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Great Falls Civic Center

This smallish county has around two hundred thousand residents. With a small town feel and the beginnings of a great metropolis. Cascade County was once the seat of power in Montanna for Kindred, but with the insurrection of hunters known as the Choir of Angels (Seraphim). But with the battle of Great Falls in May 2014, this city now again has kindred presence. Come watch as a kindred court is built from the ground up.

City Overview

Ascendent Covenant: Invictus
Rival Covenant: Ordo Dracul
Eminent Clan: Daeva
Rival Clan: Gangrel/Mekhet

The Domain of Cascade

The Court




Status Rolls for Cascade

Status 5, Admired

Status 4, Respected

  • TBA

Status 3, Valued

Status 2, Recognized

Status 1, Acknowledged

Status 0, Unreleased or Ghouls

City Laws and Edicts



Great Falls sees a fair number of visitors, feel free to add yourself if you visit the city regularly

  • TBA


  • TBA

Places of Interest and Landmarks

  • TBA


Great Falls Skyline
  • TBA

Titled Lands (Invictus Purposes)

OOC Information

  • Region: North Central
  • Domain: North Central Virtual Chapter
  • Requiem Venue Storyteller: Jorge Carter
  • Chapter Coordinator: Kenneth Green
  • Schedule - Currently on Hiatus

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