested his Vitae with his wild passion for earthly thrills and, in a night of bloody frenzy, transformed his blood forever.

He never learned that Wicca was a modern creation made from fragments of old pagan beliefs in an effort to honor ancient ways. Rather, that first Carnon went out of the world in a screaming, fiery mess after leading mortal witch-hunters on a brutal, three-night chase by car, on foot and across the Northern California hillsides.

Bloodline Disciplines: Animalism, Nightmare, Protean, Resilience

Nickname: Pucks, Bucks or Horned Gods

Source: Circle of the Crone, pages 168-171


The Bucks suffer the Weakness of all Gangrel. Additionally, Carnon forever struggle with the unusually close relationship they have with their Beasts. While all Gangrel face the challenge of the Beast overriding their rational minds and mores, a Carnon must endure the Beast’s gradual usurpation of his body. As a Carnon’s Humanity spirals lower, his body alters into that of a mystical wild man, growing a tangled, crusted beard even if he had none in life. His eyes yellow and twist into those of a goat. His teeth yellow and take on an animal-like, predatory shape that cannot be hidden. Without an expenditure of Vitae to stir the blush of life, a Carnon is much more likely to attract mortal attention through his physical weirdness than typical Kindred. A Carnon does not simply appear distorted in reflections or photographs — he appears as a horned shape.

In time, as a Carnon’s Blood Potency increases, his physical changes become shockingly drastic. His forehead sprouts unmistakable horns or branching antlers. Eventually, no Carnon can be seen by human eyes without risking the Masquerade.

Finally, due to the Carnon bloodline's closeness with the Beast, Carnon have a much harder time resisting Frenzy. This does allow them to have a better chance at riding the wave!

History and Culture:

The first Carnon terrified his enemies and was part of a great hunt. Vampires will sing songs about it. That’s what it’s about for the Carnon.

The Horned Gods are the descendants of that first Carnon, who they worship not like a god, but like a rock star. His name is unknown, lost in the tangled grapevines of a million mistaken versions of his tale. Tonight, they call him John Carnon, and nobody cares that it’s wrong.

John Carnon put himself through hell, heroin and the Requiem in an effort to create something new in the 1960s. He tried painting, music, poetry, but he always met with miserable failure. How exactly he came to be Embraced is unclear, but it happened somewhere between 1965 and 1967. Something about his tribulation — his self-destruction in pursuit of art — appealed to some Acolyte witch who took his blood and gave him hers. That was the turning point.

John Carnon took to bloodsucking like he’d been born to do it. He looked like Jim Morrison and fucked like John Holmes. He hunted women and the LSD in their veins with animal intuition. He imagined that hunting would be his art.

Somewhere during this time, John Carnon fell in with an Acolyte coterie and became obsessed with neopagan symbolism. Based on just the barest threads of pagan belief and imagery, he chose to fashion himself and his Requiem on the virile and wild Horned God archetype. In 1970, all but starving and tripping on precious little laced Vitae, he fell into a terrible frenzy while in pursuit of a woman on the streets of San Francisco. According to bloodline legend, this frenzy lasted for six nights. On the seventh, John Carnon’s blood had changed into the Carnon bloodline.

What, if anything, Carnon intended for his bloodline will never be known. In the weeks immediately following his transformation, John Carnon Embraced four childer in a flurry of insane excess. As William Blake wrote, and Jim Morrison lived, “The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.” John Carnon spent an eternity in half a decade under this philosophy.

With his four childer left reeling in his wake, and his will broken by the expenditure of their creation, John Carnon degenerated into an almost animal state. Within a month his bloody attacks had attracted the attention of vampire-hunters from as far away as Portland and L.A. His legendary chase and destruction took place soon thereafter. John Carnon’s Requiem was no more than five years long from end to end. In his absence, left with only his confused legacy, the Carnon bloodline stood on the verge of extinction. But each of Carnon’s four childer adopted their sire’s bloodline within a few years and reinvented it for their own Requiems. In their hands, the bloodline was calmed and refined, if only in comparison to their frenzied founder.

Those first Carnon researched more of the Horned God myths that had inspired, however vaguely, their sire and strove to give their Requiems new meaning through its symbolism. But they also worked to make themselves more valuable to the covenant that had taken them in, the Circle of the Crone, and to express their rebellious attitudes against the first establishment they found to oppose: the Lancea Sanctum. That first Carnon coterie used the Sanctified church as a landmark to position themselves on the Kindred philosophical spectrum. These young rockers would be religious radicals and the Lancea Sanctum would be their crusty adversaries. To the Carnon, the Sanctified were narrow-minded oppressors forcing a single, suffocating take on religion down the throats of the Kindred masses. Nevermind that this was hardly the case in San Francisco, where the Circle of the Crone had a robust membership. The Carnon wanted to protest, and they’d found their cause.


Few of these Horned Gods enjoy long Requiems. Thus, not many Kindred know what secrets lurk in the blood of the Carnon, waiting to manifest in those rare Bucks whose Vitae ripens with power. Tonight, the Carnon have spread throughout the United States and into parts of Canada and Mexico. Nomadic Requiems appeal to the kind of souls that become Horned Gods, and escape from a scuffed Masquerade is often necessary for these wild ones.

Modern Carnon strive to make more of their Acolyte traditions. A few decades of circulation in the Circle of the Crone has given many Carnon a desire (or a mandate) to become more meaningful parts of the covenant, besides stage performers and thug service. Though plenty of older Acolytes mock and deride the Carnon to their faces, plenty of others see something marvelous in these young lunatics: The Carnon have endured through a crazy time and great tribulations to create something that is both new but mindful of its ancient roots. If they accept that the Carnon are not yet finished with their creation, and so have not yet reached the heights of their power, then the Acolytes should be able to appreciate the admirable, exuberant possibilities inherent in the Horned Gods.

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