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City of Charlotte, NC Lost


We are Property

Some would recall a famous piece of literature starting with Once upon a Midnight Dreary

Those first nights were not that. Firstly, there was not just one night. Secondly, the first Changeling who found their near lifeless sack here especially found it more like that of a Midnight Horror.

Now, Let me just explain a few things to you here. I don’t know if you’re that acquainted with our community. Community, ha… You see, when you escape you don’t remember much. You may not remember the cracking whip against your back, the mind games of labyrinths never ending, or the first roots of your feet in the earth at all. That’s fine. Those are things you usually don’t want to remember anyway. You remember pain though certainly. Madness. Fear. That’s always one common factor in our community. It’s that that drives us to any sanctuary we can find. Anyway, on running it’s hard to even think of anything else save for pushing past those briars into glorious true sunlight that you do know exists somewhere. Hell, you probably hope that suddenly you may be waking up from a nightmare. I’ll just say this now; the latter never happens. It was all real. It is real. We few who do escape, who don’t tempt Luck with our words and promises, find that sanctuary in a portal to home. That is, sometimes.

If it isn’t Luck, it’s something else. Many a-something in fact. Back at hand, it wasn’t that the first runaway was alone in their original trek through the thorns from what you can figure now. It was through the panting, stifling screams, and clawing at the earth that there were some forty of them. The barbs fell several of them early. They clung and scratched and then curled about the sods that couldn’t find their footing. Truly it was unfortunately though that if it wasn’t the thorns or the horns blaring behind them that it was the hobs that snatched them again.

You’d think a hob wouldn’t be as bad as Them. You’d be wrong.

They dragged them to their hovels and stalls and if they did not pull the already broken men and women apart for wares, they’d be broken in by new masters, new masters who would use your own words against you.

I’m a little on a rant here. Forgive me… You see, but the city is a banking town. It’s growing and speeding fast into the future. Whilst primitive in many ways, Hobs follow many trends. New things must be looked into and, like mortals and the consumerist society: What is better to sell than what has newly come out? Even better for them and their twisted society: What is better than items from living things?

What is better than living items?

For one changeling can turn into a myriad of items. Jewelry? A ruby necklace in the market is no mere gem. In fact, it’s likely that it’s heart of Di-Cang. It’ll beat slowly against your collar if you just stay and feel it. A cane? Just look at one that any of those perturbed use. I would bet you that it’s a Runnerswift’s. Their feet are rather good at balancing. At least, that’s what I’ve been told.

The Hobs are cut throat. The hobs always want something. Woe for those who go to the Market.

Ah, so it was the one sole survivor breaking through a gate in one night that started our fair city. Sort of.

He ran from here still. That was the right idea.

I don’t know when that happened or when the next few appeared though. What I do know more of is that the next few scrambled by, fairly luckier than the first. They learned. They hugged the thorns close, uncomfortably so, but still had their lives to themselves. They had still lost pieces but what were some physical loss of blood, bone, and sanity compared to losing your self completely?

It was they who collectively started the first Motley; ‘The Banded’.

I remember them. I came in during the end of it all. Each of them represented different ideas of new life and each had respectfully taken to each of the seasons. It was they that, whilst not a true Freehold, started a safe house for those who may one day escape and work together with them. They had to stick together for themselves and, perhaps, others.

They saved me certainly.

And then more came.

True Slaves, The Banded called them. Mad. Loyalists. Insane. They had more names but they weren’t those who wanted to change. Enamored of Their work, they sold their soul to The Others and worked to bring ‘home’ the escaped. Unlike the hunt, sadly, they tended to be the more discreet kidnappers. It started when they stole poor Montgomery right from under everyone’s noses back to the other side. Poor Montomery.

Like them, there were those who decided to sell out and find the prettiest penny from any creature. Those were the types who didn’t care about anyone but their self. Pirates, I like to call them but there’s some other technical term for them.

Then there was Goldspinner. An Other who, whilst gave much, turned those favors into what nightmares wished to be.

This was their city. A city based in the currency of distrust and blood.

It was 29th of July, 1969. I remember the day. I ran again.

The First Freehold had crumbled. Everyone died and the city became wild again. I came back for the second time and stayed low. I waited. I waited like Luck told me.

Game Information/VSS

Basic Information

VSS Name: Red Coins
Domain: NC-008-D
VST Name and Email: Christina Dillon –
DST Name and Email: Ralph Goniea –
Usual Game Time and Place: UNC-Charlotte Campus, 2nd and 4th Saturdays, 1 PM to 5 PM

Style of Play (rated at 1 to 5 each)

Action (Combat/Challenges): 3
Character Development (Personal Dilemmas/Choices): 4
Darkness (PC Death/Corruption): 3
Drama (Ceremony/Grand story): 4
Intrigue (Politics/Negotiation): 2
Mystery (Enigmas/Investigation): 4
Gameplay taking place in the Real World: 3
Gameplay taking place in the Hedge: 2
Gameplay taking place in Dreams: 2

Optional Rules used in this Venue

  • Fate Rules as listed in Dancers in the Dusk, Chapter 2, will be used in this venue.
  • Crown mechanics such as in Changeling the Lost, pg. 97-98, will be used in this venue.
  • The Counseling mechanic such as in Rites of Sping, is available in this venue.
  • Travel time is ST discretion. With that, players should expect Hedge travel to be per the CtL books. Those whom are not familiar with the local Hedge, or Hedge travel at all, are liable to get lost and may end up having time outside of game if not end up finding trouble with local Hobs.

Proxy and Visiting Rules

All proxies will follow the requirements outlined in the MES rules addendum. Every player who wishes to proxy his or her character to the Domain must provide the following to the VST 48 hours prior to the proxy:

  • A Character Sheet approved by the Player's VST. This must include proof of MC, XP log, and any approval numbers that the character has.
  • A write-up on what your character's intentions, motivations, and goals are and how they will be trying to accomplish them. Include information on how they are traveling, reactions to what may happen, and back-up plans. Even the best laid out plan may end up having to change.
  • A description of their personality and looks – As a changeling this goes for both mien and mask.

The VST reserves the right to deny any character's proxy. In the case that it is denied he or she will give a fully detailed explanation for the denial.
Soft Proxies merely need ST notification via email with a note that both parties have agreed to mediate actions within the proxy.

All visitors who wish to play in this venue must provide the following to the VST within 48 hours:

  • Notification of visiting.
  • A Character Sheet approved by the Player's VST including proof of MC, XP log, and any approval numbers that the character has.
  • Their reason for visiting and any agenda the character may have.
  • A hard copy of their sheet on the day of the game.

The VST still has all authority to deny the character into play should the player or character seem detrimental to the game. Should the visiting party not email the VST in the allotted time frame or the VST denies the character for play for any reason, the VST may have NPC’s on hand for the player that are available for play.

Travel Risks

Traveling to and from Charlotte and its surrounding areas mundanely is usually unhindered for all types of transportation (Bus, Plane, Train, Automobile) except for cases of extreme weather. Whilst of usually of no problem there is a chance for all changelings traveling to have issue with law enforcement and should have a form of reliable identification. Traveling to and from through the Hedge, however, is dangerous and always will be. Edges of the domain are constantly plagued by hobs wanting to make a pretty penny be it by traveling fees, their wares, or offering `banking' services by any means. All Changelings traveling this way should exercise extreme caution.

Experience Awards
All physical games and downtimes merit 5 experience points.

Those that are Here


Jacques Rhabbiht

Michael Cross


Locations of Note

  • Doctor Rhabbits Clinic - Located near Freedom Park, Doctor Rhabbit runs a clinic for humans, animals and other assorted creatures. No one is ever turned away for being unable to pay, and there is no telling who or what can be found there at any given time. Doctor Rhabbit has one rule no violence is allowed past his door. Violation of that rule could have very serious consequences.

History of Note

(WIP, More TBA)

  • One of the past Winter Monarchs was a Squirrel.

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