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This is the venue page for Vampire: the Masquerade (C/A/I) in Chicago, IL.


This page contains information about the Chicago, IL that is relevant to the MES Camarilla/Anarch/Independent continuity.

ST Contact:
GL ARST Masquerade CAI and VST Jason Murphy

Games in Chicago: MES has an presence in Chicago, Masquerade Camarilla/Anarch/Independent is active.

Current Setting


Kindred of the Camarilla and the Anarchs alike are advised to be mindful of the new court and leadership within the city, for in 2014 the Camarilla successfully fought back the Sabbat, as well as a sect of deformed Lupines that had entrenched itself in the heart of the city since 1994.

The nearest neighboring Camarilla courts are located in Milwaukee, WI, the Camarilla court of Indianapolis, IN, the Camarilla court of St. Louis, MO, the Camarilla court of Bloomington, IL, and the Camarilla court of Grand Rapids, MI. Also nearby is the Anarch Free State of Green Bay

The Powers That Be

=Court Officers=
Prince: Andre Spade
Seneschal: Marcus Greyman
Sheriff: Claraence Darrow
Harpy: Trevor Trask
Keeper of Elysium: Thaddeus
Scourge: Amgelica Aragon

=Primogen Council=
Brujah: Bartholomew Pheinholdt
Malkavian: Akoji
Nosferatu: Thaddeus
Tremere: David Bennigan
Ventrue: Marcus Greyman

=Emissaries & Ambassadors=
Anarch Movement:
Clan Assamite:
Clan Giovanni:Don of Chicago, Antonio Giovanni
Followers of Set:

Current Residents

This section is for listing PCs and NPCs who are current residents of this city

Acknowledged Kindred of the Ivory Tower

Name Clan Social Class Type
Alex Diodati Toreador tell me PC
Andre Spade Toreador Ancilla PC
Angelica Aragon Tremere Neonate PC
Bartholomew Rheinholdt Brujah Elder PC
Akoji Malkavian Neonate PC
Antonio Giovanni Giovanni Elder PC
Claraence Darrow Ventrue Elder PC
Cyril Suszko Gangrel tell me PC
David Bennigan Tremere Elder PC
David Sheppard Toreador tell me PC
Hex Nosferatu tell me PC
Inola Nosferatu tell me PC
Lisha Amaryn Toreador tell me PC
Marcus Greyman Ventrue Ancilla PC
Petya Kipriyanov Toreador Ancilla PC
Renee Xavier Rothschild Malkavian tell me PC
Sampson Brujah tell me PC
Trevor Trask Ventrue Neonate PC
Victoria Blake Toreador tell me PC

Recognized Anarchs, Autarkis, and Independants

Name Clan Social Class Type
Audio Vista Follower of Set tell me PC
Felix Veritas Ravnos tell me PC
Vincenzo Mogavero Giovanni tell me PC

Deceased Citizens

Name Clan Social Class Type
Jimmy Cooper Tremere Neonate PC

Former Residents and Vistors

This section is for listing PCs and NPCs who were former residents of this city or whose activities in the city's history might be known to others. Completely clandestine interactions may be listed, but should be listed with a disclaimer making that clear.

Please provide the character's name with a wiki link, a date or date range, and brief information about the character's role in the city.

Major Players from History

  • Maxwell (until 1871): Maxwell, a Brujah and Chicago's first prince (and noteworthy among Camarilla princes at the time for being black), was attacked by Lodin and his Ventrue and Toreador supporters after the Great Fire in 1871. Having decapitated several of his attackers before his arm was ripped off, Maxwell fled the city and never returned.
  • Lodin (late 1860s-1993): The second and last Prince of Chicago, Lodin was killed by Lupines pressing his blood hunt of all their kind in his city in 1993.
  • Critias (1942-1993): Formerly sitting on the Primogen Council, this academically oriented Brujah supported the Caitiff Maldavis against Lodin in the COuncil Wars of the 1980s. He is believed deceased since 1993, probably at the hands of Sabbat.
  • Patricia Bolingbroke, a.k.a. "Tyler" (early 1900s-1993) Formerly sitting on the Primogen Council and known for a revolutionary mentality not uncommon among Brujah, but who also opposed her sire Critias's continued support of the Caitiff Maldavis in the 1980s, she is believed deceased since 1993, probably at the hands of Sabbat.
  • Damien/Damian (1962-1993): This modern childe of Critias, who played rhythm guitar and did vocals for the KIndred band called "Baby Chorus," is believed deceased since 1993, probably at the hands of Sabbat.
  • Inyanga (until 1993): This elder Gangrel, formerly a member of the Primogen Council, left Chicago in 1993.
  • Khalid (until 1993): This elder Nosferatu, formerly a member of the Primogen Council, left Chicago in 1993.
  • Maria (until 1993): For a long time, this hedonist Methuselah was the most powerful Toreador of the city. She disappeared without a trace in 1993.
  • Anabelle Triabell (early 1900s-1993): Formerly sitting on the Primogen Council, and the switch vote that returned power to Lodin against the Caitiff Maldavis in the 1980s, this childe of Maria was killed Lupines at the first attack on the Succubus Club in 1993.
  • Nicolai (1869-1993): This Elder Tremere, formerly a member of the Primogen Council, was noteworthy for having the body of a child. He went to Vienna in 1993 without explanation and never returned.

Others By Clan



  • Gordon Keaton (1972-1994): This Neonate Caitiff joined the Anarchs of Green Bay in 1994.
  • Priscilla Gibbs, a.k.a. "Madame Zharinsky" (1973-1993): This Neonate Caitiff relocated to the problematic city Gary in 1994, then disappeared shortly afterward as the Chicago/Gary area was lost to the Camarilla. At this point, she is believed to have met the Final Death.
  • Raymond Wallace (1985-1994): This Neonate Caitiff joined the Anarchs of Green Bay in 1994.
  • Parker: Moved to Chicago early August 2014 and is a staunch supporter of the Camarilla.



  • Evan Klein, a.k.a Raymond Falcon (1982-1994): This Neonate Malkavian played bass and was backup singer of the Kindred band called "Baby Chorus." He has been missing since 1994, although he was known to employ various aliases even before he went missing.


  • Peter and Tammy Walenski (1950-1994): These reclusive Neonate childer of Khalid would be Ancilla by now, except that they have been missing and presumed dead (likely at the hands of the Sabbat) since 1994.
  • Tommy_Walker, a.k.a. “Elucid” (1964-1994): This Ancilla Nosferatu joined the Anarchs of Green Bay in 1994.
  • Cedrick Calhoun (1993-1994): This Ancilla Nosferatu relocated to Milwaukee in 1994.


  • Kathy Glens (1971-1994): This Neonate Toreador, who was lead guitar for the Kindred band called "Baby Chorus," relocated to Twin Cities in 1994.
  • Portia (1992-mid 1990s): This Toreador disappeared a few years after appearing in Chicago's court.
  • Spencer (1969-1993) A neonate Toreador relocated to Mt. Pleasant after the initial attacks by the Sabbat and Lupines on the city.


  • Abraham DuSable (1943-1993): This Ancilla Tremere relocated to Milwaukee in 1993 when Clan Tremere quit Chicago.
  • Garwood Marshall (1937-1993): This Ancilla Tremere, childe of Abraham DuSable, played saxophone and did vocals for the Kindred band called "Baby Chorus." He was killed defending the Succubus Club from the first Lupine attack in 1993.


  • Tommy Hinds (1906-1994): Tommy Hinds was embraced by Lodin to manage the unions of Chicago. He is one of very few of Lodin's many childer known to have survived the Exodus in 1994, when he betrayed his lineage and joined the Anarchs of Green Bay.
  • Capone (1941-1994): The famous mobster of Chicago history, Capone was embraced by Lodin for his unique talents. He apparently died at the hands of Lupines in 1994.
  • Brennn Thornbill (1985-1993): Lodin embraced this young Ventrue to manage the city's drug trade and watch its underside for him (as well as what Kindred were doing at the Succubus Club in Lodin's absence. He was killed in the first attack on the Succubus Club by the Lupines in 1993.
  • Joseph Peterson (1972-1996): Joseph Peterson was embraced by Lodin to manage the media. He is one of very few of Lodin's many childer known to have survived the Exodus in 1994, and now lives in Twin Cities.
  • Lorraine (1987-1993): Lorraine was embraced by Lodin for her youthful beauty; the rumor is that as he embraced many childer, among them he embraced his latest mortal plaything. After her sire was killed in his war vs. the Lupines in 1993, she fled to Gary, but disappeared shortly afterward. In August of 2013, she turned up at court in Indianapolis for just one night, then disappeared again, leaving more questions than answers about her time at large.
  • Emiline "Emma" Moreaux (1964-1993). Emma participated in a couple of the bigger fights in Chicago, including the one against the Lupines, in which she almost did not escape. She fled after this to Mt. Pleasant.


  • Dr. Oliver Genet (1993-1994): Dr. Genet was one of a small delegation of Clan Giovanni in Chicago until the Exodus in 1994, at which point he relocated to Detroit.


  • Shejana (1993): This young Ravnos briefly appeared in Chicago at the height of its chaos, and followed (or preceded?) the trouble to Milwaukee later the same year. She still resides there.

Followers of Set:

  • Marcel (1993): This young French Setite arrived in Chicago (supposedly from New Orleans) shortly after Lodin's death became common knowledge, apparently trying to move into a power vacuum in the local cocaine trade left by the death of Brennon Thornhill in 1993. Apparently finding Chicago too rough at this time to operate there safely, Marcel reportedly tried to relocate to Gary, but then soon dropped off the Camarilla's radar completely as Chicago was lost in 1994.

Historical Visitors

  • Salvatore Giovanni (1992-1994): Salvatore visits Chicago on numerous occasions to conduct business on behalf of Clan Giovanni. During the Exodus, he secures safe passage for some out of the city, including Dr. Oliver Genet.
  • Rags (1994-1996): In his capacity as Servire to the former Archon Vladimir Penzl, Rags operated in Chicago during these years.
  • Veronica Devries (1848-1992): Roni was an regular visitor to the court annually, usually when the Toreador would host a gathering of some sort. Rumor has it that she may have had some of her more wild moments in her nights spent in the Windy City.

History of the Chicago and the Surrounding Area

Chicago and Fort Dearborn, ca. 1831

The history of Chicago is also featured heavily in the GL Regional Historical Timeline. For a more general perspective see the summary of regional history and mood (and how Chicago factors into that) in the GL Regional Style Sheet.

Timeline of Milwaukee and the Surrounding Area

Masquerade specific (read: made up for game) history is noted by brackets []; everything else is RL but still used for historical purposes and should be considered IC, as well. An asterisk denotes a national architectural landmark.

The following timeline is reproduced from last chronicle. Any vampire-specific events listed should not be considered accurate until this note has been removed after editing for the current chronicle. In the current chronicle, much of the history of Chicago is in line with the source material in Chicago by Night (1st & 2nd eds.) and the Chicago Chronicles, which can all be purchased as e-books and or print-on-demand from Drive Thru RPG.

  • 1673-1800: The area is still sparsely populated by mortals, few European/American settlers and farmers begin to move into the area. Initially conflicts with the settlers and Natives are rare, but as the Sabbat and Camarilla forces begin to take an interest in the area tensions increase.

19th Century

Thompson Chicago Plat, ca. 1830
  • 1803: The first Fort Dearborn is built. Escalating pressures between native and settler spawned the building of the fort by the US army to protect the settlers.
  • 1812: The War of 1812 puts a strain on the US army the decision is made to abandon the Fort. As the settlers and soldiers were on their way to Fort Wayne they were attacked by more than 500 natives. Half were kill and the other half captured. It was many years before American settlers returned to the area.
  • 1816: Fort Dearborn is slowly rebuilt, settlers in small numbers begin to return to the area.
  • 1832: In a great war between the soldiers at Fort Dearborn and Black Hawk, the Indians suffer a grievous defeat. In the process, both Menele and Helena are so injured that they enter torpor.
  • 1833: Chicago is incorporated as a town. The beginnings of the first Sabbat Civil War keep them from establishing themselves firmly in Chicago's roots.
  • 1837: Chicago becomes a city. In four years the population of Chicago went from a few hundred to a few thousand. This incredible rate of growth kept both the Sabbat and the Camarilla from being able to firmly establish control over the city.
  • 1847: The first issue of the Chicago Tribune is printed in June
  • 1848: The first train arrives in Chicago, this year also marks the opening of the I&M Canal, and the Chicago Board of Trade. Both the Camarilla and Sabbat are rapidly gaining influence and power in this rapidly expanding hub city neither maintaining total control.
  • 1850-1870: The struggle for control of the city played out in the streets at regular intervals, many of the deaths attributed to cholera and typhoid were more often people caught up in the fighting.
  • 1871: The Great Chicago Fire. One third of the city is burned to the ground. The origins of the fire have never officially been discovered, but many a kindred historian knows better. An enterprising young Tremere had decided to make his move in a big way. Using dark Tremere magics he kept the wind blowing and the fire moving through the city. The fire burned the few Sabbat controlled ares of the city to the ground killing many nearly all of the Sabbat vampires in the city. The other Camarilla vampires of the city sensing the weakness wasted no time in forcing out or killing the rest of the Sabbat in the city. He claims to this day he did not start the fire, just urged it in the right directions. Regardless the effect was massive, the Camarilla seized the opportunity and consolidated their power. Aside from a few minor incursions of Sabbat rabble-rousers there would be no major threats to the Camarilla establishment for another 100 years.
  • 1886: Sabbat agitators and human pawns are used to instigate the Haymarket riot, the violence and mayhem did not spread through the city as planed. The last few Sabbat in the city were destroyed and Chicago was truly and completely a bastion of the Camarilla.
  • 1890: The University of Chicago is founded by J.D. Rockefeller.
  • 1893: Worlds Fair Colombian Exposition.

20th Century

Home Insurance Building of Chicago, the world's first skyscraper
  • 1900: The Chicago river is completely reversed.
  • 1906: The Chicago White Soxs defeated the Chicago Cubs in the only all-Chicago world series.
  • 1919: The Chicago Race Riots take place in the last week of July, A handful of nomadic Sabbat take the opportunity to strike at the entrenched Camarilla. When the national guard was finally called in the Sabbat were forced out of the city only having done minor damage and claiming the lives of a few neonates.
  • 1929: The St. Valentine's Day Massacre is carried out on orders from Al Capone. 5 members of the rival North Side Irish gang led by Bugs Moran plus two co-conspirators are murdered in the garage of a building in Lincoln Park.
  • 1933: World's Fair Century of Progress.
  • 1958: The last streetcar ran in the city. At one time, Chicago had the largest streetcar system in the world.
  • 1960: First Playboy club opens in Chicago.
  • 1968: Democratic National Convention. Racial and political tensions were running very high in the city and this was reflected in the kindred populations as well. A few rowdy Anarchs had been stirring the pot for some time. There quick action to stir up trouble during the convention stressed the Camarilla Establishments resources. The Sabbat always watching for a crack in the tower walls used this to great advantage. While in the end the Camarilla was able to force out the Sabbat, many promising neonates and several ancilla had been killed. The power vacuum left by the death of so many would prove to be a vital weak spot in the ivory tower for many years to come.
  • 1972: Chicago Union Stock Yards closed. Abraham Lincoln Home in Springfield designated first national historic site in Illinois. Commuter trains collided in Chicago, 45 passengers killed, over 200 injured.
  • 1973: Sears Tower was completed.
  • 1979: Jane Byrne Chicago's first female mayor.
  • 1980: Ronald Reagan elected U. S. President.
  • 1983: Harold Washington elected first African-American mayor of Chicago.
  • 1985: Chicago Bears won Super Bowl.
  • 1993: Bulls win first "threepeat". In October The Chicago Bulls earn their third consecutive NBA championship defeating the Phonix Suns in 6 games. Such a feat had not occurred in nearly 30 years in the NBA. Michale JOrdan would retire from the game the following season.
  • 1993: The Great Flood of 1993 devastated parts of the Midwest. Flooding caused more than $2 billion in damages.
  • 1996: Field Museum of Natural History paid $8.4 million for Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil, “Sue”.
  • 1998: Bulls "Repeat the Threepeat". The Chicago Bulls win there third consecutive NBA Championship against the Utah Jazz in 6 games. They become only the second team in NBA history to achieve 6 or more champion chips in a single decade, leaving only the legendary 13 season run of the Boston Celtics from 1957 to 1969 during which they won 11 of 13 seasons as a more impressive achievement. Michel Jordan who came out of retirement in 1996 would once again retire from the game after this season.
  • 1998: Fire destroyed historic Chicago Pullman railroad-car factory.

21st Century

Further details about the History of Chicago.

  • 2003: Governor George Ryan commuted death sentences for all 156 inmates on death row.
  • 2005: Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum opened. Chicago White Soxs win the World Series breaking an 89 year run with out a title. All Kids health insurance bill passed.
  • 2006: FBI arrested seven people suspected of plotting to blow up Sears Tower. U.S. immigrants staged boycott, over 400,000 participated in Chicago.
  • 2008: Governor Rod Blagojevich, charged with trying to sell Barack Obama's Senate seat.
  • 2009: Governor Rod Blagojevich impeached for abuse of powers.
  • 2011: Chicago Blackhawks win Stanley Cup.
  • 2011: Ex-Governor Rod Blagojevich, found guilty of corruption.
  • 2011: Former White House chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, elected mayor of Chicago.
  • 2011: Former Governor, Rod Blagojevich, began 14-year prison sentence after being convicted of 18 counts of federal corruption.
  • 2013: Chicago Blackhawks won Stanley Cup again.
  • 2013: Two CTA Blue Line Commuter trains collide at a speed of 25 mph injuring 33 people. The second train was unmanned and devoid of passengers. Reports indicate several safety features designed to stop the train failed simultaneously including a "dead man" switch.

OOC Information

Flag of Chicago

VST - Jason Murphy
Cam Number - US2004112389
Email -


Venue Style Sheet: Chicago by Night
Venue Play Style: Vampire: the Masquerade (Camarilla/Anarch/Independent)
VST (Venue StoryTeller): Jason Murphy
Storyteller Contact:

Part 1: Basic Information
Domain Name: Chicago by Night
Genre: Masquerade (Cam/Anarch/Indep.)
DST (Domain StoryTeller): Chris Frye
DC (Domain Coordinator): Lee Helding

2nd and 4th Sundays of the month from 1pm to 6pm CST.
College of Dupage
Student Like Center
425 Fawell Blvd
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

Multiple free lots on campus

Theme/Mood: Survival Horror
The city of Chicago was overrun by Werewolves and Sabbat in recent past. The growing Camarilla presence has established a new court and had created a safety not seen in the city for the last 20 years. Anarch and independents arriving every night has the potential to alter political climate within Chicago and the outlying areas.

Many popular Kindred controlled locations like the Succubus Club have yet to be rebuilt after falling into ruin or disrepair. Personal Domains are being claimed nightly, and breaches are no longer something to be tolerated within the city limits. Chicago itself seems to be finally on the upswing but how long will it last before a downturn into financial and social disarray? As the kindred members of the city fight for stability, a “light within the darkness” is starting to shine, but the source of the light has yet to be seen.

Current City Status:
Camarilla controlled with Anarch/Independent influence building.

Time Line for Chicago from 1965 – Current:
Can be found here:,_IL_Masquerade

New Player Rule:
Regardless of whether or not it’s on your sheet, new players will have the benefit of the Common Sense Merit as described in "Laws of the Night" page 116 for the first three months of play.

Character Risk:
There is always a chance that your character could be involved in an overarching plot that you might not at first realize. Traveling to secured locations can be detrimental unless “safe passage” is booked. If you are booking safe passage with the “Under-Prince” and those claimed to be “Ferrymen”, then you will arrive at your location unharmed and unscathed. If you take it upon yourself to travel to the secured location by your own means, then at the start of game, you will need to make a travel check. If you win or tie, then you arrive at the location unharmed. But if you lose, there is a chance, depending on the scenario that is being used, you could face a situation that could result in combat and potential breach of the masquerade.

Influence Caveats:
Because of the way the city is laid out, Influences within the city is going to be really hard to come by in the beginning. At this time, any character that is just starting out in the city cannot have more than 3 dots in any Influence. This is temporary and specifically for character creation. It is possible to build up your influence in character by numerous different means, usually using your downtime actions to build up your influences even higher. You can “bank” an Influence to increase the number as suggested by the MET rules. To bank an influence, you must not use that influence for the entirety of the game you are in. If you use an influence at the game, you can no longer bank the influence. It is also possible to gain influences by using your influences in specific ways, i.e. using your Influence in Resource to pay off an Influence in Transportation or Media or City Hall. Experience points must still be expended, but these serve as justification for Low Approval to do so.

Traveling Influences:
When traveling to Chicago, those who have higher than 3 status outside of Chicago could potentially use their resources within Chicago. Your Resources will be considered at a ½ influence in Chicago, with a max potential influence of 3.

Feeding: Local Personal Domain Benefit Mechanic:
Any individual that holds a personal domain gains a 2-trait advantage towards your primary Discipline or feeding habits that you use during all feeding draws made in the area. Personal domains must be registered with the VST, and placed on the coordinating map so that it can be tracked and referenced as needed. Haven locations will be considered within your personal domain, and your dots in Herd can add to the trait advantages you use.

At Character Creation, you will begin with full blood for your generation level. Each game, your starting blood will be considered half of the blood you finished with at the prior game (rounded up) + 2 Blood for your personal domain (if you have such) + Your traits in Herd and the district you are feeding in. Each district will be registered and displayed by the VST and could range between 0 and +5 traits of blood depending on the district. The districts will be labeled as such:

Entertainment District = +5 Blood Traits for feeding
Gentrified District = +4 Traits for feeding
Middle Class = +3 Traits for feeding
High Crime = +2 Traits for feeding
Slums = +1 Trait for feeding
Vacant = 0 traits for feeding
Each district will be limited by the number of players on the VSS. But for the first few months, everyone will be considered feeding in one of the Entertainment Districts until a hierarchy is established, unless otherwise discussed with the player and the VST. This is only temporary until such a time there are enough active players to consider an the area overfed.

Example: My 10th Generation Malkavian finished the previous game with 7 traits of Blood. So his starting blood is 4. He also has a personal domain, which now puts him at 6. And he has a herd of 1, which he now at 7. And his personal domain is within the high crime district, which he normally feeds at, making his starting blood for the night of 9. He could go for more blood if he wished, but he is acceptable with his starting blood.

All individuals traveling to the Chicago domain will be considered to be at Full Blood minus one of the 3 justifications:

If you are in state = -1 Blood If you are from an adjacent state = -2 Blood If you are traveling from another state further out, or traveling from another region = -3 Blood

Proxy Play:
There is a very high risk when traveling to Chicago. As the city is currently under the control of Werewolves, Vampiric Sects, and Mortal Cults, there is a 50% chance that your proxy can be placed into some sort of violent altercation and the proxy could end early due to the altercation. Player Death via Proxy, while rare, is also possible; so tread lightly.

Style of Play (Rating Description Key):
1 Never present
2 Sometimes present
3 Often present
4 Usually present
5 Almost constantly present

Intrigue: 4
Action: 2-3
Mystery: 5
Manners: 2
Drama: 4
Darkness: 4
Pace: 3

Stories move at the pace that they need to move, but it is possible to have a story move faster than the players are intending. There might also be stories that move a lot slower than expected.

Character Backgrounds:
NPC Sires:
If your character has an NPC sire that is located in Chicago, that NPC sire must have a character sheet created and approved by the VST. The sire will be used at the VST’s discretion, and could be used towards storylines and plot devices within the plot structure of the VSS. If the NPC sire is from outside of Chicago, then the presiding VST/DST/aRST of the presiding city your sire is from, must approve the location of the sire.

PC Sires:
If your character is sired by a PC Player/sire outside of Chicago, then a notification from the player must be sent to the VST of this VSS confirming the siring. If the player is of a clan that requires higher than a Low Approval Application, then the Application Approval Code must be added to the XP Log of the Character on the VSS as well as within the application itself.

Additional Application Requirements:

Any XP trait purchase on the character sheet must be approved prior to game, and prior to the expenditure on the sheet. All XP purchases are considered Low Approval unless otherwise specified on the Masquerade Addendum, and the VST must be notified via downtime, email, or in person prior to the start of the next game.