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Court Officers

Prince Lilliana Grace
Seneschal Melinda Dellvecchio
Sheriff Cherie Cheria
Harpy Hendrick Heimler
Scourge Roin
Keeper of Elysium - None

Citizens of Charleston

Venue Information

Vampire: the Masquerade (Camarilla/Anarch)

Charleston Cam/Anarch

The holy city is nothing but calm to the world around it. But is it really? Before 1990 there where many princes. Sometimes more then one at a time, but that did not last. Sometime in late 1800's, something happened. The city still grew but something in the kindred seemed to calm. With Kindred in the city since it was but a settlement, it has always had someone to pull the strings from the shadows from all clans. There are Nos in the sewers and Ventrue in the mansions, but always fighting. Now for the last 100 years or so the fighting seems to be behind the scenes; more political than ever. With the peacefulness has came an unease like something is ready to break. Will it and who will still be around to see it? In the last 30 years there have been 2 defining moments in the court: the 2001 and 2011 praxis changes.

As time moves on, Charleston seems to have reached a stable position after a rocky year. Praxis changed hands from a neglectful Kindred who barely knew the traditions and allowed his uneducated court members run amok in the city to the Tremere known as Miles Ashenhurst. In October of 2013, Praxis was peacefully passed to the hands of Lilliana Grace, the Pirate Prince. The city has prospered under her rule, and its problems do not generally last for long. The newest addition to the city that seems to be gathering some recognition throughout the Ivory Tower is a family line turned Brujah House known as the Gloom Patrol, and headed by one Melinda Dellvecchio.


Generally played in the evening on the fourth Saturday of each month. Contact for details and possible schedule changes. 1fkejt1fkejt.jpeg 1fkejt1fkejt.jpeg

OOC Info and Contacts

Charleston by Night

SC-012-D, Charleston, SC